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Sorry if this has actually been handle already, however I could not uncover the answer. I have clunking and also knocking sounds coming from the front end of my 2008 T & C, particularly going end uneven surface at slow speeds. I"ve read many reports the this is often due to worn out persuade bar links and sway bar bushings. I"d like to handle the project myself. Have the right to I get to the persuade bar bushings easily using a jack/jack stands? Can"t find any kind of D.I.Y."s ~ above Gen 5 sway bar bushings?
My guess, and it is a guess, would be that it will be very comparable to front years. If it to be me, I would certainly jack that up and take a optimal at the passenger next first.That bushing is what cured my problem. Driver"s side is more difficult.
Thanks Steve! Any help and advice is lot appreciated! I plan on tackling the project tomorrow. I purchased the MOOG guide bar bushings. Ns should use grease come the within to save them native squeaking right?
No, for sure not. You need to acquire a box finish 15mm wrench on the head that the clip bolt. Then you need a deep well 15 mm socket because that the nut. You want the persuade bar to it is in unloaded. You might need a tiny bottle jack for this, but maybe not.Unbolt the bracket , remove existing bushing. Location your brand-new bushing is in an extremely hot water because that a minute or therefore to make it simple to spread out apart and put it on the bar. Slide it into position top top the bar, reposition the bracket, run the seed down and get itnice and tight.

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Wow thanks, Glad ns asked! I assumed the poly bushings squeaked? Now, what perform I have to remove to acquire to the bushings? Is ther esome kind of crossmember? ns recall something favor this in a diagram native Autozone. I will certainly take your advice and also unload the guide bar v a jack and also start v the passenger side.


The above images are from the Autozone "Vehicle fix Guide" for the 2008 grand Caravan. The adhering to link:"Stabilizer Bar (Sway Bar) & Links" should take you to the removal and installation web page on the Autozone website.Since friend are only doing the bushing you execute not must do every the steps, simply do the following:-Removal steps required: procedures 1, 2, 3, 11, 13, 14, 15 & 16.-Install actions required: actions 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12 & 13If the above link walk not work-related you have the right to go come and create an account, collection your car to 2008 cool Caravan, climate select: Repair assist > automobile Repair travel guide > Suspension > prior Suspension > Stabilizer Bar persuade Bar & Links.When I changed the bushings on my van I damaged one of the push-pins that holds the heat shield. The push-pin to be an odd dimension (7/32" diameter) that was not easily accessible at any kind of of the local parts stores, the component from the dealer was $3.35 every (P/N 6501948). I discovered the push-pins digital here: (P/N D-5610), 6 pieces because that $1.00 to add $2.64 shipping.George
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