The system is evacuated and also without pressure however the schrader valve will not turn. I"ve ruined two tools since the small arms just twist off. Even putting the tips of needle nosed pliers down there and turning just doesn"t budge it.

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Is that normal? I"m pretty sure this valve is leaking due to the fact that the leak detector beeps when it"s close to it and there is leak detector dye under in the well whereby this valve is. So i don"t think penetrating oil is going to help anything.

Do I need to replace the hose assembly that includes the valve to carry out it?



It sound to me prefer you require a much better Schrader valve main point removal tool. It"s walk to price a few more denaro, yet will take the end the core without shearing turn off the tiny nibs. If castle are developed right, the metal will resist the torque and also the outside of the valve (the brass component you subject the core into) will help support it. This really should be a non-issue v a good tool. Spend the money and Get "er Done!


duh---its no that simple. 134A is really corrosive and the schrader valve is STUCK. Clearly if it were not- he could and also would have actually been able to get it off. I would put a couple of drops that the exactly oil on peak of the valve core- and also heat increase the area native the outside- wherein the schrader valve is. Then save making an effort to remove it----Dont execute it so difficult that you sheer off the tool- simply keep the heat and oil ~ above it- and also you have the right to tap the tool through a hammer---gently--the goal of the heat is to enable the oil to obtain down in the threads and to rest up any kind of corrosion. YOU must keep the area wet through the refrigerant oil- pag every little thing (your car calls for).

It could take some time---so don"t shot to rush.


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