I have actually completed all 15 missions, and also am going ago to 100% every the missions. Together you have the right to see in my screenshot I have to switch come spiderman, and also in other locations iron man mk 42 come break yellow things.

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What i am grounding on is that holding Y (on mine Xbox controller) doesn't open up the player menu. It's probably something quite minor that I'm missing, or there's a spiderman point that cannot be used at all.

also, if this is in the not correct sub, you re welcome let me understand where to put it, I thought this would certainly be the right place for it.

ALRIGHT... Ns FEEL prefer A complete IDIOT right NOW. O.o

I replayed it on "story" mode not "free roam" mode...

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Sometimes if you room using a personality that deserve to transform (like Hulk, or Spidey) the first time you press/hold the key to readjust character, you simply transform. While you character is transforming, hold IT AGAIN and the menu should popular music up.

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hey man, you were right, i went in on story mode instead of complimentary play mode. Didnt realise the there to be an option to redo that on story mode...

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That works fine while totally free roaming around NYC, however when in a mission(going right into the SHEILD airship and replaying a mission) It doesnt work.(holding Y when iron man doesnt execute it, and also the twin tap technuque doesnt occupational as hulk)

heres another example. I must be the version 42 stole man, not the model 6.

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