If you want to have a bunch of as soon as in create a sim, you absolutely want to install a custom develop a center background in The Sims 4. The default CAS background is such a boring one with that uninteresting blue and green ombre vibe getting really stroked nerves to look at after existing because that over 5 years.

Something that is awesome about The Sims 4 is that just about every facet of the video game can it is in customized, consisting of your CAS lift so friend can choose anything that matches through your personal style. These variety from really specific like a Cheshire cat background come just simple ones with solitary colours but they’re every so fun!

1. Alice in Wonderland CAS Background

The very very first item on this list is just one of the weirdest ones, for sure. If you room a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland you’ll for sure love this Chesire cat inspired CAS background the will have actually the cat’s challenge right behind her sim’s body together you produce them.

This could honestly be a good choice because that you to gain inspired to create super distinct sims due to the fact that “we’re every mad here” and also that can aid you make awesome sims.

2. Attic Room CAS Background

The 2nd item on this perform is a at sight cozy and sweet spring attic bedroom through a gorgeous peaked ceiling. Honestly this bedroom would job-related so well because that a Disney movie and I would love to have it together a warm bedroom!


Having this is a CAS background is for this reason fun due to the fact that it have the right to be pretty motivating to develop sims who may have actually this together their bedroom and also create your aesthetic through that in mind.

3. Restroom CAS elevator

Getting pull on in the toilet seems like a nice normal thing to do, because a lot of of people would be getting ready in your bathroom after a shower so this alternative for a CAS background simply fits.


This restroom is certain beautiful and also super modern-day with a gorgeous floral wall that to add so much flair. Those gorgeous glass wall surfaces adds so much to this room and makes for a an excellent create a sim vibe.

4. Bedroom CAS Background

These types of room backgrounds space really beautiful because they make it feel an ext like friend are getting your sim ready inside that their home instead of being ina. Weird green and also blue bubble.


This bedroom themed CAS lift is yes, really beautiful and feels favor your center is was standing in their glam room wherein they execute their hair and also make up each day. It’s super funny to see that gorgeous closet unit in the elevator too!

5. Camo CAS Background

Oh wait, ns can’t also see this one? simply kidding, yet not really since camo jokes room hilarious. This elevator is great if you love to make camo jokes prefer I do.


This an easy CAS background has a really fuzzy feather camouflage that looks like one of those cozy dollar save blankets the you’d get as a kid. Together a funny option!

6. Catwalk CAS Background

When developing sims you room sometimes most likely thinking around how you’d love to view your sims ~ above a runway because they just look so good. Well, watch no more than this CAS background due to the fact that you’ll be able to have your sim stand on a cat go while friend are developing them.

This is super gorgeous due to the fact that the catwalk goes from blue at the prior to purple colours at the back, giving you a nice comparison in your game for friend to yes, really enjoy and create absolutely gorgeous characters.

7. Colourful Gradient Backgrounds

Although we do obtain a gradient in the video game by default, the colours are boring and also the default elevator is overused after ~ so plenty of years. This colourful gradients are so much much more fun 보다 the original with you having alternatives for pink and orange, yellows and also blues which can totally change the vibe that the produce a sim experience.

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One cool detail around these CAS backgrounds is the they have actually a crease in ~ the bottom quarter so you can image that your center is was standing on the ground through the ground and the wall surface having the same gradient vibe.

8. Cute CAS Background

As I flourish older i am getting much more drawn into anything that attributes stars, moons and space because the people is a beautiful ar with so countless mysteries. This is such a an easy and gorgeous method to lug in several of those item that i love while having a simple and efficient CAS background.


The bottom of this is so fun with those fluffy spring pink clouds because that your center to stand on that room outlined because that an even an ext gorgeous look. I’d love to eat those noodle candy clouds!

9. Daisy CAS Backgrounds

A daisy is definitely one of my favourite flowers, so these daisy CAS backgrounds are a really great option because that a cute and feminine options for your game.


this come in 10 different colours i beg your pardon is really fun since you can pick your favourite colour to totally make the game fun for you to hangout in!

10. Disney CAS lift

There room so plenty of simmers out there that love The Sims 4 but additionally love Disney and also this background will make you love to do absolutely beautiful princesses and also you’ll love it even an ext if you’re play the Disney princess challenge.


The stairs are absolutely gorgeous and the location of your center will have actually them appropriate in the center of this gorgeous stairwell making that seem choose they space walking down the stairs at a really an intricate party.

11. Loss CAS Backgrounds

Here we have actually another set of yes, really simple, however really gorgeous CAS backgrounds that are solitary colours and themed because that the autumn months. These selection from yes, really deep colours like navy blue come lighter more muted tones.


These provide me cozy weather, cozy pullover vibes and also are great options for months favor September and October in your video game if you prefer to adjust your background often.

12. Forgotten Grotto CAS Background

There room a variety of hidden worlds in The Sims 4 the you can accessibility that have a completely different vibe than the regular people that friend are offered to. The forget grotto is one of the most beautiful and also this creator make it right into a beautiful CAS background.

One thing I love about forgotten grotto is how plenty of crystals are everywhere the civilization making it absolutely beautiful together a background alternative for making sims. The light coming turn off of those crystals really adds part cute vibes to her game.

13. Gradient CAS background II

Sometimes a an ext simple alternative is the best choice and these gradient CAS backgrounds room a really an excellent simple choice to replace that stunner default choice that we get from EA.


There are 7 colour alternatives to select from offering you for this reason much selection and friend can even just adjust it up every few days relying on how you’re emotion if that’s what you’re into.

14. Graffiti CAS Background

This next one is together a an excellent choice for a simmer that doesn’t want something cutesy but wants something that will certainly feel a little cooler. This graffiti elevator will have your sim standing in what looks choose an alley way with a gorgeous graffiti wall.


One of mine favourite details that this option is the metal bars the pretty much structure your sim and also make lock look at sight cool!

15. Understanding CAS Background

Hearts are constantly so beautiful and also can include so plenty of adorable vibes to your develop a center experience. This background has actually a bunch of understanding of different shapes and sizes and also in different opacities because that a totally cute selection for your background.

This is the perfect CAS lift for roughly the time of Valentine’s job (or love day) and will look absolutely gorgeous as you choose your sim’s party or official outfit because that a day night.

16. Life Room CAS Background

The following option top top this perform is a life room choice that is in a very industrial styled house that is supervisor cool and is a location you’d want to spend time. Your sims will certainly be was standing in front of a coffee table looking supervisor cute.


Honestly, this living room is a ar I’d love to live it features some gorgeous white couches with loads of pillows and blankets so her sim have the right to feel choose they are going to get cozy in a room they get to was standing in yet never actually live inside of.

17. Magic Library CAS Background

This magic library choice is honestly for this reason gorgeous and gives me hefty Hogwarts vibes. It functions some gorgeous publication cases and also columns that are so gorgeous and a beautiful statue v glows coming right off that it.

Using this magical CAS lift would absolutely be motivating for girlfriend to produce gorgeous sims who room going to be top to The Magic kingdom to talk to some sages and also start coming to be a spellcaster.

18. Marble CAS Background

This elevator is very straightforward in concept yet extremely well executed v a gorgeous blue and also white marble detail. Marble is such a well-known style because that furniture, phone call cases and also so much more so of course it shows up a ton in The Sims 4 tradition content world.

Choosing this lift is a an excellent option because that something the feels a bit much more grown up while additionally being at sight beautiful and helping you create glam sims that are just gorgeous.

19. Mt. Komorebi CAS Background

The sims team really has done a good job creating gorgeous civilizations for you to take it absolutely beautiful screenshots and this CAS background indigenous Mt Komorebi in The Sims 4: Snowy to escape is absolutely beautiful.


This one attributes a gorgeous frozen lake through trees and also greenery farming covered in a tiny layer that snow. These wintery vibes would certainly inspire me to produce sims with gorgeous winter clothing and also warm cozy sweaters.

20. Pancakes CAS Background

This one is much more of a joke, however I couldn’t avoid adding it. In 2020, among the most renowned sim’s youtube creators Lilsimie made a video creating their own CAS backgrounds and also this one honestly simply made me laugh as soon as watching that video.


This gorgeous option has actually everyone’s favourite townies, Eliza and Bob Pancakes and their last name featured in the background as well. Just beautiful job-related that wouldn’t at every be distracting as soon as trying to develop a gorgeous sim.

21. Pink Clouds CAS Background

Any simmer who absolutely loves the colour pink, will certainly love this background because that sure. This CAS background attributes a gorgeous baby pink colour in clouds which add to dimension and and detail to do it look for this reason beautiful.


One thing I love about this one is that ti could just be the pink colour and be absolutely beautiful but the cloud detailing add to so much without it being overwhelming and also distracting as soon as you’re creating your sim.

22. Rainbow CAS Background

This rainbow CAS background has actually such gorgeous water colour information that I’d honestly love to have actually in genuine life together a paint on my wall. The color in this room so lot fun and are certainly going to be great at inspiring you to create sims you may have actually never produced before.

I feel prefer this background would certainly inspire you to make a quite quirky sim v tattoos and also piercings who just lives your life to the fullest and also doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them.

23. Realm of Magic CAS Backgrounds

Although The Sims 4: realm of Magic isn’t the greatest stuff pack, it does have actually a the majority of really gorgeous locations for taking screen shots and also making gorgeous CAS backgrounds.


All of these pictures were take away in the magic realm whereby the sky is extra blue and everything is majestic and also gorgeous. The one in front of the magic portal might be mine favourite because that irradiate will aid illuminate her sim!

24. Strip Studio CAS Backgrounds

Sometimes a nice basic CAS elevator will carry out the job the best and these stripe backgrounds space such one awesome alternative for any player, especially since they come in so many different colours.


These space really fun because they have actually a nice information where they wrinkles forward at the bottom making the look like your sim is at a photograph shoot was standing on top of a role of fabric or file and the adds a little bit of dimension to your CAS experience.

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25. Sulani CAS Backgrounds

When tradition content creators go ahead and take gorgeous locations that are already in The Sims 4 and also turn them right into CAS backgrounds, they impress me every time. Among the most beautiful civilizations we have actually in the video game is, the course, Sulani and also it makes such a great option for gorgeous screenshots and incredible lift choices.


There space a couple of options because that you to pick from consisting of ones that are bright and sunny and also others that are taken in ~ night because that a entirely different vibe.The gorgeous trees and water in the background will make your endure in CAS for this reason much more fun.

26. White flowers CAS Background

This open minded feels therefore groovy and 60s or 70s come me. Reminds me so lot of background I’ve seen in images of my household member’s homes from those years and also it just makes me feel happy.


The flower design for this tradition CAS elevator will include so lot flair to your sims 4 game and also can assist inspire girlfriend to develop the grooviest sims and also really have a great time as soon as working on your sim’s look.

27. Winter CAS Background

The last CAS background on the list will certainly make friend feel like you’re producing your sims in a winter wonderland. The detail consisted of in this picture is therefore absolutely gorgeous and this may be the perfect option for your game in the winter months.

December is mine favourite month that the year and this gorgeous CAS background provides me wish that it to be the festive season all year round. The snow detail and the information on the tree simply make me feeling warm and also fuzzy and I’ll be conserving this one to add to my game in the cooler months this year.

Final thoughts

Hopefully in this perform you’ve discovered at least one custom CAS background that brings friend joy and that you’re going to love come see every little thing time you are developing a brand-new sims in The Sims 4. These are entirely able to accumulate you to develop different types of sims and even more beautiful sims than ever before. Happy playing!

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