Martin Guitar’s Mike Zehner go you through an easy, step-by-step procedure of exactly how to readjust the strings on her acoustic guitar.
Inspiration4 Ukulele | Martin guitar | space X

SpaceX astronaut kris Sembroksi to take it ukulele to space.

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The Martin penis Boak Signature version

Dick Boak talks around the tradition Signature edition D-Boak dreadnought, special his original “Inside Out” artwork.

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The love of Martin guitar in Navojoa, Mexico

A look in ~ the boy name guitar and string manufacturing facility in Navojoa, Mexico.

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Martin guitar | one Intimate Look in ~ Neck Shaping

Get one up-close look at at exactly how Martin etc necks are filed and also shaped.

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Martin etc | one Intimate Look in ~ the Stringing procedure

Watch as the finishing touch are put on a new Martin Guitar, indigenous filing and also polishing the frets come the very first stringing of the guitar.

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Martin etc D-45 | Fire and also Ice

A look in ~ the custom golden Era layout 45 guitar, a collaboration between the Martin practice Shop and also inlay artist Harvey Leach.

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The Ballad the the Dreadnought | Martin etc

The background of iconic etc model, an initial introduced in 1916, report by Jeff Daniels and including understanding from David Crosby, kris Martin, Rosanne Cash, Del McCoury, and many others.

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young name Guitar and also Fishman

A look at the partnership in between Martin Guitar and Fishman Electronics, and also how with each other they’ve mastered the acoustic-electric guitar.

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young name Titanium main point Strings

A look at the construction, tuning stability, comfort, lifespan, and also tone the Martin’s new Titanium main point Strings.

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Neck Profile and also Playability | Martin etc

A guitar’s neck shape can impact the feel and also playability of one instrument, and also Martin’s Dave Doll mirrors a couple of examples of different necks.