Catching Politoed Posted November 25, 2017

Politoed, introduced in Generation 2 (Gold & Silver), is a green frog Pokémon that evolves from Poliwhirl. That evolution happens when you trade the Poliwhirl, which is a mechanic Game Freak use to encourage players to play together and also make friends. Poliwhirl has actually a small additional wrinkle in that it requirements to be holding a King’s Rock when traded in order to evolve right into Politoed.

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Trade evolutions have been around since the beginning, back in Generation 1 (Red & Blue) Haunter, Graveler, Kadabra, and Machoke were initially to showcase traded evolutions. In Generation 2, Game Freak introduced traded evolutions that depfinish on hosted items (and also introduced the mechanic of Pokémon holding items). This gave brand-new evolutions to existing Pokémon favor Poliwhirl, Onix, Scyther, Seadra, and Slowpoke (some of whom already advanced right into other Pokémon in Generation 1).

Afterwards, in Generation 4 (Diamond & Pearl), trading virtual through the Global Trade System was added. So you don’t also need to be in the exact same nation as your friend to trade with them.

Thunstable the miracle of the internet, you too can profession Magikarp for Magikarp for no reason

But what if you want a Politoed and namong your friends are really right into Pokémon? One of the problems you’ll discover through the Global Trade System is you can’t ask for a Pokémon holding a certain item. But you have the right to just ask for a Politoed. Chances are, someone will profession you one inevitably (for some Pokémon you’re willing to market up). But what if you don’t have actually a connection to the internet handy? Or you desire your Politoed to definitely be your Politoed.

And that wouldn’t desire one of these handsome devils?

Don’t worry, Video Game Freak have you covered. In Generation 7 (Sun & Moon) Politoed have the right to in fact be caught in the wild.

This is feasible with something dubbed an SOS battle. SOS Battles are a new attribute in Generation 7 wright here if a deffinishing wild Pokémon is weakened or otherwise encouraged, it have the right to speak to for help from various other wild Pokémon. Sometimes an additional wild Pokémon will answer that contact and also sign up with the fight versus the player. And sometimes that other wild Pokémon is of a different species from the Pokémon that originally dubbed for aid.

If you desire to catch that Politoed in Sun & Moon, then you’ll must head to Malie Garden (a cultivated garden in one of Alola’s cities). When a Pokémon calls for aid tbelow (an SOS battle), tright here is a 1% chance that the Pokémon that answers the call will be a Politoed. If it’s raining. At night.

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1%. Raining. At night.

Someone at Video Game Freak is laughing at us best now

Best part? It just rains for around an hour eincredibly night in Malie Garden. So you’d much better be quick!