Doubtlessly, Google creates is ideal preferable when concerns create an virtual survey, assessment and also feedback develops for free. As well as its access on fingertips, most human being reluctant to usage Google creates for creating breathtaking forms. Together it binding the hand of the user through offering simple customization.

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In Google Forms, one can’t change the text into bold

Considering the limitation, you can try Pabbly type Builder which offers limitless customization options to readjust the text into bold, italic and also much more.

Try Pabbly kind Builder because that FreeHere, in this item of writing, we will learn just how to interlocutor a message in forms.

Is There any Other different To Google creates That allow Us readjust Text into Bold?

Yes definitely, there are a large number of form builders available in the sector that provides better customization option. Certainly, Pabbly kind Builder is best as the software application doesn’t restrict you on features by offering endless forms, submission, storage and also much more. The software has actually a drag and also drop editor which provides a whole procedure a lot of easy.


Its functions which do it unique from other software involves:

The online device is packed through customization choices to readjust the theme, layout, ar label style and also much an ext to make creates alluring.Not just font-weight, customers can adjust font family and size too.Also, the software offers a feature to readjust the line and also letter spacing the the field.Around 250+ responsive templates available in the software.It offers the adaptability to insert a logo design in the form itself.“Captcha” feature to save type from gift spammed.Not only it uses the alternative to share kind via a attach but likewise on society media communication too.The software program comes up with 3 kinds that website embedding choices which are sliding, pop-up and full form.With the assist of “Autoresponder”, one can send customize confirmation message to the customer. Along with this users have the right to bold confirmation text too.It has an in-built analytics feature from whereby one have the right to know the standing of ~ above hold, filled and partially filled forms.

Now, you have to want to discover the platform to recognize it better.

Step-By-Step overview To readjust Text right into Bold Via Pabbly type Builder:

Step 1: develop A Form

To start, open the dashboard that the form builder, then click on the “Create new Form” alternative or you have the right to use that is pre-designed templates too.

Step 2: Add type Elements

Next, entitle your type and drag aspects such as name, contact, email, checkboxes, and so on using its drag & drop editor indigenous the “Blocks” section.


Step 3: change Heading to Bold

Consequently, to change the heading of form into bold, click on a heading i beg your pardon will bring about the “Design” tab. Under the “Heading” field, click the bold option.

Step 4: change Field Label message To Bold

Further, to readjust the “Field Label” text right into bold click the “Typography” choice in “Field Style” under the style tab. Besides, users can change paragraph ar text in bolder too.

Step 5: Font weight Option

Subsequently, come make message bold rises the “Font Weight” that the message according come requirement. Moreover, it has actually an alternative to adjust font family, size, ar color and also much more.

Step 6: Preview

Lastly, to see the preview the the created form, click on the eye-shaped icon appearing on the optimal left corner of the screen.

That’s exactly how one can create a type with bold message in Pabbly kind Builder.

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Gladly, now you recognize how an effective can it is in a kind with bold text as that draws attention in the direction of it. Surveyors fill that kind with undivided fist which results in high perfect rates. Further, generating potential customers. Google forms has a lot come offer but it somehow boundaries its users by not offering such simple features. Keeping this in mind Pabbly kind Builder is best to pick. The software enables its customers to explore the platform for free.

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