How to block call or SMS native a details number on her Apple iphone 4S

In this section, we will define step by step how to stop a details person indigenous contacting girlfriend by phone contact or SMS.

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Block a phone call number

To block a number on her Apple iphone 4S, please follow this process:

Access her smartphone menu and also then “Contacts”.Click the contact you desire to block. Then, madness the three dots, climate tap “Add to rejection list”.You will no longer receive calls native this contact. However, the person can constantly contact you by SMS.

This technique does not redirect the call to the mailbox, but the contact receives a busy signal once trying to call you.

If this method does not work, you have the right to still download a totally free application indigenous the official app Store.

Redirecting clogged calls to her mailbox

If you still desire to understand if the call you blocked tried to contact you, you have the right to simply redirect the call to the mailbox.

The easiest method is to download and use a specialized app native the Play save to redirect blocked calls to her voicemail.

We introduce in specific YouMail and PrivacyStar for your Apple iphone phone 4S.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps as below.

To redirect all calls to the mailbox, get in *21# on the keyboard of your Apple iphone phone 4S. To disable the function, kind #21#.

To redirect someone, you’ll need to search for it under your contacts. Then click on the three points. After that you need to activate the option “All calls to the mailbox”.

Block phone call in general

If you desire to block multiple call immediately, you deserve to do this as follows:

Access her phone’s settings. Click on “Calls”.Then insanity “Additional Settings” >“Call Restriction”.You deserve to now choose between several options. Because that example, if you perform not want to receive global calls, girlfriend can click on it to activate it. You have the right to just together easily refuse all incoming calls automatically.

Auto disapprove list

If you desire to instantly reject many calls, you have the right to do this by creating an automatic deny list.

Go to “Settings”, then “Call settings” and then “Reject call”.You have the right to now go into a call number or choose a contact.

Blocking SMS on her Apple iphone 4S

If friend no longer want to get text messages from specific people, you deserve to block all SMS from a details contact.

Go to her phone’s menu and then come “Messages”. In the listed conversations, click the call whose SMS you no much longer want come receive. Organize down because that a couple of seconds till you see a choice on the screen.Click top top “Add to spam numbers”.

If you want to create a perform of spam numbers on your Apple iphone 4S, you need to do the following:

In the “Messages” menu, click the 3 points below and also then on “Settings”.Go come the “Spam Settings” item. Click it come activate this alternative if you have actually not already done it.Then tap “Add come spam numbers”. You deserve to dial a phone number again or choose a contact.About “Call Barring” on her Apple iphone phone 4S

Call impede (CB) is a complementary organization that enables the subscriber to activate a impede of just arrive (outgoing) or outgoing calls come his / her connection (subscriber number). The call barring business group is composed of 5 independent services, many probably easily accessible on her Apple iphone phone 4S. A cell phone subscriber deserve to be personal registered or deleted in every of these services individually.

Call barring allows the user come block incoming, outgoing, or both types of call. Making use of a “Man an equipment Interface company Codes (MMI business Codes)”, the user can pick the business being barred. It deserve to activate, because that example, barring incoming SMS using a specific code native its provider. This might be a an excellent solution come block just arrive SMS on your Apple iphone 4S.

BIC-Roaming on your Apple iphone 4S

The BIC-Roam service allows the subscriber come prohibit every incoming calls as soon as roaming outside the country. Thus, if BIC-Roam is energetic and the subscriber is roaming outside its mobile Network, the network will not permit any incoming call to be reached for the cell phone subscriber’s number. This could be available from her Apple iphone phone 4S, but please call your provider to carry out so. The subscriber might decide to usage the BIC-Roam company if it does not desire to obtain incoming calls throughout roaming, thus reducing roaming charges.

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We expect to have helped friend to block a speak to or text message from one undesired number on your Apple iphone phone 4S.