How to mix your organic hair with hair weave so that make the weave hair look natural? part women prefer to stay wigs, however there are countless other women favor to leave the end a portion of their very own hair, because it can include versatility and a an ext realistic look.

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If you want to usage the blending style of weave hair, you’d better make sure you use the very same texture and also color that weave together your herbal hair. If not, you will need some level of blending for a perfect fit.Today we space going to talk around how to blend herbal hair through hair weave.

How To blend The Straight Hair WeaveWith Your herbal Hair?

If you desire a straight hairstyle, you deserve to order directly hair bundles. According to the hair kind you have, most human being will use flat iron to make her own organic hair straighten.

The truth about silk right hair is the you will need heating devices to attain this look. I extremely recommend spraying the warm protectant top top the residue and let that dry because that a while. Then use a thin layer the oil to mitigate the friction that the flat iron together it slides end the hair. Even though, it will hurt your natural hair after over-using the heat.

You don"t want to perform this also often, therefore seal the straightened leave-outwith a small drop the oil and wipe that off-use a hair dryer with medium warm for daily maintenance and also make certain to wrap that while friend sleep.

If girlfriend can"t it is in bothered by all these things, then perform what someone elsedoesand get a lace closure, frontalor wigs.

The finest straight weave for natural hair

The most essential thing of exactly how your hair will certainly blend v the weave is the hair texture you choose. And also the virgin hair weave is the hardest come blend. Many women will choose the directly weave for blending natural hair.


How To blend The Wavy Hair Weave through Your natural Hair?

The very same rules because that blending through curly weaving will use to blending through wavyweave, yet the only distinction with method weaveis thatthe much longer time the hair gets, the curl pattern often tends to loosens increase or come to be straighter. Therefore, every you have to do is make sure that natural hair also loosensupthe longer the hair gets. As displayed above, you have to pay fist to this once braiding or twisting your hair. In this case, the is highly recommended to blow dry the hair first.

The best wavy weave for herbal hair

Body wave hair and also water wave hair space the ideal wavy weave for herbal hair.


Body tide Hair


Water wave Hair

How To mix The Curly Hair WeaveWith Your organic Hair?

If you desire to blend curly hair weave v your organic hair, make certain to save the hair moisturized. Hair should remain soft. Use hair sprays that condition your hair to make them feeling healthy.

When you go to bed, braid in the direction you desire your curls come fall. Some people even twist your hair to blend into hair extensions. Please note that this only works if the hair is normally curly.

After braiding, spray water on your hair and also cover it with a satin scarf. Obviously, as soon as you wake up in the morning, her hair looks much like the original hair extension.

This is even much more effective if you remember come straighten your hair first and make the braids and also braids smaller.

The ideal curly weave for natural hair

For the curly weave hair, it’s means easy to mix it if you have actually naturally curly hair. V the curly weave, you can have different levels of curls. The Imitates the herbal curly style of afro hair.


Remember, when you room mixing without leaving hair, you should only leaving a tiny hair

If you want directly hair: Make certain you have actually straight or near straight hair. If not, then you should have actually relaxed hair. This makes it simple to blend hair with hair bundles.

For curly hair: Some human being use hair curlers to format their hair, yet the impact is no as good as utilizing interlocking technology. Simply remember come twist the extension"s hair loosely. Especially at night, twist your hair before going come bed.

Curls: because that this, you need to use a perm stick and also curl lotion. Remember come comb her hair every night to make certain the curls stay in place.

Tips because that Perfectly blending Your organic Hair through Hair Weave

1.Tame her edges

Having a smooth hairline is like adding icing on the weave. It provides your hair brighter, an ext professional and also can also cover the marks around your head. Today, edge smoothing, control and also smoothing assets are very popular, so we recommend that you find a product that works well because that you

2.Twist or braid in ~ night

There is nothing worse 보다 seeing your hair expansions beautifully attached to your head – the waves and curls popular music out, simply to let your natural hair sit on height like a mouse"s den! shot twisting or weaving her hair at night, tangling her hair through your hair expansion so the the two textures blend together seamlessly once you remove the twisted the next morning.

3.Control fly-aways

Newborn hair is at risk to curly on humidity, which provides the separation of hairline and natural hair much more obvious. Shot using silicone-based brighteners to assist soften the texture and prevent humidity from causing frizz. Also, gently obstacle the sheet product top top the optimal of the hair removal to aid the hair place well.

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