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How to Install optimal Cylinders & Pumps

Tools & gives - 3 quarts that fluid. Cars older 보다 1953 use DOT-3 brake fluid. Cars 1953 and up use brake liquid or automatic infection fluid. Cars prior to 1953 might use ATF ifall brand-new hoses have been installed. Fist - brake liquid destroys paint. A turkey baster is a great tool to to fill pumps with a filler plug. Friend may likewise use one oil can or bleeder system.

Caution - Never completely fill a reservoir through fluid. Cars with a filler plug should remain 25% empty. The air void is compelled to stop system damage or failure. Firewall pump reservoirs have to remain 10% empty.

If you room installing simply 1 cylinder, the pole on the new cylinder have to be either in or out - the exact same as the unit remaining in the car. Every cylinders space shipped with the pole retracted. Come extend, placed 50-60 pounds of air pressure right into the bottom installation of the cylinder to expand the rod.

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You will usage your motor/pump to fill the cylinders. Execute not force any hydraulic parts this will cause damage.

Install all brand-new parts in the car. Execute not attach the rod ends to the top. If only 1 cylinder is gift replaced, disconnect the stick of the staying cylinder indigenous the top. You space going to run the rods in and also out without having actually to wrestle through the top. You are going to be "shooting blanks." CAUTION: together rods walk up and down, make sure no harm comes to either the rods or to the optimal or peak frame.Using the pump, run the rods the end so they have the right to be attached come the top. Bolt the rods come the top. Presume there space no various other problems, your top will currently work.When you are no much longer able to include fluid, retract the rods right into the cylinders. Examine the liquid level one last time filling if required but leaving the reservoir 25% empty. Placed the plug into reservoir.Run the rods all the way in and out sereral times. In ~ the finish of every cycle, check the liquid level. Fill as required, leaving reservoir 25% empty.Repeat action 2 and also 3 until rods have traveled all the means into or the end of the cylinders. If rods are all the means out, carry out not operation the pump too lengthy as cylinders room not built with stops in them. Running the pump too lengthy will ultimately pull the cylinders apart.Run the pump because that 10-20 seconds. You space emptying the reservoir into the cylinders. The rods will start moving as fluid fills the cylinders. One stick will always go up and also down first, this is normal.Fill the reservoir 3/4 complete with fluid (to the bottom that filler plug hole). Leaving the reservoir plug out and do no put earlier in till you have finished. Placed a rag under the hole to catch overflow that will take place as device fills.





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