Shamrock 7s is a popular video clip poker video game in the South. The video game uses one joker. The is spread at Harrah’s Cherokee and also Harrah’s Cherokee valley River. Both casinos space in phibìc Carolina. Part California defect casinos market Shamrock 7s. It is likewise a usual game in the West Virginia and also Louisiana video lottery. Part bars and gas train station in the South additionally spread the game.

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Leisure Time modern technology invented Shamrock 7s. It was originally sold come tribal casinos. The game ultimately made its means into a Pot O gold platform that includes other video clip poker titles, slots and also keno.

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Shamrock 7s distinct Features


Shamrock 7s has actually a distinct bonus feature. A player that renders three of much more sevens in a hand it s okay a bonus round. The player will select one of three pots that gold. The maker will award almost everywhere from 6 to thirty time the bet. The hand also pays the common payout because that its trips, complete house, four of a type or five of a kind. That the player hits five sevens through an amount that qualifies for the progressive jackpot, a hand pay is required and also the bonus round will certainly pay after ~ the device is reset.

All Shamrock 7s machines require various than the usual five coins to cause the gradual jackpot. This can make it an overwhelming to to compare to various other games. The gradual jackpot reset is normally 500 come 1. This method a quarter an equipment requires eight coins because that $1,000. Half-dollar games require $4 for $4,000. The dollar and also two-dollar devices require four coins.

Pot O Gold devices are limited to one denomination. If you want to relocate up or under in limits, friend will need to find a different machine.

How to find the best Shamrock 7s Machines

The best Shamrock 7s gamings pay 15 per coin on four of a kind while payment 2 coins on 3 of a kind. The pay tables space on the screen when you select the game from the menu.

Best Shamrock 7s salary Table

The pay tables have tendency to get far better as the denomination increases. The salary table below is the one uncovered on the two-dollar devices at Harrah’s in north Carolina. The amount presented is exactly how much is winner per coin wagered. 3 sevens receives a special bonus round with an award of six to thirty time the bet.

Five that a kind: 500 (progressive the resets at 500:1 with 4 coins)Royal flush, through or there is no joker: 100Straight flush: 50Four of a kind: 15Full house: 5Flush: 4Straight: 3Three that a kind: 2Two pair: 1

Pot that Gold devices Cheats

Where to uncover the best Shamrock 7s video clip Poker

The only makers we are mindful of with this pay table room at Harrah’s Cherokee and Harrah’s Cherokee sink River in western north Carolina. That is ~ above the $2 denomination in the high border salon. Girlfriend may uncover this salary table on makers in gas stations, however it is not spread at any type of other casinos. Shamrock 7s is not easily accessible at any kind of online casinos.

How come Maximize your Return at Shamrock 7s

The ideal Shamrock 7s salary table only returns about 97 percent through perfect play. The return will rise slightly with the dimension of the progressive. The best bet is come play another game in the casino. If you favor Shamrock 7s because of its bonus round and easier come hit jackpot, we have some suggestions.

The machines will permit the player come wager as much as 50 coins. The gradual jackpot stays the very same in this case. We do not introduce betting much more than the variety of coins the triggers the progressive.

Make sure that you understand the return that the bonus round. Players must not throw pairs far to go for a bare 7. Go for open-ended directly draws end a bare 7 yet go because that a pair that 7s end an inside directly draw. Break apart two pair if one pair is 7s. Never ever throw far a complete house to go for the bonus round. Treat the joker prefer a 7 if it appears in a hand choose one.

A players map is a method to obtain reimbursed for few of the home edge in this game. That takes $10 of coin-in to get a coin in comps at Harrah’s Cherokee and also Harrah’s Cherokee valley River through its caesar Rewards loyalty program. The is only 0.1%. However, the mailers friend will receive on this action may be substantial. It is usual to get tickets in the mail that space worth hundreds of dollars number of times each month. Friend may likewise get bonus tier and also credit days. This are typically on Sundays and also Mondays.

Hotel rooms and also food comps may also be readily available through caesar Rewards. The mailers may include other destinations, such together Atlantic City or ras Vegas. This is why that is important to acquire a caesars Rewards card prior to playing Shamrock 7s at Harrah’s.

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Free Pot Of gold Slots

Unfortunately, many other gaming facilities with Shamrock 7s perform not offer any kind of perks. The best you may acquire is a cost-free soft drink or a enhance play.