These candy Crush Level 267 cheat will help you win level 267 on candy Crush Saga easily. Liquid Crush level 267 is the saturday level in holiday Hut and also the 27th timed level. Come beat this level, you need to score at least 100,000 points within 90 seconds. You have actually 6 candy colors and 81 easily accessible spaces. Friend can get a maximum of 150,000 points.

Strategy: shot not come let the liquid bombs circulation out till you have actually cleared an ext of the center part. Take the end as many bombs together you can, together they forgive much more points than typical candies do. The best means to damage the bombs space with shade bombs, as doing that provides you extremely substantial points. Additionally, that is much better to start breaking the multilayered icing indigenous the middle and also bottom to avoid bombs flow out. However, you have to start enabling bombs come drop once there are an ext room available, or else there will not be sufficient time to with the target score that 100,000. Each bomb gives 3,000 points and also is the key to gaining the compelled score.

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The coco can really distract you from gaining points, but candy bombs space the best source of points. If taken on correctly, the is no a challenging level. The liquid bombs have actually a low timer, with nine moves until its detonation. The target score is quite high. The liquorice swirls spawn at the sides of the board, restricting the board space. The player is forced to earn at the very least 1,120 points per second.

Crush Level Saga Level 267 Details

Level Type: time (See all Level Types)Episode: candy TownGoal: score at least 100,000 points in ~ 90 seconds.Candy Colors: 6Max Score: 150,000 / 3 Stars

Here room the cheats and tips on just how to beat candy Crush level 267:

Candy to like Level 267 Cheats

Clear Middle before Detonating Bombs.
Clear as plenty of Bombs together Possible.
Work Quickly.

Level 267 tips & Help

1Clear Middle prior to Detonating Bombs. The middle is filled v meringue, so you should clear it out to provide room for an ext candies. In the center of the meringue is additionally +5 2nd candies, for this reason in a time level, the is critical to acquire these.

2Clear as plenty of Bombs as Possible. As soon as the center is cleared, you must go after ~ the bombs, which will be flooding in. Detonating the bombs is crucial because they are extra points and the goal is to gain to 100,000 points.

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3Work Quickly. This is a provided with a time limit and also the amount of points required to win. Complement as easily as possible and shot to make unique candy combinations. Over there are additionally multiplying chocolates, so rate is key.