A first look at liquid Crush level 133 board may sned friend a chill feeling, because you space only given a narrow pillar with an inverted T favored channel come play with at the bottom area. This method that you will certainly be limited with moves together there is no much space in the channel wherein you need to clear the jellies. So the number one cheat to happen this level will certainly be the resetting trick, which way keep reset the level before you make any type of moves until you watch a tood layout that enable you to develop a color bomb or vertical striped liquid to begin with. Through such plank arrangement, your best weapon to eliminate the jellies would certainly be vertical striped candy together they will help you clear the pillar all the way down. In various other words, do not emphasis too much on horizontal striped candies which room not so helpful in this level. A key to keep in mind is that color bomb + striped candy may aid you go v this level in lesser moves. Clock the video guide walk v to get further ideas.

Candy to like Level 133 Rules

Level 133 – Wafer Wharf

Level 133 difficulty and Target

Level 132 should passed in order to play Level 133. You must clear every jellies under restricted space in 50 moves and also score at least 45000 points in ~ the exact same time. Look because that initial plank layout that can give you a an increase start. When you perform not have regulate over which side the candy will cascade to in ~ the bottom, playing with combos or stripe candy is good enough to reach target score in this level. The reward because that Level 133 is to walk to Level 134.

Level 133 Star Scores

??? 95000

?? 70000

? 45000

Candy crush Saga Level 133 Strategy: video Guide

Candy crush Saga Level 133 – video clip Help

Still can’t break v the level 133 with our video help? Why not check out our candy Crush Saga advice & Strategy web page for much more details.

If the tips and strategy do not work-related for you, shot our candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hints then.



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