If you"ve to be journeying in the Alola region, you"ve probably made a expedition toFestival Plaza, obtainable via the X menu. Festival Plaza is complete of valuableand fun attributes that can assist you in every kinds of ways. There"s a lothappening, for this reason if you"ve had trouble understanding whatever going on, thisarticle will offer you a hand. Helping Sophocles increase Festival Plaza have the right to beone of the most profitable activities you"ll encounter throughout your adventures inthe Alola region.

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The many prominent functions of Festival Plaza room certainlythe framework you have the right to visit. We"ll dive right into those first, and then go oversome of the other features of Festival Plaza later.

Get Acquainted

When friend visit Festival Plaza, you"ll notification a selection offacilities you can walk to that carry out different services. The facilities inFestival Plaza are varied in what lock offer, indigenous stores whereby you canpurchase rare items, to amenities because that powering up her Pokémon, to areas whereyou can adjust the look at of your character"s clothing.

Your Festival Plaza only holds seven framework at any type of giventime. To include a new one, you need to replace a facility. You deserve to mix and also matchthese framework as you please, consisting of hosting many instances that thesame facility at the exact same time.

SomeFestival Plaza infrastructure are exclusive to PokémonUltra sunlight and Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon and Pokémon Moon. However, friend canget infrastructure from other gamings with help from her friends. As soon as a guestvisits, girlfriend can include the an initial facility in their Festival Plaza to your game ifyour Festival Plaza has reached level 8. Coordinate v a pal to include version-exclusivefacilities to her game. To gain the many out of your Festival Plaza, review on tofigure the end which framework most appeal come you and also to track down versions withlots of stars. The an ext stars, the greater level the basic is.

Coin Collection

Before walk into exactly how the certain facilities work, let"sfirst go over Festival Coins (FC), the money of Festival Plaza. You"ll needthem come use most of the facilities and also to acquisition items. Additionally, as youearn Festival Coins, the all at once level of your Festival Plaza will increase.Sophocles, the head that Festival Plaza, will normally offer friend a brand-new facilitywhen girlfriend level up, and sometimes you"ll unlock other perks instead. The crucial tobuilding a bustling Festival Plaza is come level it up as lot as possible!

The easiest means to knife Festival Coins is to speak to thepeople that pop up roughly Festival Plaza. Periodically they"ll have actually a request andwill display their appreciation to you because that completing it by handing over a fewFestival Coins. The fastest way to earn heaps of Festival Coins is toparticipate in worldwide missions, i m sorry we"ll talk about a little bit later.

Another method to knife Festival Coins is to take part inmissions, wherein you"ll cooperate with fellow players approximately you to reach agoal. If you attach to the internet, you deserve to work along with Trainers fromall end the world. The goal might be to talk to players that speak a certainlanguage, or come answer inquiries about form matchups correctly. As you deserve to see,missions room a tiny more an overwhelming than merely talking through your guest inFestival Plaza, yet you deserve to potentially knife a far greater number of FestivalCoins. To join or organize a mission, speak to the lady in the turquoise dress atthe Festival Plaza entrance. She"ll provide you Festival Tickets that you have the right to useto hold missions.

VIP Access

You canregister your favorite Festival Plaza travellers as VIPs by selecting the option“I"ll it is registered you as my VIP!” You have the right to then page those travellers in her castleto have actually them come ago and visit you anytime. You"ll probably see her VIPsaround your Festival Plaza quite a bit, too. Making your friends VIPs is agreat way to continue to be connected, and you"ll enjoy numerous benefits.

If youdecide you desire a VIP"s basic or outfit after her initial meeting, girlfriend cancall castle to her castle and make the purchase. VIPs offer you more FC once youfulfill your requests than various other visitors to her Festival Plaza. You"ll likewise wantto it is registered VIPs that have an effective Pokémon to help you the end in the BattleAgency.

The miscellaneous Facilities

Now the you have actually a great idea of just how to knife Festival Coins,let"s take it a closer look at the selection of framework you have the right to have in yourFestival Plaza. Framework can give you services you won"t receive anywhereelse, so think carefully about which ones you desire to keep.


There are several types of shops available, and the greater ashop"s level, the much more items you"ll have the ability to purchase. The money in thesestores is Festival Coins, and also some that the rarer items have the right to be fairly pricey. Thestores include the battle Store because that items that provide temporary statincreases, the Pharmacy because that permanently improving stats or curing wellness andstatus conditions, the Soft Drink Parlor for a variety of drink such together MoomooMilk, and also the ball Shop, i beg your pardon purveys one assortment the Poké Balls. There"salso a general Store the sells a mix of helpful items.

Haunted Houses

Drop one of your Pokémon turn off at a Haunted House, where it"llhave a spooky great time! Plus, there"s a opportunity that it will certainly come the end withseveral items. The items your Pokémon may find will be a surprise. Commonlyfound items incorporate Hard Stones and Full Heals, yet if you"re lucky, girlfriend mightwalk away through a Patterned Bean, a party Cap, or even a sacred Ash. You canuse every Haunted house once every day for just 10 FC. And also don"t worry around sending her Pokémoninto the Haunted House—their frightful fun has no result on their stats oranything else.

Lottery Shops

Each lottery shop friend host can be visited when per day totry to acquire one that 10 prizes. Youwon"t have to pay anything come participate and also you"ll success a prize every day,but you"ll need to be happy to receive the optimal prizes. The type of compensation youget is partially established by the kind of lottery shop. At huge Dreams, girlfriend maywin rarely items; at yellow Rush, you can win items v high resale value; andat sweetheart Hunt, you could get items to aid out your Pokémon, includingprized Gold battle Caps. The higher the lottery shop"s level, the much more likelyyou"ll acquire rare items. An excellent luck!

Bouncy Houses

If you"re feather to an increase your Pokémon"s basic stats—theunderlying numbers the govern the stat growth of her Pokémon—let castle loosein a bouncy house. The an ext stars a course has, the higher your Pokémon"s basestats will climb. Stomp-Stomp home is a bouncy house available in each game, and thereyour Pokémon deserve to increase the HP and Speed (though the highest-level food is exclusive come Pokémon Ultra Moon and Pokémon Moon). The highest possible levelof Thump-Bump Park is exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Moon and Pokémon Moon, and also it uses courses that will boost yourPokémon"s Attack and Special assault stats. The highest level that Clink-ClunkLand is exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Sun, and it can boost your Pokémon"s Defense andSpecial Defense. Like many other facilities, you have the right to use the process of eachbouncy residence only when per day.

Food Stalls

Feed your Pokémon the meal of their desires at food stalls inyour Festival Plaza. Serving her Pokémon a meal have the right to have all kinds the effects,including leveling up her Pokémon or boosting its basic stats. The higher thelevel of the food stall, the more powerful its result or that likelihood to work-related onhigher-level Pokémon. For example, a rare Breakfast at a rare Kitchen ★ will boost a Pokémon"s level by one just up to level30; the rarely Dessert in ~ a rarely Kitchen ★★★★ will work-related on Pokémon approximately level60. If you"re looking to raise her Pokémon to level 100 for Hyper Training,feasting at rarely Kitchens can save you lots of time.

Expert Trainers will additionally appreciate the result of the otherofferings at food stalls come reset base stats for this reason you have the right to dial in exactly how youwant her stats balanced. These unique lunches and also sweets have actually the bonuseffect of raising your Pokémon"s friendship.

As with most other facilities, the items sold at a foodstall can only it is in purchased as soon as daily. Plus, some food stalls aren"t availablein each version of thegame. Work-related with your friends to get a complete taste the what food stallshave come offer!

Dye Houses

Add a little flair to her wardrobe once you visit dyehouses. These infrastructure let girlfriend dye your white fashion item into range ofcolors. It prices 100 FC come dye a white item, and another 10 FC to eliminate thecolor. Alternatively, you have the right to use berry to dye her apparel. For few of thecolors, you"ll need a pretty good inventory of Berries, so start farming themin the Poké Pelago to have plenty on hand. Note that some of the dye dwellings areexclusive come Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon or Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, however you deserve to use Festival Coins to buy her guests" clothingif her Festival Plaza is at the very least level 10. Provide your Trainer a distinctive lookwith dye houses for all of your apparel!

Fortune-Teller Tents

For just 10 FC, you can have your fortune told at afortune-teller tent. If you"re really lucky, you can find out that your goodluck will certainly pay off elsewherein Festival Plaza, such as at the lottery shop or haunted house, therefore besure to examine out among these various other shops if you receive a corresponding fortune.Additionally, you"ll be offered a expression that will certainly be added to the list ofphrases you deserve to use come customize her messages, consisting of such gems together “You"re10,000 light-years from facing Brock!”

Beyond the Facilities

The facilities consist of a large part the what there is come doin Festival Plaza, however there space still much more features available via the lowerscreen come discover and also take benefit of. You can access these featuresvirtually any time in Festival Plaza.

The fight button allows you have attach Battles with folksaround friend or top top the battle Spot. Friend can likewise download rules that allow you totry the end different fight formats, such as the 2018 video Game ChampionshipSeries format.

Tapping the Trade switch gives you accessibility to numerous cooltrading features. The simplest method of trading is connect Trade, i m sorry willconnect you through other adjacent Trainers. Girlfriend can additionally connect come the internetand trade v players around the people using the global Trade terminal (GTS),where Trainers sell up their own Pokémon for other Pokémon lock seek. Andfinally there"s Wonder Trade, whereby you can trade away among your Pokémon to aTrainer—what Pokémon you"ll get back is a total mystery!

The lower display is likewise where you can see a perform of peopleyou"ve communicated with recently, either by trading or battling with them or viaStreetPass. As an ext people visit, people you haven"t viewed in a while will certainly falloff the list. If you"d like to keep some human being around, include them to your VIPlist so they"ll always be hanging the end in her Festival Plaza.

Battle tothe Top

The exciting new Battle Agencyis exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Sun andPokémon Ultra Moon. By competing in three-on-threeSingle battles at this facility, you deserve to earn FC and also rare items like Rare Candyand Gold party Caps. There"s one large catch, however; you won"t be able to useyour own Pokémon come compete! You"ll have to borrow one Pokémon in ~ the receptiondesk and the other two from other Trainers in Festival Plaza.

You"ll fight various Trainers consecutively,and if you obtain a success streak, you"ll earn Festival Coins and rewards. Threeconsecutive wins room counted together one effective challenge. If you keep succeeding,your grade will certainly go up. The higher your class gets, the more powerful the Pokémonyou"ll be able to borrow indigenous the agree desk. Save winning, advanced yourgrade, and also go every the method to the peak at the Battle agency while earning greatprizes!

Festival Plaza"s newest facility can make your treka little easier. The exchange center enables you to shuffle the Pokémonavailable come you in the fight Agency, giving you up to three brand-new Pokémon tochoose from. Depending upon the number of ★ the facility has, you"ll be able to switch increase thePokémon one, two, or three times every day.

Insider Info

Be sure to look around inside the lock in the center ofFestival Plaza. Over there you"ll satisfy a number of attendants who can aid you out.The attendant on the left as you get in is particularly valuable—she"ll answerall type of questions around Festival Plaza in case you need a reminder. Theattendant ~ above the best will aid you join worldwide missions—worldwide objectivesyou have the right to work on the can collection you top top the route to all kinds of cool prizes. Learnmore about worldwide missions, and be sure to authorize up and aid out for hugeFestival Coin rewards. Next to her, you"ll uncover a pc where you deserve to watchprevious fight Videos and use game Sync to sync your video game to the PokémonGlobal Link.

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Further ago in the castle, the attendant ~ above the left canhelp you page a visitant in Festival Plaza to acquire their attention. The attendanton the left is the human being you should talk through to rearrange your FestivalPlaza"s facilities. And the human being alone top top the dais to the left will certainly tradeshards you"ve gathered for party Caps. If you"ve been obtaining a the majority of themfrom Isle Aphun in the PokéPelago, exchange lock here!

Finally, when you"ve earned enough Festival Coins come levelup her Festival Plaza, head right into the castle to accomplish Sophocles. He"ll let youknow whether you"ve earned any kind of upgrades and how to accessibility them.

As you can see, Festival Plaza has actually an enormous range offeatures to assist you and also your Pokémon, from impressive facilities, come fun methods tobattle and also trade, to special activities inside the castle. Invest time exploringand participating in every one of the cool Festival Plaza attributes to discover more.And store checking rwandachamber.org/Strategyfor an ext Pokémon video clip game strategy and analysis!