While moving into dorms is never ever easy, that is a an extremely exciting time. For most of you, this is the very first time friend live without her family. Plenty of of you room unsure around the whole idea the sharing an are with brand-new people. We understand that it takes time to make a dorm feeling homey and also cozy and also to acclimate to dorm life. A dorm headboard have the right to make a dorm room feel an ext permanent and cozey. So, stop make her dorm life a bit far better and discuss about how to attach headboard to dorm bed. Together you go to learn around how to connect a headboard come a dorm bed, make certain to inspect out our favourite dorm headboards!

So, just how do you affix a Headboard come a Dorm Bed?

Most dorms come v their own collection of rules. The most typical of castle is you can’t drill feet or pen stuff in the walls. This preeminence makes life a little bit more difficult in the dorms. The hinders a the majority of things you could want to do to that dull grey room. Right here we will certainly cover what you deserve to do to have actually a headboard in that tiny structured dorm bed.


There is likewise Velcro. Any ordinary Velcro will only aid hang lightweight things prefer a tapestry or other apparel like material. However the stronger commercial strength Velcro will attach almost anything. These space the DIY and also budget-friendly alternatives for your dorm decoration. Girlfriend can likewise opt because that professional assist with a slightly an ext budget. Practice headboard through footing is every the rage now. Castle might expense a bit more, however if you space in her dorm because that the long haul, they are a good investment. Girlfriend can additionally tweak the draft to double as additional storage in the little dorm room.

Using the command strips or velcro, you can effectively secure the dorm headboard to her dorm wall. You can then align your bed so the it is versus the dorm wall surface and flush versus the headboard. In a sense, the method to connect a headboard to a dorm bed is actually by it is registered it to the wall!

Now the you heard the best way to affix a hardboard to a dorm bed in college, here is some principles on the species and DIY headboard concepts to consider.

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Our favourite Dorm Headboards

DIY Headboard Ideas

We recognize you see so numerous beautiful points on Pinterest and also wish come decorate your dorm room likewise. Yet being a student, the is difficult to come with such substantial cash amounts. And also let’s challenge it, many of this headboards can be expensive. So, us say it is time you placed those craft hands to same use. Below are a few low-cost headboards that you have the right to make because that yourself.

Flower Headboard

Remember those Pinterest photos in former of those beautiful flower walls? We space saying you can have one for you yourself in your dorm room.

You will need a 2-inch Styrofoam slab in sizes that you prefer, some faux flower, and some craft glue. We suggest getting the flowers in a comparable color wheel and different sizes. Acquire the Styrofoam and also poke part holes in it. Do some stormy placement that the larger flowers first.

Play roughly with the size and shades. Subsequently, to fill in the gaps with smaller flowers. You can also add in the leaves. Prior to the final placement, add some glue to the stem of each flower. Let dry overnight. Climate hang that up utilizing some Velcro straps. And also now you have actually an Instagram worthy flower wall. 

Faux animal leather Headboard

For this faux animal leather headboard, you will require a wood frame and some faux leather. And also that’s about it. You will find the faux animal leather in your neighborhood craft store. And also if you space lucky enough, friend can gain the structure for cost-free at any junkyard.

Clean the frame and cut the faux leather in long horizontal strips. Fold and also attach the trips to one of the horizontal sides and another vertical next of the frame. Next, weave the strips in chop neat weaves, over and also under. Together you reach the end, tuck it every in and secure through glue. Hang the frame using command hooks.

Using the exact same faux leather, girlfriend can likewise make other patterns like the herringbone pattern. You can likewise choose to acquire three individual smaller frames and also make the patterns on each framework with a different shade of faux leather. This will give you a distinct pattern look at and also make your room vibrant.

Cushioned Headboard

For the an ext luxurious cushioned headboard, you will require plywood, stuffing, and also a item of fabric. Together for tools, girlfriend only require scissors and also a clip gun.

Get plywood from her local residence depot. Girlfriend can additionally replace the plywood by utilizing cardboard native your changing boxes. How to attach headboard to dorm bed? Whichever you choose, measure out the size.

Next, include the stuffing on the optimal layer by folding end the back hem and also stapling it to the board. Add as countless layers that stuffing friend wish. And also then similarly add the height fabric. You can include velvet because that a cushier emotion or silk for a satin-smooth feel. When all secured, currently only left in decorating it.

You have the right to tuft that or add rhinestones. You can likewise panel a piece of LED irradiate on the earlier of the headboard because that a backlit headboard. Next, simply hand this lightweight structure to location using Velcro or command hooks. Because that this particular DIY, we indicate using Velcro.

DIY fabric Headboards 

Get 16 or twenty-five dollar tree frames according to the measure of your bed. Also, part cheap cloth from your neighborhood craft store, preferably velvet.

Strip the frames apart and also cut the cloth in the frame sizes. In the holder where you should have attached the picture, ar the reduced of fabric and also glue lock in place. Execute so for every the frames and then cave them increase in any pattern you wish over your bed. We imply you usage command hooks because that the job. You can also choose to perform different shade fabrics and sizes that frames for the DIY. However make certain you have actually the layout correct first. 

You can acquire some cheap fabric from the neighborhood store or usage an old bedcover for this. Next, acquire some paints. Tie increase knots in the material at arbitrarily spaces by twisting them and folding them. Bleach the fabric if it was an initially colored one or dye it if it was white. Permit it problem overnight and let dried the adhering to day. Open up the knots to disclose a beautiful pattern. And there is your self-made tapestry.

For this idea, merely gather all your old camp t-shirts. Reduced off the t-shirts v the front logo design in a 16×16 square. As soon as you have enough, darn them all up sidewise and also downward. Girlfriend can additionally attach castle using towel glue. V this, whenever girlfriend look up, you have actually a headboard full of memories.

Either that which friend choose, hang the cloth using command hooks.

Pallet Headboard 

This DIY can be done v some paints. The pallets should concerned you free of expense if friend look approximately hard enough. 

Gather four to six pallet boards. Clean them out and also dry them effectively in the sun. Next, friend will need to sand them down. If you want some textures, girlfriend can also skip this step. Finally, include in a cloak of stain or repaint over it through some hard color. Dried the pallets. Finally, hand lock individually next by side and downwards with some command hooks. This headboard have the right to easily twin as a pinboard as well. 

Alternative varieties of Headboards

Headboard Pillow

A headboard pillow is deceptively simple. This is a robust and sturdy pillow. This pillows room skeletally wired, making lock sturdy. This help them was standing upright. Lock are rather hard and also not the fluffy. However they come without the problem of any type of instalment process. Just put the headboard on height of your bed frame. Climate lay your bedding together per usual. And now, you have actually a completely functioning headboard.

This headboard provides you all the vibe that a real headboard. That looks the part and plays that well. This is a great option because that the stricter dorms who don’t even allow any wall surface attachments.

Overbed Shelves

This is the time that you can put to usage your high college wood shop education. This headboard idea deserve to be a DIY or a store-bought front. We will discuss both. One overbed shelf if couple of wooden shelves end the bed head that will stand ~ above its own. Together a result, that won’t call for and wall plugin or even glue.

You can add as numerous shelves together you want. You can customize the layout together you wish. You can acquire a few MDF boards and also some nuts native your local hardware store. Style the layout and also measure out the pieces. Cut them out accordingly and connect them sturdily with nuts. Perform not forget to usage a leveller for much better results. Simply ar it over your bed, and also now you have actually extra storage room over her bed. You deserve to stain the shelves to match your room aesthetic together well.

Alternately, the overbed shelving is easily accessible at sites favor overstock.com or Ikea. These devices are all set to be assembled and used. You can also opt come buy castle from below directly.

Bed Canopy

A bed canopy is a hoopla hoop that is curtained v some net fabric. A bed canopy is basic to install as an alternate to a headboard. For changing a bed canopy, attach a vertical command hook on her ceiling. Mental to center the canopy; otherwise, it can be off-center, making that look not really interesting. Next, let the netting fall around the bed. And also you space done. You have a bed canopy for a headboard, perfect the ethereal look at of your room. 


Tapestry is a version of textile art that is traditionally do by hand or a loom. It is generally done by a weft-faced weaving pattern. The tapestry is huge enough come cover an entire wall. Tapestry comes at many prices. And also now the is a an extremely common decorate piece. Or you can ask her grandma come weave you on.

Get a item that matches her aesthetic. And then merely hang the by her wall. You deserve to command hooks at each of the peak sides. If your tapestry is more expansive, we suggest including a command hook in the middle as well. Together an alternate, you deserve to use Velcro. Because that a for sure bond, include a Velcro strip across the top and also up come mid-length vertically. Using sparsely would certainly suffice too. The helps to gain boho-chic aesthetics to her room quickly.

Mirror, winter on the Wall!

Dorm rooms have the right to be awfully small. The small living room often is not spacious sufficient for a student’s books and also essentials. Come ask because that a beauty hub, over there is a deluxe no administration can afford.

You can get a winter at any kind of home depot store. Exactly how to connect headboard to dorm bed? us suggest gaining a simple, framed one. Make certain to lug accurate measurements. Once back, hang the winter on optimal of your bed making use of command hooks. Now, you have actually a an are in the tiny room for your self-care regimen but likewise doubles as a headboard. 

Panel Headboards

We understand there are a few of you whose technical skill is together low together a dime. Yet that shouldn’t typical that you can’t have actually a comfortable and pleasant dorm room.

The dashboard headboard targets specifically the likes of you. The panel headboard is a stiff piece of modified hardwood that is covered with linen and also has a stuffing. The panel headboard was standing on the floor. The is wedged between your bed and also the wall. This a hassle-free, zero instalments headboard idea. If you make this through your neighborhood hardware technical, friend can even customize the shapes to circular, scallops, rectangular, or also asymmetry.

Custom Headboard

This idea that a tradition headboard is the queen of all customization. It is specifically produced your bed.

These headboards are made on a stand. This stands was standing on her bed and also fit perfectly without any type of hardware usage. You have the right to have that in any kind of pattern and shape. Shops like Etsy sells castle specifically. These headboards space sturdier and more collected. And if you want to twin with your roommates, they even offer mass prices for order an ext than one.

Backrest Wedged Pillow

Some that the dorms have the old college stainless steel framework or iron structure for a bed. The only thing the comes with is a mattress. This beds space most most likely to have actually an upward extended frame. This beds can be quite tricky to have a headboard with.

Attaching anything over the headrest no honestly give you the headboard feel. The ideal option for those that you grounding to these beds is a backrest wedge pillow. These pillows come in a wedge-like shape. They are mainly made that velvet fabric to provide a luxurious feel.

However, friend can uncover other structure too. You require only ar the pillow behind your consistent pillows, and you space done. The tufted architecture of this pillow gives a cozy and also luxurious feeling to the dorm. It likewise adds warmth come the cold winter days.

The pillows room washable. If you take care of the properly, this will last you beyond your dorm years.

Headboard Cushion

Command hooks space every dorm dweller’s ideal friend. In this article, we can’t stress these words enough even if us repeat a thousand times.

This systems is for all of you. Headboard cushions room long, lightweight cushions. These space panelled and also aesthetically pleasing. They come with solid Velcro straps. You deserve to glue the hook part of the Velcro come your wall surface and wait at the very least 24 hours for it to dry.

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The other component comes already attached to the pillow itself. Simply hook it as much as the wall now. Her headboard is now totally functional and hanging indigenous the wall. Location your bed in prior of it, and your setup is complete.

Summing it all Up

So, we discussed every possible means to have a an excellent headboard, whether it is store-bought or a DIY. You understand the rules, yet rules shouldn’t let friend stop having actually comfort in her rooms. So, to explore further about how to attach headboard to dorm bed, use any kind of one the these methods and add a flare of your aesthetic to your room. Whatever you do, make certain to inspect out your very own dorm rules to prevent confusion later on.