Is over there a means to alt-tab out of Minecraft (i.e. Make Minecraft shed focus) without the game auto-pausing and also without having actually to carry a menu (e.g. Inventory) up first?


For single player, it seems that you"ve currently figured the end that bringing up the inventory screen avoids the video game from auto-pausing once it loser focus. I don"t think there is any other way to protect against the auto pausing.

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You may, however, think about hosting a SMP server and being the just person connected to it. In SMP, the video game will no pause once you are alt-tabbed out. You can install mode on a SMP server that enable you to develop user whitelists to specify who you want to attach to her server. If you add only you yourself to the list, friend don"t have to worry about anyone rather connecting while you are playing.


Go into your minecraft folder and open increase options.txt. Find the line the reads

pauseOnLostFocus:trueand change true come false. Currently Minecraft won"t pause to the menu screen when girlfriend tab away.

You can discover your minecraft folder in a pair ways:

Using the file system: Navigate to...

%appdata%.minecraft (on Windows)~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/ (on Mac OS X)~/.minecraft/ (on Linux)

Using Minecraft"s menus:

Start Minecraft and also click Options, Resource Packs, and also then Open source packs folder. In the paper system home window that opens, go up one folder and you"ll it is in in her minecraft folder.



Since the upgrade that an unified the single- and also multi-player password bases, you deserve to press T to begin typing in chat, which will certainly let friend tab out without pausing or hiding the game.

This answer is no longer relevant to current Minecraft versions, since F1 no longer hides menus; also, F1 is now a toggle and also the tricks for holding it down room irrelevant.

Since you cite that your problem is that you can"t see (as protest to having the menu up in ~ all), I have actually a deal with for that: v the menu up, use F1 to hide it. Pushing F1 clears all HUD elements and also leaves only the game view.

However, you have to hold down F1. Over there are number of tricks for this come fool the game into reasoning you have F1 down:

Press F1 and switch out of Minecraft when holding that down. (Tested top top Mac)Before release F1, press the Alt (Windows (and Linux?)) or ⌘ Command (Mac) keys.Mac-specific: If you have actually a device where you have to press fn-F1, simply release F1 before fn.
Whilst every the other solutions look perfectly fine, I assumed I"d include the method I use, as soon as I desire to not have actually the game pause, i hit esc, and also "Open up to LAN". The video game doesn;t stop then on emphasis loss.

This functions for Minecraft bedrock on Windows.

Press E to open your InventoryPress E to close her inventory but automatically press ALT+TAB to move to one more (any other) window.

You require to get your ALT+TAB in while the inventory is closing however it"s no too difficult with a little bit of practise.

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here"s just how I go it, ns was mining, in a map called Minevolution, I was in full display mode and then, while holding under left click, ns pressed F11 at the very same time ns let go of the left click button, and also it ongoing to mine, climate I simply did the whole Alt+Tab point to gain out the it and it worked

If you simply open a LAN link the video game no longer have the right to be paused, also if you"re in the video game menu. A LAN connection only permits people to jump in if they space on the same internet connection, so that is quite secure.

Changing the alternatives is the best means to execute it. In Multiplayer you have the right to Alt-Tab and Automine while pressing T or Esc doesn"t permit you execute anything while AFK.

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