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A overview on how to raise lock up because that clearances or reduced them down for pulling. Very straightforward to do.How To readjust Your Torsion Bars (T-Bars)So by currently I’m certain a lot of you have actually heard around guys “leveling” their trucks bycranking up the torsion bars, or “dropping” the T-bars for competition use. Some callthem “T-bars” as a brief slang term. Countless of the brand-new comers or also some old timersmay it is in wondering simply what in the human being these guys are talking around and how do castle doit? fine to be moral it’s a very an easy and cheap modification for your truck. The onlycost is one alignment. Ns would rate this together a really easy mod and also I would also say girlfriend don’tneed mechanical experience.First off why would certainly you want to carry out this?? fine there space a couple of reasons.1. You just level out don’t prefer the raked ½ ton 2WD stance your large Heavy Duty 4x4diesel has.2. You just put on larger than stock tires, and also need an ext clearance.3. You want to gain your van level from next to side as GM sends them out type ofleaning come one side or the other4. You need to reduced them either because that a drag race or sled pull to prevent CV shaftbreakage and assist reduce toe-in if going under the track.Some things to consider before doing this.1. Friend will require an alignment if you readjust the bars increase or down any much more than oneturn.2. The higher you progressive the front end, the stiffer the ride will get, various torsionbar tricks such as “green keys” will help this though.3. Your ball joints will certainly wear the end quicker, and the rest of your front-end components willhave enhanced stress on them.4. Friend run more of a hazard of bending a tie pole or snapping a half shaft (CV shaft) ifother proper precautions room not taken.5. NEVER ever before USE AN affect wrench on these bolts. They will certainly bend and also bethe human beings biggest PITA to acquire out and also you will be grounding buying a new one fromGM, and also if you don’t currently know, GM is very proud of your nuts and also bolts.Tools you will need1. Floor Jack or car Lift2. 2-Jack Stands3. 18mm Socket4. Tape Measure5. Breaker Bar or Ratchet because that the Socket.6. Creeper or cardboard (Optional)7. Penetrating Lube (If Needed)8. Anti-Seize (optional)Now because that The Directions1. When you obtain your truck on your level work area, take a start measurement foreach side in the front. There isn’t a perfect way to carry out this however you want to usage aconsistent spot. Ns measure from the ground to the fender keeping the tapemeasure level and also making certain there space no obstructions top top the surface ar thetruck is on and making sure that both prior tires room inflated equally. Compose thesemeasurements down.(Note: those using a vehicle lift skip to action 4)2. Now Jack the former of the van up making use of the floor jack. IF friend haven’t jacked thefront of her truck up before, place the floor jack in the center of the truck andlift top top the crossmember the the prior plastic skid plate and also aluminum oil pan skidplate satisfy at. You might crack or deform the plastic a little bit if friend aren’tcareful. Raise the truck up so that the prior tires space in the air. This guarantee thetorsion bars space unloaded for the most part.3. Now place your jack stands under the former of the truck, one basically oneach next of the floor jack top top the same crossmember.4. Currently grab your 18mm socket, breaker bar/ratchet and some penetrating lube androll under the truck. Locate the torsion bar crossmember. It is right below whereyour behind driveshaft connects come the move case. Girlfriend will view two large black barscoming the end of it; those space the torsion bars. Now locate the torsion bar adjustmentbolts. They space on the reduced side the the crossmember, with one at every side(Driver and passenger). They space the only two over there so girlfriend can’t miss out on them.Now spray part penetrating lube on lock to loosen them up.View attachment 51225. Adjusting Them. Currently its time to adjust them, you are either acquisition them increase ordropping them down. If friend think you will be doing this a few times in the futureit is a an excellent idea to just remove them and put lot of of anti-seize top top them.a. Raising. come raise the front end of your truck, refer earlier to your originalmeasurements, the very first thing you desire to execute is obtain your van level fromside to side. Therefore if her driver next measured 34.5” and the passenger sidemeasured 34”, girlfriend will desire to give the chauffeurs side one extra 2 transforms overthe passenger side. Each finish turn the the bolt = about ¼” the lift.Now number out exactly how much you want to lift the prior end and also only walk asmuch as needed. To count the turns of her bolt merely pick a referencepoint as you watch the socket spin. As soon as you think you have the correctamount of turns you have the right to roll out from under the truck.b. Lowering.

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The lower the front end for competition, it is most basic to justremove the bolts and collection them in the cab climate reinstall lock later.However friend will want to remember the initial position that them for this reason thatyour alignment isn’t off. To perform this you deserve to mark the place of the key,or you can count the turns. There are two ways to count the turns, you caneither count how countless it takes to revolve it out, or you have the right to count exactly how manyturns the takes to max the end the bars and then when you reinstall them justmax them out and then earlier them off “x” lot of turns.6. Currently raise the truck turn off of the jack stands and also lower it to the ground. Identifier suggestdropping it fast, this will fill the bars some.7. If you need to recheck her measurements, take it the truck because that a spin over somerough ground and then return. This will assist to fill the bars for this reason you obtain a correctmeasurement.And over there you have it, pretty an easy huh. Get an alignment ASAP if crucial andhave fun with the new look.