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My understanding is that these more recent tractors don"t have an adjustible clutch, the is prefer a automobile clutch. Is friend clutch slipping. How countless hours room on the tractor.
My expertise is that these newer tractors don"t have actually an adjustible clutch, the is like a car clutch. Is friend clutch slipping. How countless hours space on the tractor.
Clutch no slipping yet engages at the height of the pedal. No cost-free travel in ~ the top. It dose have actually what appears to be a adjustable linkage in the pole going native the pedal to tractor.

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Engaging at peak of pedal travel indicates the clutch is worn and probably will need replacing in the not too remote future (another 100 hrs or less most likely). I"m not acquainted with that model, yet if the pedal linkage is flexible I would watch if friend can readjust it so the it engages reduced down. The larger Ford/New Holland tractors generally called for about 1-3/4" of complimentary travel in ~ the top.
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