when you currently know whereby the stars go, ie, you have done that at the very least once, friend should be able to auto install them v one click.

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i personally am no really interested in the same mini game over and over, as i constantly gain the statue ~ above sorties.


There to be a question on this in the ahead devstream iirc (not the one yesterday, the one before) iirc and also they favored the idea. It sounded prefer they intended to add it at some point but no sure once etc.



I have actually an even much better idea, auto-install those things if they"re available with no input forced from the player. I have like 200 cyan and 50 amber and also no sculptures to placed them into, so as much as I have the right to tell there"s precisely zero factor to not placed them in, which provides the whole procedure a brainless, pointless chore. Having to press one switch is slightly much less of a meaningless chore than having actually to press three or four, however I"d still like to not need to do a pointless chore in ~ all.




Tenno civilization problems.

I uncover it disheartening that much more and much more of this video game makes us end up being so nonchalant around everything that comes out, that we reach a stage that the only method we want to communicate with that is "with an auto-button".

I don"t understand why we room swimming in Stars and also Sculptures. I believed they were meant to it is in much much more rare. I have a "Loot Finder" build to piece search missions, and I deserve to pick up 5-6 Stars pretty much every time.

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