FlightReacts is an Amerideserve to Youtuber and also gamer. FlightReacts aka Kimani Tariq Kamiru is renowned for his informative, exciting, and entertaining videos. FlightReacts videos are largely on real-life NBA basketround and also additionally the videogames favor NBA 2K and NBA live. FlightReacts is loved by his viewers for his impressive personality, excellent sense of humor. He reacts to assorted videos from almost everywhere the internet.

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Who is FlightReacts?


DOBAugust 7, 1995
Age25 years old
Net Worth$1 Million USD
Height6 feet 2 inches tall
GirlfriendDrea aka Dreyuhh

Kimani Tariq Kamiru well known for his nickname FlightReacts has two channels ‘FLIGHT’ and also ‘FlightReacts’. FlightReacts started his career in the fast-food industry wbelow he operated 2 jobs in the fast-food market. Kimani Tariq Kamiru started posting videos of him playing basketball videogames on YouTube to distract himself from anger and depression. YouTube came to be a means to relieve FlightReacts of depression and anger. FlightReacts videos progressively started getting popularity and also he ended up being a social media personality. FlightReacts write-ups videos of him playing basketround video games, entertaining videos about real-life NBA activity as well as the video games NBA 2K and NBA Live, reaction videos in his YouTube accounts, FlightReacts, and NotYourAverageFlight.

Kimani Tariq Kamiru later partnered with EA Sports under their game-changer routine and endorses various brands on his social media accounts. FlightReacts videos’ thumbnails function NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and more. FlightReacts has actually over 3 million subscribers to his NotYourAverageFlight channel. FlightReacts likewise posts his original music and also clips of himself playing basketround to a second YouTube channel titled FlightReacts. FlightReacts opened his channel NotYourAverageFlight in 2013 and also FlightReacts in 2015 and his initially video was titled “Package Stealing Gone the WRONG Reaction”. His popular video through 5 million views is called “Real Life Trick Shots Dude”.

How old is FlightReacts?


FlightReacts is 25 years old and was born on August 7, 1995, and is of Amerideserve to nationality and belongs to the African-Amerideserve to ethnicity. Talking about FlightReacts’ physical appearance. We recognize that FlightReacts is approximately 6 feet and also 3 inches tall tattooed body and weighs roughly 71 kilograms. His hair color is black and his eye color is dark brown.

Who is FlightReacts Girlfriend


FlightReacts dated Ariel Diaz and also the duo ran a YouTube channel together. Then, FlightReacts dated rapper Ti Taylor from the Taylor Girlz prior to. On March second, 2021 FlightReacts invited his initially boy, a daughter named Jae June. The mother of the baby is still retained confidential. At this time, he’s in a relationship through a gamer girl named Drea aka Dreyuhh.

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What is FlightReacts Net Worth?

The approximated Net Worth of FlightReacts is around $1 Million USD. His resource of earnings is from his youtube channel which has actually high views. As a social media influencer with countless fans on his social media pages so he is most likely to be phelp a huge amount of money for brand endorsements.


(Image Source: FlightReacts Instagram)