Sweet potatoes room a nutritious and also versatile food that have the right to be made in a selection of means such as boiled, sautéed and baked.

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These potatoes deserve to be provided in countless recipes and is a favorite filling because that pies and also muffins because of its herbal sweetness. This vitamin-packed root vegetables are great sources of vitamin A and also C.

More than half of the volume the sweet potatoes grown in the United claims are sold straight for retail, and also the remaining percent is spread to food processors to it is in made right into other products.

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How lot do sweet potatoes cost?

On average, sweet potatoes can cost anywhere native $0.50 to $1.50 per pound.

Trader Joes, because that instance, sells, what they label as organic sweet potatoes for a $3.99 for a three-pound bag. However, the prices are slightly various in their east Coast, Midwest and also Southeast stores, whereby as a three-pound bag of essential sweet potatoes sells for just $3.69.

Foodcoop.com lists the existing price of sweet potato organic vegetable sourced locally at $1.34 every pound. The price list is to update every weekday and details the source and the growing practice that its produce.

Like many foods, the an ext you acquisition in bulk, the much more you space going to be able to save. Because that instance, a 40-pound bag the sweet potato could expense anywhere indigenous $14 come $22 every box.

A news report in 2011 by MSUcares.com suggests the Mississippi everyone price that sweet potatoes have the right to vary anywhere from $15 to $16 every 40-pound crate for a number one great classification, if number two qualities are priced approximately $10 to $11 a box and jumbos are priced $8 come $9 a box.

Factors that influence the price

The price will differ by region.

The demand and also supply in ~ a local and also national level will additionally play a significant role in the pricing.

The prices likewise vary depending on production prices while cultivation the product and also transportation connected in bringing the to major markets.

The prices of sweet potatoes can rise and also fall depending upon the time that the year as well as weather trends in the area.

The volume per location additionally dictates the prevailing rate in a specific area.

The period of harvest is taken right into consideration and the length of time over which buyers can obtain sweet potato from an area.

The top quality of the crop and also reputation that the grower determinants in once prices room computed.

Sweet potato overview

A sweet potato will differ in size; however, a medium-sized sweet potato will certainly weigh close to a quarter of a pound, whereas a bigger one will weigh about a fifty percent pound or so.

Sweet potatoes are a rich resource of vitamin A and also C and also are additionally high in mineral such together potassium, beta-carotene, calcium, and folate.

It additionally has a low-glycemic index meaning it is an excellent for diabetics and also helps promote smooth and also clear skin.

Experts also say that sweet potato are good sources that calcium and can replenish the calcium that the human body uses throughout times the stress and tension.

What room the extra costs?

Unless you desire to just make baked sweet potatoes, you room going to need other ingredients and seasonings to include to her dish.

Also, if optional, there are countless tools that you have the right to purchase to make cooking sweet potatoes easier. Because that instance, you deserve to purchase a potato peeler to remove the peels that the potato or a potato masher enables you to produce mashed potatoes. Slicers the can assist you do sweet potato fries.

Tips come know:

To store sweet potatoes, be sure to save them in a cool, dry place inside a well-ventilated container for best results. If stored properly, they deserve to last up to two weeks, follow to phibìc Carolina Sweet Potatoes.

Americans consume an ext sweet potatoes during the cooler parts of the year, which often translates to greater prices during this period. There are numerous recipes the are common during Thanksgiving, because that example.

When to buy sweet potatoes, pick the dark ones over lighter-skinned arrays as the latter tend to it is in drier and also less sweet. Likewise smooth-skinned ones permit you to have the ability to store them for approximately a week indigenous the acquisition if you keep them in a cool, dark, and also dry place. If the peels room not smooth, you will certainly only have actually a few days to usage them prior to they go bad.

One pound of sweet potatoes will certainly be about four cup grated or close come one cup cooked.

How have the right to I conserve money?

Sweet potatoes are classified into different grades, v the U.S. Number one being the most expensive. However, knowledgeable consumer purchase various other grades because they space cheaper and also the eating top quality is as of the same taste as higher-priced number ones.

If you have actually a farmer’s industry nearby, consider purchasing here. They can often be a dollar or therefore cheaper every pound, and they are additionally much much more fresh.

Keep her eyes peeled for sales. Numerous supermarkets frequently have sales in i beg your pardon the price deserve to be together low as $0.30 per pound.

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