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What carry out leopard geckos eat?

Leopard geckos are insectivores, which method they eat live insects. Unequal other common pet reptiles like iguanas or moustache dragons, leopard geckos do not eat vegetables, fruit, or plants.

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In fact, leopard geckos are not constructed to digest plant matter.

What need to I feed aleopard gecko?

A pet leopard gecko’s diet typically consists the mealworms and also crickets. Part owners will additionally feed leopard geckos dubia roaches or waxworms. Your gecko may be picky, or switch choices from time to time. You may go through crickets choose crazy, only to uncover your gecko unexpectedly looses interest in crickets. Simply shot offering another insect.

Where execute I uncover live feeder insects?

Mealworms and crickets are typically sold in ~ pet stores, and amongst the most basic feeder insects come find. Waxworms room also relatively easy to find. Her mileage might vary with few of the other choicesIf you are having actually trouble detect insects in your ar or simply want the convenience of having actually your feeders yielded to her door, you can find what you need online.It’s finest your leopard gecko eats insects native a reputable source, and also not something native the backyard. We’ll talk about this in an ext detail below.

What dimension insects for leopard gecko feeding?

Do no feed yourleopard gecko an insect larger than the space between that is eyes. It will certainly not be able to properly sloop down ordigest insects that are too large. Because that a quick reference based on the period ofyour gecko:Hatchling  – 3/8 customs crickets or roaches space best. They may also eat tiny mealworms.Juvenile – 1/4 customs crickets or roaches space best. They can eat small to tool mealwormsAdult – complete sized crickets or roaches, big mealworms, or superworms,So, now that we recognize what type of insects leopard geckos eat, let’s take a watch at every of the many common options in an ext detail:


Darkling BeetleIf you nothing refrigerate her mealworms, you’re sure to find the mealworms will molt several times before transforming into the pupae, and also eventually turn into the beetles. You deserve to see these transforms seen in the picture above. It may look like 3 fully different insects, also though these are the exact same creature in various stages.

As a hatchling and juvenile, our gecko would certainly eat freeze dried insects; I’d typically leave a few in the tank so over there was constantly a food supply. This was more secure than leaving live mealworms in a key that might be tipped over.Live mealworms will shot to eat just around anything and can bore right into bark or branches and also perhaps pieces of décor girlfriend may have actually in the tank. They can eat your gecko’s poop if they acquire desperate, which deserve to make her leopard gecko sick. Mealworms can likewise bite young geckos. Tiny gecko toes can be particularly vulnerable.So, for a time, freeze dried mealworms offered their purpose as a fallback the was always available, and safe to leave in the habitat.Since reaching around a year of age, our gecko has had no attention in frozen dried mealworms. If it doesn’t move, it doesn’t so lot as pique his interest.

Superworms vs GiantMealworms

These feeders room for adult leopard geckos only since of their size. Superworms and giant mealworms are often confused, and sometimes mispackaged or mislabeled. Make certain you’re to buy the product girlfriend want, and not miscellaneous mis-marketed or mislabeled.

So, what’s the difference?

Click the Waxworm for the recent prices
Waxworms can be a great food to turn to encourage eating when nursing a ailing gecko, or if her gecko has actually lost its tail and also is ~ above the mend.You have the right to usually uncover waxworms in pet shops, despite (like almost anything) girlfriend can additionally purchase them online.


Crickets are an additional common feeder insects because that pet reptiles, and also are usually an additional staple in a leopard gecko’s diet. 
You’ll should keep the crickets alive, so you’ll need something choose a “cricket keeper” to keep them in. Lock will require food and also a water supply, else they may die before your gecko gets a possibility to eat them. A water pack is a simple way to provide hydration without risk of her crickets drowning. I’ll often feed the crickets vegetables scraps, and also sometimes dried cat food.Keep in mind that crickets make noise. They will chirp, which may be disturbing come you or your house mates. This is especially true if they get loose in your home! Crickets may additionally develop a smell. Quickly. Setup on cleaning her cricket cage frequently to protect against the stink. Her leopard gecko may not stink, however the crickets will certainly if no maintained.Crickets have to be basic to uncover at neighborhood pet shops, or you have the right to buy them in mass online. Make sure you room purchasing the right size for your gecko. You have the right to check the finest prices here.

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches space a less common feeder, though are acquiring in popularity among reptile owners. The space a nutritious choice to add some selection in your leopard gecko feeding plan. 
Dubia roaches are easy to breed, and many reptile owners will save a swarm of roaches to reduced costs and have a secure food supply. They can make a great alternative to crickets if her gecko likes them. They live much much longer than crickets, and also it might be tough to believe, yet the roaches are cleaner than crickets. Dubia roaches carry out not develop a smell like crickets.Though they room active, lock cannot rise smooth surfaces and do no jump, therefore are less likely to escape in your home than crickets.Make sure you are obtaining the right size for your gecko to eat. Together a basic rule, nothing feed your leopard gecko bug larger 보다 the room between the gecko’s eyes. Dubia Roaches can be purchased in number of sizes. Click the affiliate links blow to watch the relative size scaled come a coin.Small for hatchling to youth geckosMeduim for juvenile to adult geckosLarge because that adult geckos

Can I catch my own insects to feed my leopard gecko?

You can, despite this is generally not recommended. Insects caught in the wild may lug diseases, parasites, or pesticides that can put your leopard gecko’s health and wellness at risk. You need to ask you yourself if it’s precious the danger of a pilgrimage to the vet to find that cricket you discovered in the yard gave your gecko helminth worms.Store bought insects room sourced through well-known breeders, and also are elevated with reptile feeding in mind. It’s their service to administer clean bugs. This come native clean and disease free environments. Alternatively, mealworms and also dubia roaches are simple to breed and also keep a secure supply on hand. No GlowSome insects, like fireflies or other luminescent insects space toxic to leopard geckos, and should net be offered to her gecko under any circumstances. If that glows it’s poison to her pet.

Gut Loading: What go it mean to gut load insects?

Your leopard gecko requirements live insects, and you should keep your insects alive until it’s time come feed your gecko.Gut loading is the process of feeding your crickets, mealworms, etc. Because that 12 to 24 hours prior to feeding them to your lizard. If your insects space not well fed, they will be a poor source of nutrition for her pet. Ultimately, what your feeder bugs eat wind increase in her gecko. I normally feed mine insects vegetables scraps such together carrot peelings, potato slices, pieces of apple, etc. Personally, i breed my own mealworms, and keep lock fed at all times. General ascendancy of thumb is come Feed her Feeders prior to offering them to her pet.If you keep a dishwith live mealworms in the enclosure, it may be a an excellent idea to keep a smallpiece the carrot or apple in the food so the worms are well fed when you leopardgecko eats them.

Supplements because that Leopard Geckos

Even if you perform agreat task of gut loading her feeder insects, her leopard gecko still might notbe getting all of the nutrients it needs. You can buy supplements to providevitamins your gecko may not get enough of in its common diet.
Calcium is important to young geckos as they grow to prevent Metabolic Bone condition (MBD) and to breeding females because that egg production.D3, or not D3Leopard geckos commonly do no bask in sunshine like plenty of reptiles, and may not get sufficient vitamin D3. Be cautious over supplementing through vitamin D3. D3 is fat soluble, which means it deserve to be stored in her leopard geckos body. Too much will cause the vitamin to construct up. Your gecko must not be obtaining D3 every the time.Note that calcium for reptiles need to be labeled “with D3” and also “without D3.” Make certain you recognize what she buying and also what your leopard gecko is consuming. It’s best to alternate as to no overload your lizard v vitamin D3.Administering SupplementsSome leopard gecko owners will save a little dish of calcium powder in the enclosure so the leopard gecko deserve to lick the powder at that leisure. Sprinkling part supplement dust on a absent is one more option. Another method of moving supplements to her leopard gecko is through dusting the food that it eats. This is exactly how most reptile owners provide their pets supplements.

Dusting FeederInsects

Feeder insects deserve to be dusted through calcium and/or vitamin powder prior to being offered to her gecko.Most lizard owner will place a tiny amount of the flour in a plastic bag or container, place the insect inside, and also lightly shake until the insect has a thin coating that the powder. You could also try a cricket shaker if you want something particularly designed because that this purpose.You’ll desire to feeding the insects to her leopard gecko right after dusting to make sure your gecko gets as much of the supplements together possible. If left too long, the complement powder will certainly rub off. Crickets may be the simplest insect to dust, despite you may try you luck v others. Mealworms are general too smooth for much of the dust to stick.

How carry out I feeding my gecko if ns don’t choose bugs?

Some folks just reach in and also grab a couple of mealworms come toss into a feeding dish. Crickets and also dubia roaches might be a bit more of a challenge to wrangle. However what if you’re simply squeamish and also the though of picking up a bug makes you want to run in the various other direction?
No problem. Simply use tweezers. They extend your reach and make it much easier to pick up insects that are difficult to pick up.Aquarium tweezers are great for this purpose.

Are there foodstuffs a leopard gecko must not eat?

Leopard Geckos shouldn’t eat fruit or vegetables or “human food.” We have a full write-up on foods leopard geckos must not eat!

How frequently should i feed my leopard gecko?

Your gecko’s needs will adjust in different stages that development, because of this its feeding schedule should change to match. For instance, as soon as your gecko is young, it will be farming rapidly and need ample power to execute so. As your gecko ages, it will certainly not require food together often. You have the right to use the adhering to as a fast guide for feeding and also supplements:0-6 monthsFeed every dayDust 5 days every week6-12 monthsFeed every various other dayDust every 3rd feed1 year or moreFeed every 2-3 daysDust every 3rd-4th feedYou may also findyour leopard gecko’s appetite to be rather seasonal. Nothing be surprised if it slows down slightlyand does not eat together much throughout the winter.

Leopard Gecko Feeding Time

When is the ideal time the day come feed her leopard gecko? Leopard geckos space crepuscular, which method they are most energetic during the twilight hours approximately dusk and dawn.As a result, at an early stage evening or at an early stage mornings are when they would frequently hunt and also feed naturally. Dusk or dawn would certainly be a preferable time come feed your leopard gecko.

What about water? do Leopard Geckos require Water?

Yes, like most animals, her leopard gecko does need water. Friend should have water accessible at every times. The bowl should be shallow enough for your gecko to conveniently get come the water, yet not for this reason deep regarding present a threat of drowning. You have the right to read much more about water intake in this article: Do leopard geckos drink water?

Free Feeding Log:

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