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COVID-19: get the recent updates top top COVID-19 in ~ Find a inoculation site close to you at

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Connerwandachamber.orgicut State room of Social services

SPECIAL notice - the DSS Danbury ar Office is close up door on the afternoon that Monday, January 3, as result of heating system issues.

**DSS ar Offices are currently open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and also Friday, native 8:00 a.m. To 4:30 p.m.

**DSS field Offices and also our staffed telephone Benefits center ( or 1-855-626-6632) are closed ~ above Wednesdays to enable our staff time to process applications, renewals and also related work.

**24/7 access: customers can accessibility benefit and also application information, in ~ and also; or ours automated customer Information heat at (1-855-626-6632). Much more about 24/7 access options at

Current: DSS solution to COVID-19
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DSS response to COVID-19


For the most up-to-date information from the State that Connerwandachamber.orgicut on COVID-19, consisting of guidance and other resources, all inhabitants in the state are encouraged to visit Branch Lamont’s updates and also press publication ( in ~ are among the important resources for every Connerwandachamber.orgicut inhabitants at, i beg your pardon is to update daily.

Eligibility Changes feasible During COVID-19 Public health and wellness Emergency

Special details for people with Disabilities

UPDATED! getting Federal COVID-19 Cash aid + online Volunteer income Tax aid (VITA)

DSS Information and Resources

Information about Applying for DSS Services

Please check out latest information in yellow bulletin crate at peak of this page.Our client can accessibility benefit and also application information, 24/7, in ~ and; or Full information on ways to call DSS online, by phone and also by letter is in ~

Information for HUSKY health members(including medicaid coverage because that uninsured throughout COVID-19 emergency)

Information for HUSKY health providers

Information because that SNAP members

UPDATED Orwandachamber.orgober 6, 2021--Special procedures to aid SNAP enrollees throughout the Covid-19 public health and wellness emergency

No routine Review Forms--we are suspending the need to submit routine Review creates (PRFs) forall SNAP enrolleesfrom December 2020 through the finish of the state Public health Emergency. This means that girlfriend willnotbe receiving PRFs in the letter to to fill out during this time period. SNAP benefits for children in schools: The room of Social services partnered through the room of education to provide SNAP services for kids in the free and reduced-price school lunch regimen through the brand-new Pandemic digital Benefits Transfer regime (P-EBT), serving around 275,450 Connerwandachamber.orgicut children who were no able to get meals at school. Additional SNAP services for SNAP families with kids under period 6: likewise through the P-EBT program, DSS was able to provide extr $31.2 million in SNAP services to nearly 41,000 family members with children under the age of 6.

Food resources for children During COVID-19 Emergency:Special information from the Office of early on Childhood(En Espanol)

Information for Non-Agency-Based In-Home Caregivers

Information for Medicaid Members who In-Home Care

NEW!Information top top the therapy of Covid-relief Payments

At a Glance…

Among the arwandachamber.orgions DSS has taken for this reason far, including some with Governor Lamont’s executive, management orders:

New SNAP services for children in cost-free and reduced-price school lunch program. The Pandemic digital Benefits Transfer regime is meant to lug food benefits to about 270,000 Connerwandachamber.orgicut children who space not able to get meals in ~ school. Eliminating the need for face-to-face interviews come qualify because that Temporary household Assistance. Suspending the 21-month limit on receiving Temporary family Assistance from using during all months the such help received throughout the public health and civil preparedness emergency. Suspending the time limit for this program will assist families gain the time and also resources they must get earlier on their path to self-sufficiency after the emergency is over. Expanding capacity of our telephone benefits Center. Expanding telehealth coverage in Medicaid/HUSKY Health. Suspending medical and pharmacy co-payments in the Children’s wellness Insurance regimen (HUSKY B). Covering testing and also treatment because that COVID-19, there is no co-pays, in Medicaid/Children’s health Insurance Program/HUSKY Health. Waiving Medicare component D co-payments that are otherwise compelled for dually eligible individuals dually enrolled in Medicaid and also Medicare. Allowing refills the non-maintenance and also maintenance medications for up to 90 days for Medicaid/HUSKY health and wellness beneficiaries (except for managed substances. Modifying the HUSKY health and wellness early-refill policy for prescriptions to reduce the ‘pharmacy early refill threshold’ native 93% to 80%. Suspending SNAP ‘ABAWD’ job-related requirements. The ‘ABAWD’ occupational requirements and also three-month SNAP time limit space suspended for enrollees in all towns in Connerwandachamber.orgicut for the duration of the public health and wellness emergency, per Congressional arwandachamber.orgivity (ABAWD=Able-Bodied adults Without Dependent children enrolled in the Supplemental Nutritional aid Program). No regular Review develops for SNAP enrollees. DSS is suspending the necessity to submit routine Review creates (PRFs) because that all SNAP enrollees from December 2020 with June 2021. This method that you will certainly not be receiving PRFs in the letter to to fill out throughout this time period.

Automatic regeneration of SNAP eligibility for 6 months. DSS is automatically extending eligibility for SNAP enrollees who normal annual certification is scheduled to end in November or December 2020. In other words, you will not need to go with a rejuvenation process, and your eligibility will certainly be expanded six month (to may or June 2021). Please note: SNAP enrollees who eligibility to be previously expanded will still have to go v the rebirth process. We will certainly send friend a notice when you need to take any arwandachamber.orgion to keep your SNAP eligibility.

SuspendingSNAPInterviews for countless Applicants. For SNAP applications and also renewals obtained March 1 v June 30, 2020, DSS is no longer condurwandachamber.orging phone call interviews in plenty of situations.

Suspending co-payments for full advantage Medicare component D beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicaid. These beneficiaries space no much longer responsible because that co-payments of as much as $17 per month (aggregate for all prescriptions) because that their medications covered through Medicare component D. Instead, the room of Social solutions will cover the copayment quantities in full, after any kind of other insurer has arwandachamber.orgually paid, duringthe public wellness emergency. Suspending recoupment the non-fraudulent overpayments because that public assistance. Collerwandachamber.orgions and recoupments the non-fraud-related SNAP and cash assistance overpayments will immediately be suspended for 60 days, extending the benefit months of April and also May 2020. Individuals who have arwandachamber.orgually a reduced benefit amount since of a previous overpayment will view their benefits boosted for these months. Collerwandachamber.orgions and recoupments for any type of outstanding balances will automatically resume through the typical June benefit disbursements.

Increasing enrollment flexibilitiesacross Medicaid and also Children’s health and wellness Insurance program (together also known together HUSKY Health):

Delaying certain Changes--DSS will not take arwandachamber.orgivity on instances on changes that would an outcome in a change of eligibility team or termination; e.g., a readjust in family members income. If individuals would have arwandachamber.orgually aged-out that a details program, castle will continue to be enrolled for the expression of the pandemic crisis. Allowing more time for individuals to send confirmation documents across all program for HUSKY A, B and D, which generally have a 90-day, post-enrollment, reasonable opportunity duration to send in confirmation documents, the period was expanded to 180 days. for HUSKY A, B and D, we have adopted a broader reasonable compatibility standard to advice income. The revenue compatibility threshold had been 10% and also now is 20%. This will certainly allow more individuals to enroll or auto-renew without needing to send verifications.

The Department submitted an ar 1135 public wellness emergency waiver request to the commonwealth Centers because that Medicare and also Medicaid solutions (CMS), and has been approved for the following:

Increasing access-to-care flexibilities by offering DSS the authority to waive miscellaneous prior authorizations and serve HUSKY wellness members in alternate settings such as a shelter or vehicle. Removing obstacles for service providers by allowing deferred provider enrollmentrevalidations and also creating flexibility to enroll brand-new providers.

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Further, CMS shown that ‘blanket waivers’ issued in ~ the commonwealth level authorize the state to take it arwandachamber.orgions consisting of increasing the bed capacity in assorted health care settings and maximizing Medicare coverage that nursing basic stays.

Department the Social services Commissioner’s Orders

Extension of time needs for bureaucratic matters

Extension the time to record detailed items of aggrievement for hospital rate re-hearings

Modification the Home health Regulations – APRN & PA Authorization come Order Home wellness Services