With simply 216 calories, Hot and Sour Soup just happens to be one the the healthiest mushroom soup recipes in the world! A Chinese restaurant favourite, it’s hearty, savoury, sour – and also as spicy together you want it come be.

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Filled through mushrooms, tofu and also silky egg ribbons, Hot and also Sour soup is thickened v cornflour/cornstarch so the broth is beautiful glossy. Serve as a starter with Fried Rice and Kung Pao Chicken, or have it together a meal!


Hot and Sour SoupCan you manage the heat??

Hot and Sour Soup is what ns order once I go out for Chinese and am pretending/trying to it is in healthy.

Hot and Sour Soup is additionally what i order just since I love it.

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OK, well follow me with Spring Rolls, Chinese Corn Soup, san Choy Bow (Lettuce Wraps), Egg Foo Young (Chinese Omelettes) and Sesame Toast. It’s one all-out war of indecision, do the efforts to decision what starter come have! #FirstWorldProblems

I never thought to make it at home until ns happened across this recipe from Woks the Life. It’s my go-to website for Chinese recipes, run by a Chinese American family who used to operation a Chinese restaurant!


What is hot and sour soup??

Hot and Sour soup is a Chinese soup that’s savoury, spicy and also tangy. The broth is thickened and it’s filled with mushrooms, tofu, bamboo shoots and also silky egg ribbons. The flavour and textures in this soup room an addictive combination, making that a firm Chinese restaurant favourite!

What walk in Hot and also Sour Soup

The soup broth

Chinese Hot and also Sour soup broth is made with chicken share which is flavoured v typical oriental ingredients such together soy sauce, sugar, pepper and also ginger. The soup is thickened slightly utilizing cornstarch/cornflour – ns love exactly how the glossy broth coats the ingredients when you scoop the up!

The spiciness comes from finely chopped dried chillies. Red pepper / chilli flakes are a perfect substituteFeel totally free to adjust spiciness to your taste!

The sourness originates from plain white vinegar. Part recipes usage Chinese black vinegar or rice vinegar, yet I candid think white vinegar provides the cleanest flavour.


And the stuff the goes IN Hot and also Sour Soup

Dried shiitake mushrooms

wood ear mushrooms

bamboo shoots

firm tofu



Because there’s a few ingredients the aren’t mainstream here, I’m going to execute a fast rundown on every of them. If you’re bored, skip come the recipe!


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The Mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms – dried is best since it has actually the finest flavour, therefore if friend really want one as an excellent as just how your favourite Chinese restaurant renders it, you’ll require to source some. Offered at major supermarkets nowadays, and also Asian stores. Subs: Fresh shiitake is good, adhered to by any kind of other oriental mushrooms, Swiss Brown/Cremini mushrooms and bringing up the rear is good ole’ white mushrooms

Wood ear mushrooms – named as such because they are shaped choose ears (does the freak girlfriend out?