Earnin takes up to 3 organization days come verify your details. The bank account details and your job details should be correct in order to finish the verification procedure successfully. Also, make sure that you currently have a direct deposit set up v your employer and you receive direct deposits in your checking account in a consistent manner.

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How long does it take it Earnin come verify employer?

Once you fill out your employer info on the application including all various other details choose your work address, paycheck details, etc., Earnin will certainly verify her employer & financial institution account in ~ 3 days. However, some individuals may gain approved in a span of 2 days. Once done successfully, girlfriend will be able to use the Cash Out attribute on the app.

Does Earnin contact your employer?

No. Earnin doesn’t call your employer via contact or email in order to verify your task & salary information. Every it renders sure is – you receive direct deposits in your financial institution account every month or bi-weekly or weekly or daily and also you occupational for a company or agency that is located in the U.S.

How long does it take Earnin to verify salary stub?

After you properly verify your email resolve with Earnin, you will be inquiry to go into your pay stub information. Merely follow the prompts and also select exactly how you acquire paid. If you room paid on an hourly basis, you will be asked just how your hours are tracked. 

Earnin will certainly ask you because that your job-related timesheet & you need to choose either the virtual or offline an approach (paper/excel sheet). If you space paid per job or on ride basis, then pick that option and also choose her payment method.

If you obtain a value on a continuous basis, simply set the ar at which friend work. Then, complete setup up your financial institution account and submit your details. After ~ this whole set up process, Earnin will certainly verify your pay stub and bank account in ~ a 3-day period.


For some users, Earnin might ask to upload their pay stubs. In such a case, you will need to upload your pay stub appropriate on the app and submit it. The salary stub upload will show up to you when you open up the app.

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If you space unable come upload her pay stub, just take a screenshot that it and submit it to the Earnin assistance team by utilizing the live chat function right on the app. After ~ you effectively submit, Earnin may take up to 3 service days come verify your account.