The biggest questions in life: Why are we here? Is there a god? where does CatDog’s poop go? this particular day on Because scientific research we will certainly attempt to saturated answer among those questions. The dumb one. We’re answering the dumb one.

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In my recent Because Science, I’m tackling this how amazing well disputed question that many have had because CatDog was on Nickelodeon. (Thanks to everyone who tweeted and also voted; i wouldn’t be doing this without her help. I’m make the efforts to encompass a poll in many episodes now, so monitor me to identify what we talk about.)

Alright, friend did this. Participate in the #BecauseScience I'm about to film…

How walk CatDog poop?

— Kyle Hill (
Sci_Phile) may 24, 2016

So, return the display alludes come the fact that CatDog does in truth go come the bathroom, it also suggests that what come in one mouth goes the end the various other — some kind of horrifying reverse Human Centipede.

With 2 contradicting theory — no I’m no going to just stipulate an additional dimension filled solely with CatDog poop — I determined to go for an additional option. Ns don’t think CatDog poops at all. That might sound even an ext unbelievable, however there room in fact organisms that live their totality lives there is no pooping. Many of you analysis this ideal now have actually those organisms living and dying (and reproducing) on your face. No, really.

On your face.

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