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‘My thank you very much apologies because that interrupting every little thing lesson or activity you were involved in.’‘Activities were interrupted by human being War II, through the army taking over lot of the museum facilities from 1943 to 1946.’‘The north ireland Sea an ar was never so steady absorbed, partly because the outbreak of the Anglo-Scottish battles in the 1290s interrupted the process.’‘We developed the Horn the Africa Network 3 years ago and really because three years us haven"t viewed anything the stops or interrupts this procedure and we room happy v the success we go till now.’‘The 2nd World war interrupted his researches still additional when in ~ the period of 18 that was dubbed into the RAF, whereby he would stay for seven-and-a-half years.’‘He walk on to come to be an apprentice draughtsman, yet the second World war interrupted his studies, and he later entered engineering.’‘At one allude though the activities were summary interrupted following an unanticipated development.’‘No big business has actually interrupted the an imaginative process, and in turn our partners lie hungry.’‘There to be no effort to disarm castle or in any way interrupt your activities.’‘In addition, the battle interrupted the advance of scholarship in Old testimony interpretation.’‘The 2nd world war interrupted his medical studies.’‘If she sees girlfriend whispering throughout the room she"ll make a confront at you as though you"re interrupting her learning process.’‘In east Africa"s game sanctuaries, tourists interrupt an important activities choose feeding and also suckling the the young.’‘Let your boy cope in his or she own method - don"t interrupt the process.’‘Some us officials have actually said lock are evaluating ways come interrupt those activities.’‘The election process was practically interrupted by numerous student protesters who required their way into the university"s main office whereby the elections took place.’‘Enterprises won"t consider any type of monitoring the interrupts network task or compromises their business-critical information and systems.’‘War interrupted your courtship, but regular letter from Joyce retained their friendship alive and also when George changed this blossomed right into love and also they married’‘My father sent me to a boys" college in Manila; he to be no much longer willing, the said, come let the war interrupt my education.’‘But a vaccine against nicotine could aid reduce withdrawal symptoms and also cravings by interrupting the addictive process in the brain.’
cut in, cut in on, rest in, rest in on, barge in, barge in on, intrude, intrude on, interfere, interfere with, intervene, intervene in, chip in

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suspend, adjourn, discontinue, break off, host up, delay, place aside, leave off, postpone, put off, placed back, defer, shelve