I hope I translated the majority of of that correctly (correct me if I did it wrong). So I would certainly like to interpret the English component of that right into rwandachamber.org. If anyone could aid it would certainly be a lot appreciated.

P.S: Just in case my translation was horrible, it"s supposed to say "this game is about researching and building society, adhering to in your family"s footprocedures..."

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Just to make certain, let"s inspect initially the meaning of "follow in someone"s footsteps":

To execute the exact same points that an additional perchild has done prior to.

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In rwandachamber.org we have actually a really literal translation of the expression, seguir los pasos de alguien, meaning:

Imitarlo en sus acciones.

So the expression you want may be somepoint like this:

Este videojuego trata acerca de investigar y desarrollar la sociedad, siguienexecute los pasos de tu familia.

The expression "investigación y desarrollo" is what we recognize as research study and development. You have the right to also say "construir la sociedad" for a much more literal translation. And the family component could also be "siguienexecute los pasos de tus padres" (your parent"s footsteps) or "de los que te precedieron" (the footactions of the ones before you). The start could additionally be "este juego va de investigar" if you desire a much more colloquial variant.

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As Carlos" answer left bit room to improvements I have the right to just make an monitoring around the particularity of "tratar acerca de". Here it is:

Juxtaposition of prepositions might finish up in ambiguity eincredibly now and also then, so to prevent this we might want to use:

En este juego se trata de investigar y desarrollar la sociedad, suiguienexecute los pasos de tu familia.

The auxiliar "se" comes from "tratarse de" (reflexive verb)

In this tweaked phrase you add up readcapability to the sentence as you avoid the juxtaposition of prepositions - the theory is that two prepositions are even more hard to read than just one. Example in English: to acquire over via.

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And if you were asking around what if we omit "de" in the sentence please note that in doing this we are making use of one more different verb. Let"s check out the 3 possible verbs that might confuse us:

Tratar (treat) - Roberto siempre trata bien a sus huéspedes (Roberto always treats well his guests) Tratar de (try to) - María trata de comportarse (María tries to behave)Tratarse de (consist of) - En el juego se trata de descubrir al mentiroso (The game is around finding out the liar)

And sorry for this:

¿De qué trata el juego? El juego trata de descubrir al mentiroso. (Here, in the question, we have actually currently "tratar de" so currently it indicates "consist of")

Hoy tenemos un juego que trata acerca de descubrir al mentiroso. (Here we should use "acerca" to stop the ambiguity though it creates one more, two prepositions)

You might discover ¿acerca de qué trata el juego? yet it is anypoint yet widespread cause we use the shorter develop to ask this question yet if it is the situation, the normal answer would certainly be "el juego trata acerca de descubrir al mentiroso".

This is a really excellent question as it contemplates the nuances of rwandachamber.org, we have seen just how "tratar" does not only have a reflexive create (tratarse de) however one more various meaning if we include up a preposition (de) and additionally the usage of "acerca" as a linguistic device to prevent ambiguity. I hope it is as advantageous as it has been to me.