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As among the many promising messaging apps in the business, Kik has actually grown to around 50 million customers. One of the major reasons for this explosive development is the capability to perform more than simply send and get messperiods. Users deserve to likewise video chat, play games, browse the internet and also listen to music, all without leaving the application.

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If you are new to Kik, the adhering to tips have to assist you discover your way approximately the app and enjoy it even more.

1. How to Log Out of Kik Without Deleting Messages

It is impossible to log out of Kik without deleting your messeras. Eincredibly time you log out, all the messages are cleared and also you will certainly not get any type of notifications of your Kik messeras till you’ve logged right into your account aacquire.

When you log in aobtain, your primary chat list will certainly be tbelow as you left it. You will check out “Nothing Yet” in your main chat list if tbelow are no brand-new messeras in that chat.


If you want to get earlier the old Kik messages, check out this message to retrieve old Kik messperiods from iPhone conveniently.

2. How perform Your Kcurrently If Someone Is Online on Kik?

You will certainly not understand if the someone is on Kik yet you will certainly have the ability to check out if they’ve check out your messeras.

(S) is an indicator mirroring sent from your electronic gadget to hers.

(D) is an indicator that mirrors that your friend has actually received the message.

(R) shows that your friend has actually opened up and read the message on Kik.


3. How to Block People on Kik

You deserve to conveniently block someone on Kik. Follow these straightforward steps to carry out it.

Tip 1: Go to the chat through the person you want to block and also then tap on their “Display Name” at the optimal.

Step 2: Tap on the “More” icon and also then tap “Block Name.”

Step 3: Tap “Block” and you’re done.

Additionally, you have the right to additionally go to Settings > Privacy > Block List > + > Select the perchild you want to block and then tap “Block.”


4. When Happens When You Block Someone on Kik

If you blocked someone, you will certainly not see messperiods from them or also messages from bots that you try to include to a chat. When a person you have blocked tries to message you, they will certainly not recognize they’ve been blocked and their message will not be delivered.

5. When You Block Someone on Kik Do They Still Get Your Messages?

The perchild you block will certainly still view the messperiods you sent out to them before you blocked them. You will certainly, however, be unable to see any messeras they send you and they will additionally not show up in your friend/contact list. The old messages don’t gain deleted. You are the one that won’t see their messeras.

6. How Do You Kcurrently if Someone Blocked You on Kik?

It have the right to be incredibly hard to recognize whether your frifinish has blocked you on Kik, although there are 2 clues to offer you an principle.

To begin through, examine if the “D” transforms to “R.” If a message you send them is noted “D” it indicates that the message has been delivered. But if the perkid has blocked you, the “D” will certainly never before readjust to an “R” because the perkid will certainly not read the messeras.

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Also, if you are unable to begin a team with them, they have actually blocked you. To check, try to set up a team and also if you obtain an error message saying, “You cannot begin a group with civilization you are not chatting through,” the perkid has blocked you.