If friend are new to Mercari, or if you simply need a refresher top top the platform, we information the methods you can easily receive payment on Mercari in an easy to follow guide.

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Mercari is an digital retailer the only features in the joined States and also Japan. Though it is not the most popular e-commerce platform, it has a massive seller and customer base.

You have the right to pretty much sell anything on Mercari as lengthy as it is legit to execute so. Other items that space prohibited for sale ~ above Mercari encompass counterfeit items and also items that the seller does not own. Moreover, items that space dangerous to ship choose flammable chemicals cannot be offered on the site.

If you deliver your item as promised top top Mercari, climate payment is guaranteed. Any order transport from Mercari is insured for up to $200 versus loss or damage in transit.

All listings ~ above Mercari are free as long as you set up an account. However, castle do have a level 10% selling fee that is redeemed once a sale is complete.

Once the bespeak carrier educates Mercari the the delivery has been delivered, the buyer has three work to confirm that the order arrived as specified and administer you with a rating. If the the person who lives does not price you in ~ 3 days, Mercari will carry out the rating and also you can acquire paid. You will then rate the buyer and the funds will certainly be included to your account balance.

How and when you get payment

As soon as the buyer provides confirmation of receiving the delivery and also you have both rated the transaction, the funds should appear in her Mercari account balance.

There space two techniques through which you deserve to receive payment top top Mercari namely immediate Pay and Direct Deposit. Each an approach of receiving payment has actually its own features.

For instant pay, you get the accumulation within minutes. Also, the funds will certainly be deposited to your debit card. You pay a $2 fee for cashing out any amount of funds yet you are restricted to a cash-out amount of $500 per month.

You can cash out with immediate pay by following these steps:

Open her Meracri account pageGo come "Settings"Select "Balance" to view the amount you need to transferClick "Transfer" and select the lot you desire to transferClick "Instant Pay" come cash out. It deserve to take a few minutes to a few hours for her financial college to obtain the payment.

Pertaining to straight deposit, friend will obtain the funds within 2 come 5 service days. Moreover, her balance will certainly be deposited into your checking account. You are charged $2 for cashing out any kind of amount under $10. You additionally get charged the same or a direct deposit rejection. Straight deposits move are only processed on weekdays thus you can not initiate a deliver of any type of amount on the weekend.

You can view your account balance by walking to your account profile and also clicking "Balance" i beg your pardon is situated at the height of the file page. An additional route is to go to account "Settings" and also then clicking "Balance" to examine your account balance.

If girlfriend have any trouble receiving payment ~ above Mercari, girlfriend should contact their customer company department because that assistance. You can reach Mercari"s customer organization through the following ways:


Call the Mercari customer service phone number and report problem receiving a payment. The line is open up from Monday to Friday native 9am come 5pm PST. Friend only need to wait for around 15 minute to speak to a customer company agent.

The Mercari customer business phone number can be obtained from rwandachamber.org.

Help Desk

The various other option at your disposal for contacting Mercari customer company is the online aid desk. If you are having actually trouble receiving payment, the problem will be addressed in about 27 hours.

The help desk"s deal with can be obtained from rwandachamber.org.


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