If you are new to Mercari, or if you just need a refresher on the platdevelop, we information the methods you deserve to quickly get payments on Mercari in a basic to follow guide.

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Mercari is an digital retailer that only functions in the United States and Japan. Though it is not the the majority of famous e-business platform, it has a substantial seller and customer base.

You deserve to pretty much sell anything on Mercari as long as it is legal to carry out so. Other items that are prohibited for sale on Mercari encompass counterfeit items and also items that the seller does not own. Furthermore, products that are dangerous to ship prefer flammable chemicals cannot be marketed on the site.

If you provide your item as promised on Mercari, then payment is guaranteed. Any order shipped from Mercari is insured for up to $200 against loss or damages in transit.

All listings on Mercari are totally free as lengthy as you put up an account. However, they do have a flat 10% marketing fee that is reunderstood once a sale is complete.

Once the order carrier indevelops Mercari that the delivery has been delivered, the buyer has actually three days to confirm that the order arrived as mentioned and also carry out you via a rating. If the buyer does not price you within 3 days, Mercari will certainly provide the rating and also you can get paid. You will then rate the buyer and the funds will certainly be included to your account balance.

How and as soon as you get payment

As soon as the buyer gives confirmation of receiving the shipment and you have both rated the transactivity, the funds need to show up in your Mercari account balance.

There are 2 techniques with which you can obtain payment on Mercari namely Instant Pay and Direct Deposit. Each strategy of receiving payment has its own features.

For prompt pay, you get the funds within minutes. Also, the funds will certainly be deposited to your debit card. You pay a $2 fee for cashing out any type of amount of funds however you are limited to a cash-out amount of $500 per month.

You deserve to cash out through immediate pay by adhering to these steps:

Open your Meracri account pageGo to "Settings"Select "Balance" to see the amount you need to transferClick "Transfer" and select the amount you desire to transferClick "Instant Pay" to cash out. It can take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours for your financial institution to get the payment.

Pertaining to direct deposit, you will obtain the funds within 2 to 5 business days. Furthermore, your balance will be deposited into your checking account. You are charged $2 for cashing out any amount under $10. You additionally gain charged the exact same or a direct deposit rejection. Direct deposits transfers are just processed on weekdays hence you cannot initiate a deliver of any amount on the weekend.

You have the right to view your account balance by going to your account profile and also clicking "Balance" which is located at the height of the profile page. Anvarious other route is to go to account "Settings" and also then clicking "Balance" to check your account balance.

If you have any trouble receiving payment on Mercari, you have to contact their customer organization department for assistance. You deserve to reach Mercari"s customer organization through the complying with ways:


Call the Mercari customer service phone number and report trouble receiving a payment. The line is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm PST. You just need to wait for around 15 minutes to speak to a customer service agent.

The Mercari customer organization phone number can be derived from GetPerson.

Assistance Desk

The other option at your disposal for contacting Mercari customer company is the digital help desk. If you are having trouble receiving payment, the problem will certainly be fixed in about 27 hrs.

The aid desk"s attend to deserve to be got from rwandachamber.org.


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