Chopsticks are crucial utensil that many asian food societies such together Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and also more. World of these societies practice making use of chopsticks in ~ a young age and also make consistent use that them in ~ mealtimes. However, people of western cultures most most likely have restricted exposure to chopsticks and also using them external of the sometimes dine-in at an asian restaurant. To be an expert at making use of chopsticks, practice makes perfect. We’ll go over a number of topics indigenous why that is essential to eat rice through chopsticks to exactly how to carry out it and tips for eating rice through chopsticks.

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Why is it vital to Eat Rice v Chopsticks? 

Eating rice v chopsticks has been in practice since early history. Because rice is a staple in most East oriental diets and chopsticks are the major eating utensil, it’s natural to want to understand how to use chopsticks to eat rice! It"s vital to appreciate various other cultures and you"ll be prepared the next time you walk to a sushi restaurant. While friend are an alleged to eat rice v chopsticks, children and toddlers who haven’t learned the art yet often use spoons instead. Because that younger users, us recommend starting with part training chopsticks to get them acquainted. 

How to Eat Rice with Chopsticks in 3 simple Steps:

Find your Pair the Chopsticks

Chopsticks come in every shapes and also sizes, and knowing your format is a an important part the learning how to eat with chopsticks. Some chopsticks room flatter, some room metal, part are more slippery, some are thinner, and also it all affects your capability to eat rice through chopsticks effectively. Come make certain you put yourself in the best starting place, uncover a pair that chopsticks you feel the many comfortable with. Make certain they don’t slide around and your finger don’t feel cramped when holding them.

 Natural wood chopsticks
 Ceramic and porcelain chopsticks
 Metal chopsticks
Before do the efforts to tackle the an overwhelming task choose up rice with chopsticks, acquire a firm understand (pun intended) top top holding your chopsticks. If girlfriend still feel wobbly, or weak, or the chopsticks on slide around, it will be tough to change directly to choose up rice. Exercise makes perfect, and also it’s vital to begin with basics.
Start through holding one chopstick exactly as girlfriend would organize a pencil—supporting it with your thumb, index finger, and also middle finger. Don"t overthink it.

Next, slide the 2nd chopstick under her thumb, and over your ring finger and also pinky finger. Usage your ring finger and also pinky finger come “wedge” versus and hold the 2nd chopstick in place. Pro tip: the 2nd chopstick (bottom one) does no move. You desire this chopstick to remain as stationary together possible
Move the optimal chopstick using your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Tenderness “flex” these three fingers to relocate the chopstick up and down. The bottom chopstick continues to be stationary and also acts as the contact point for the chopstick tips.

So..How do You pick Up Rice with Chopsticks?

Start by holding your chopsticks slightly apart utilizing the basic method above. Then, insert the chopsticks in ~ a 45 level angle right into the rice, while keeping the gap in between your chopsticks. Gently squeeze and also lift the chopsticks while preserving the gap and also strength. Eating rice with chopsticks is around using a “hold” an approach to carry the rice native the bowl to her mouth.

If your bowl is too much from her mouth, feel free to lift your bowl with your various other hand come close the distance. In fact, this is often recommended to protect against lifting her chopsticks a long vertical distance, wherein you’re at risk to make a mistake and drop your food. This is a quick video clip that summarizes the technique:

What have the right to Be eaten with Chopsticks?

The short answer is… everything!! once you have mastered using chopsticks, there are almost no food items you cannot choose up and enjoy with chopsticks. Below are the most common things that are eaten with chopsticks:

Rice.. Which includes all kinds of rice like plain white rice, sushi rice, sushi, fried rice, also porridge!
Noodles. An additional classic pair! Chopsticks and noodles walk hand-in-hand and includes all species of noodles. Egg noodles, ramen noodles, soba noodles, udon noodles, low mein, chow mein space all eaten with chopsticks.
Whenever you obtain takeout, or chef a delicious home meal, you deserve to use chopsticks to pick up those items. Typical foods incorporate entrees like general Tso’s Chicken, Orange Chicken, broccoli, eggplant.
Do store practicing, no matter how complicated it may seem. Remember, people who make it look natural are just pros because they usage chopsticks everyday!
Don’t take it shortcuts in ~ the hazard of coming turn off impolite. For example:Don’t pick up food by “stabbing” it through chopsticks, this is improper use and considered rude.Don’t “scoop” food right into your easily mouth making use of chopsticks, this can be considered really informal and rudeDon’t stick your chopsticks right into a bowl of rice or food once not utilizing them. You may be wondering...why is that disrespectful to placed chopsticks in rice? In oriental cultures, this deserve to reference incense because that the deceased, or fatality in general and also is considered taboo because that mealtime.Don’t usage your chopsticks to choose up food from a mutual plate. There must be a communal utensil (like a spoon) for this purpose. If not, try to use an unused utensil nearby to get food.


Depending top top the form of rice she eating, her experience might vary. Because that example, sticky rice often tends to it is in a lot much easier to eat with chopsticks, because...well, castle sticky! The rice tends to clump together and that renders it simpler to choose up.

What around other rice types? because that example, you could be wondering just how to eat fried rice v chopsticks, or how to choose up sushi and also sushi rice. The price is simply.. PRACTICE! over there is practically nothing you cannot choose up v chopsticks, so exercise with confidence and know that ultimately you’ll be choose up anything v your favorite chopsticks!


Make it easier for yourself, by lifting the bowl.

You can eliminate half the upright distance forced to bring food to your mouth, by simply lifting her bowl v your various other hand. This is an regularly overlooked method and is taken into consideration common and normal.


In short, chopsticks are exceptionally versatile and can be provided to choose up and eat any type of food item..including rice. Remember the no one is a chopsticks pro without practice, so don’t acquire discouraged! this is a review of ours how-to overview for straightforward reference:Find the best chopstick because that you. Some world do better with wood chopsticks, part with metal chopsticks.

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Practice her foundation the chopstick holding, until you’ve got a certain graspPractice eat rice with chopsticks making use of a “hold” technique. If you have actually a strong structure for stop chopsticks, you should have the ability to maintain a small gap to host rice and carry that from your bowl, to your mouth. Remember, you have the right to make the work a lot simpler if friend lift the bowl through your other hand and eliminate some vertical distance.

And it is it! If you room feeling all set to practice or discover your favourite chopsticks, below are some of our peak picks for beginner-friendly and also beautiful chopsticks: