Tol Dagor is a who entrance is situated in Tiragarde Sound top top the continent the Kul Tiras in the human being of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal is 110-120. The circumstances was exit in the fight for Azeroth expansion. The consists of 4 bosses. The finish boss of Tol Dagor is Overseer Korgus.

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This have the right to be play at normal, heroic and mythic levels.

Tol Dagor is a jail island turn off the east shore of Tiragarde Sound. The location is a nod to the well known Alcatraz prison off the coast of san Francisco in the united States. The prison was stated to be unescapable till of course, inmates walk try. Its not the very first time the there"s to be a nod towards the prison, in burn Crusade, there was the Arcatraz

The island doesn"t show up on the key Tiragarde Sound map however will show up on the continent. You will have to swim out to it because that the first time and also then gain the flight allude for it.

The has come to be infamous for Horde PVP enabled characters together the The Alliance do came external the and attack anyone that tries come enter.

The is easily accessible on looking for team (LFG) in ~ 115 for Alliance and also at 120 for the Horde.

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