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Weight Watchers has got San Francisco-based fitness application developer, Hot5, follow to a report from TechCrunch.

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Hot5 was created in October 2012 and launched respectable 2013. The startup has developed two video workout apps, Hot5 Fitness and Vertical escape Fitness Challenge, i beg your pardon are obtainable for iOS devices. Both apps are complimentary to download and also offer a grasp of workouts, however users need to sign up for a paid subscription for more.

Hot5 Fitness offers users with 5 minute videos, that vary in level, from beginner to expert, and include a variety of workouts, like yoga, cardio, and bodyweight. Users can either pay a monthly fee of $1.99 or a yearly fees of $14.99. Upright Escape Fitness is a 16-week fitness program that combine high soot intervals, metabolic conditioning, and strength training. The six-month fee for this application is $24.99 and also the yearly fees is $44.99. 

TechCrunch described that the startup"s two apps will still be available v the Apple app Store, and that load Watchers is most likely going to industry the apps to your members.

This is the second digital health acquisition weight Watchers has made within the last month and the 3rd in the previous two years. In ~ the beginning of April, Weight Watchers acquired Weilos, which uses users a photo taking app to document weight loss through selfies. Sources said that weight Watchers purchase Weilos for a price in the “single-digit millions” and a weight Watchers spokesperson evidenced this news to TechCrunch saying the salvation would assist Weight Watchers “accelerate the product and an innovation development the the society networking and also community capabilities that Weight Watchers members are looking for.”

Last year, Weight Watchers acquired another weight loss-focused digital health and wellness startup, referred to as Wello. Wello, a Rock health company, introduced in July 2012. That firm connected people to skilled trainers via two-way video clip messaging. Users could choose a trainer or discipline of your choice.

During a Weight Watchers’ quarterly conference call with analysts last year, Weight Watchers CEO Jim Chambers and CTO Dan Crowe defined that the Wello salvation was critical component of the that company strategy to complete in an progressively digital weight loss market.

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“We have actually an ambitious modern technology vision,” Crowe stated at the time. “We will become a 21st-century modern technology organization, engineered for the digital era, whose innovative technology fundamentally improves the means people control their weight, health and wellness. We will certainly be agile service-oriented, data-driven, cloud-enabled and also efficient. We will certainly be a model for digital modern technology in the markets in which us compete and we will certainly be a magnet for talented innovators both, inside and also outside the company.”

A couple of weeks ago, Weight Watchers started recruiting 90 participants because that a randomized manage trial the will test the addition of a associated scale right into its virtual weight ns intervention. The six-month double blind research will compare load Watchers’ online routine with and also without the addition of an electronic scale and weekly email feedback on weight loss. Participants will certainly be provided with “an electronic scale that automatically transmits human body weights come the weight Watchers digital 2015 program, i m sorry generates a weekly feedback article on load loss progress,” according to the ClinicalTrials.gov posting.