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They say that imitation is the best kind of flattery. If it is the instance then Hoover is payment homage come Dyson.


Let’s have a look at the Hoover Cruise (BH52210PC), Hoover’s brand spanking new cordless and stick vacuum that looks an extremely much prefer the Dyson cordless vacuum in form and functionality.

But deserve to this copycat win the original?

If friend look at the price, yes an evident difference. And that would be around a $220 difference in between this and also the Dyson V6 Absolute and a lining $300++ difference when you compare it to the now top-of-the-line V8.

Despite the noticeable copycat design, it isn’t necessarily negative because that means more competition and also competition means far better pricing.

And while this Dyson assets are obviously really good, not everyone will have the ability to afford them.

That’s the beauty, beauty of cost-free market.

Looking at the features, this product is versatile qualified of clean every part of your house thanks to the interchangeable tools and also extension wand.

This is the architecture principle the James Dyson provided for their products that have made it such a hit amongst consumers and other manufacturers have copied this design and why not. That obviously works.

The Cruise isn’t any slouch though. It has a 22 volt lithium ion battery that will certainly run for around 30 minute (according to some reviews). This is 10 minutes longer than the V6 but 10 minutes less than the V8.

A quick look in ~ the features

Easy to maneuver many thanks to the swivel steeringBrush role on/offThe trigger-like system locks right into place that enables you come relax your fingers as soon as cleaning bigger areas22-volt lithium-ion batteryAside native the main floor tool it likewise comes v a crevice, brush and also upholstery toolWashable filterWall mountable charger2-year warranty


If can not afford a Dyson, this is just one of the best options available costing just under $160Versatile cleaner qualified of cleaning floors, upholstery, vents, basically every nook and cranny of her homeHas a brush roll on and off attribute – an excellent feature to have actually on bare floorDecent 30 minute operation timeRemovable battery (easy to replace)Lockable trigger mechanism


Main floor device lacks padding underneath to defend bare floors from scratchingAgitation isn’t as great as a DysonNo mini-motorize brush for upholsteryVery pack – it has a high pitched loudness to it

What to suppose from the Hoover Cruise and how does this compare v the Dyson V6?


It’s hard to compare this through the Dyson V8 due to the fact that so much nothing in the sector comes close come it in regards to feature, power and also versatility so I’ll just compare it to the cheaper and also less muscular V6.

Before I continue please clock this video clip to watch what comes in the box, features and also how that performs…

It comes with a varied enough tool collection that permits it come clean virtually everything inside her home. What it lacks is a mini engine- brush that would have actually been great for choose up pets hair ~ above upholstery.

The Hoover Cruise is Hoover’s brand-new stick vacuum and it departs from their previous products the Hoover Linx Stick, Hoover wait Cordless and Air Cordless Lift.

Instead of using a bulky upright style that relied ~ above a hose for over the floor cleaning, the Cruise is a full makeover that got its inspiration heavily from the Dyson brand.

Even v the different handle design, the is noticeable where this product gained its design cue from the dirt cup every the means down come the expansion wand and also floor tool.

Both the V6 Absolute and also Hoover Cruise have approximately the very same length and also probably the very same power (at least according to part reviews).

Trigger mechanism is lockable

Both of this machines have a trigger mechanism that turns on the motor as soon as you squeeze it however Hoover added a create lock function that enables you come lock it then relax your fingers. This is something the Dyson has actually yet to include on theirs.

What the Hoover lacks is the fluffy floor tool, soft bristled brush tool and mini-mini engine- tool uncovered in the V6.

Brush roll on/off

But Hoover added a brush role on/off function that provides it feasible to revolve off the brush role – something you will do want when cleaning bare floor but when friend look underneath the key floor tool, Hoover can have to let go something…


It didn’t include any padding under the floor tool, something the Dyson has that protects that from scratching specifically hardwood surfaces.

Cyclonic filtration

Here’s one more similarity through the Dyson. It also uses cyclonic filtration designed to keep dust away from the filters and maintain performance. The biggest difference between the Hoover Cruise and Dyson would be the absence of cyclones that separates the latter from the pack.

Easy to empty Bin

Bin style is similar to the Dyson where a door is present at the bottom. Emptying this is pretty straightforward – press a lever and the door opens, materials fall out.


Sounds simple, right? If you’re only cleaning cheerios that would be the case.

But clean floors would entail picking up dust and also hair.

These types of debris will certainly stick top top the plastic casing and also inner filter. This provides it very messy to empty.

Tools included

Aside indigenous the key floor device the Hoover Cruise comes through 3 added tools the includes…


…An upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a brush tool.

The brush tool has actually pretty short bristles so that lacks the reach as soon as you want to clean areas like vents.

Wall mountable

It additionally comes with a wall mountable parentheses to aid you store it away since this maker can’t it is in stored complimentary standing.

However the wall bracket go not incorporate a charger for this reason make certain to download it near a power outlet.

Bare floor performance

The Hoover Cruise comes through a brush roll on off function that makes it usable on bare floor. Yet it lacks padding underneath and this could potentially a resource of scratches.

I’ve shared with you photos above comparing this and also the V6 Absolute’s floor tool.

This isn’t a big issue unless you have expensive hardwood.

Carpet Performance

Again, strength is pretty close come the Dyson V6 (at the very least on common mode) and also it has a beater bar for this reason you’ll be able to use this on carpet.

It will certainly not deep clean but it is capable to remove surface dirt on high traffic areas minus the cord.

In regards to agitation, it will certainly not have the very same power and it lacks bristles to compete with the V6 however it is a good alternative if you cannot afford a Dyson.


It does not have the mini-motorized tool which hurts it in this department. But it provides up for it somewhat with the brush-less upholstery tool that relies on plastic this that sticks out at the bottom.

I’m not sure how efficient this is once you to compare it come the tried and also tested bristled beater bar yet it should provide at least some agitation.

Pet Hair

Pet hair clean increase shouldn’t be a difficulty on carpet since of the motor brush. The bigger issue would be just how this handle pet hair ~ above upholstery. It does not have a mini-motorized tool that go it much efficiently.

If you have actually a most pets, I suggest investing in something much more expensive prefer a V6 pure or V6 animal that comes through the mini-motorized brush.

Charging time

Hoover did no specify exactly how long the will require to charge this.

Filter cleanup

This comes v two filters. Both space washable. Key filter is situated at the middle of the dirt bin. You’ll should remove the bin itself and the mesh filter come gain access to this filter.

A 2nd post engine filter is located behind the motor.


Hoover backs up the BH52210PC Cruise with a 2 year warranty.

See that in Action

Here’s a video clip from Keith top top YouTube showing just how this product performs on miscellaneous surfaces – tile, floor mat, carpet and also some pet mattresses…


Overall that did a pretty good job. I didn’t like how the head the the floor tool is device wobbly once you elevator it increase – the lacks some stiffness and also easily folds which provides it tricky to relocate around.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsUpholstery toolCrevice toolBrush tool
Brush roll on/offYes
Battery22v Lithium Ion
ChargerPlug-in charger
Charging timeN/A
Battery lifeApprox. 30 mins
Net weight4.7 pounds
Shipping weight11.3 pounds
Cleaning path9"
Overall length45"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeLifetime washable filter
Dust capacity0.4 liters
Air WattsN/A
Manufactured inChina
Warranty2 years

Customer Reviews

Since this is a relatively brand-new product, most of the beneficial reviews you’ll are from Vine consumers. This are actual customers who’ve left in-depth and helpful reviews over the years and also Amazon is profitable them because that their donation by offering them a totally free product to test.

Don’t take it what they say together the gospel truth, in truth I encourage girlfriend to take it with a grain of salt yet if girlfriend read very closely you’ll be able to decipher who’s honest and who’s not.

What execute consumers like and also dislike?

The apparent pro the this product is the price. Compared with the Dyson V6 – at least those through the handheld attachments, it costs about half. It has actually the same trigger mechanism, very same designed dirt bin (but a small bit bigger) and has a removable extension wand.

In regards to power among the consumer say that it to produce as much power as the V6 at least in normal mode. Hoover did not specify exactly how much suction strength this an equipment has so that is simple to speculate.

There were civilization who weren’t happy v the performance. I’m guessing they supplied it on shag carpet because those who used it on ceiling floor and also low pile carpet didn’t complain.

It is good in picking up good dust, dander and hair ~ above floors but the upholstery tool struggled choose up cat hair on sofas which confirms my apprehension the the upholstery device design.

Good operation time

Run time is nice good, some have actually say the it lasts around 20 minutes, others say 30 so you’d have to expect this vacuum to run pretty close to that range.

It has actually swivel steering but some have complained it come be also soft yet others liked it.

I’ve stated this prior to but I’ll repeat that here, this vacuum might scratch your hardwood flooring since the main floor tool does no have any padding underneath…


Even if this is an noticeable copycat – that still offers consumers a much more affordable option.

Where deserve to I to buy this?

You deserve to buy this Amazon for much less than $130. And also it’s eligible because that Amazon’s 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Amazon additionally offers expanded warranties of up to 3 years.

To wrap up

If the Dyson V6 is as well expensive for your budget plan then think about this different that will give you at least 80 to 90% that the cleaning performance at a portion of the price.

This an equipment isn’t as an effective or as refined as the Dyson yet it walk the project well enough but it does have some quirks.

First, the main floor tool is as well soft for my liking together it bends conveniently when friend lift it turn off the floor which provides it pretty tricky.

Second, it lacks padding that might scratch hardwood.

Not a large deal if friend don’t care about the appearance of your flooring. But if it’s a large concern, opt because that something else.

If that’s the case then you far better invest in something far better like a V6 Absolute.

Third, the upholstery tool might not be capable of handling a many pet hair because of the design and the smallish opening.

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Aside from this quirks intend a an extremely decent cleaning stick and also handheld vacuum at just a fraction of the price that the Dyson.