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We design, manufacture and also print custom Made screen Printed Hoodies because that University cultures (Socs) and Teams anywhere the UK. We’re widely concerned as being among the best companies in the UK for many reasons, consisting of our commitment come our Fair trade policies, the quality of ours Garments, the top quality of our Designs the remarkable amount of free Items that we give away with EVERY order (FREE Earbud Earphones anyone??), and also our overall commitment come our customers!


All our Earbud Hoodies function a concealed internal phone call Pouch, tucked away nicely inside the timeless Kangaroo pocket of the hoodie, perfect for maintaining your phone safe and secure in the own little internal pouch! No more lost phones on those “eventful” nights out!
Our Earbud Hoodies room unlike any kind of other, through 6X panel twin lined hoods, and also Bootlace drawstrings you’ll uncover they offer remarkable comfort coupled with good protection native the elements, all v a contemporary look that’ll do you the envy of your friends.

Thumb feet Cuff? Yea, it is a thing… you won’t believe how comfortable this feature is, and also the finest bit is it doubles as a super amazing, type of surreal, glove type thing.. Yep, you’ve simply gotta try it to believe it, it’s quite nice!… (even if we execute say therefore ourselves!)
The “Rear Hanging Loop” on ours Earbud Hoodies is something you never ever thought friend needed… Until you realise the you no longer need to stash your hoodie ~ above a dirty floor.. Just hang that poor boy up and also keep the clean, fresh and also ready for your next adventure!
Custom Woven Labels.. Soft and comfortable, they nothing actually carry out much, but they do look quite good, and everyone will recognize where you acquired your awesome custom Hoodie from! (Plus: once you gain your awesome Hoodie and you realise just how sweet all the branding is you could always use it come earn yourself £50 by: becoming a agent! an ext info here!)
When friend buy the best, you intend the best, and also with our tradition Designed hoodies we constantly say that it’s the small things that count (read our blog post around the “little things” here) We think it’s our attention to the “little things” that make united state stand the end from the crowd…
V-Neck insert, what’s it for? nobody knows! Ok, fine that’s not entirely true… the does look pretty cool, however it actually also helps to combine the neckline of her Earbud Hoodie, so the looks good, and also extends the life of her awesome tradition Hoodie? What more do you need?
High Quality, Damask woven neck labels… that can not typical much to most people, yet trust us, lock the best you have the right to get.. One of the main attributes of Damask brand is the they’re extra soft, and also comfortable, for this reason not only do castle look great, castle feel good too! that Just another one the those “little things” that we carry out that makes every one of the difference, and separates united state from everyone else!…

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After you location your order, we’ll call you come arrange the style of your custom artwork.

The artwork will be created to your specific specifications, and also designed by our professional Graphic Designers.

When finalised your practice designed artwork will be Screen Printed onto her chosen apparel in our state of the art factory, and then ceded to you because that no extra charge!

It’s as an easy as that!