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Chapter 5 - inhabitants Within books


He〜, it is the boss huh……

Ahead of opening the door, it to be a large hall.

In the center, yes sir a large orc v a different shade up till now, and three ogres the seem to it is in its subordinate; in the edge of the room, there to be a cage whereby women room being captured.

The orc through a various color, it to be holding a book. That’s the〈Book the God〉huh.

I, stared at the orc and also ogres.



【Race】 Orc Lv28

【Title】 〈Resident within Books〉〈Homologous Gatherer〉〈King the the Race〉〈The One that Controls various other Races〉




【Race】 Ogre Lv17

【Title】 〈Slave the the Pig King〉〈Servant that the Pig King〉



When I confirm the condition of the enemy, unexpectedly, they had actually titles. Well, demi-humans and demons(魔族) likewise have them, therefore you can say its organic huh.

Orc King, that is what you speak to the orc that has actually the title of the〈King of the Race〉. Typical orcs have actually the photo of pigs, yet this Orc King looks choose a boar.

Its height of about two meters and also red human body hair, the true the it has the waiting of a king.

Because it has actually the title〈Resident within Books〉, go it median that the a monster born from〈Book of God〉.

On the other hand, it seems like the ogres were ones that were in this forest. However, together their titles say, it seems choose they’re slaves of the Orc King.

And when I to be observing like that, among the ogres suddenly started to attack.


【Title〈No Weapons〉has to be activated】

【Skill〈Self-taught Hand-to-hand Techniques〉 has been activated】

Grabbing the large fist that was close up door in, i twisted that with full power. A dry sound echo, the ogre screams. That noisy so I propelled in the shotgun I had prepared come the ogre’s mouth and shot it.


【Skill〈Zero-distance Shoot〉has been acquired】


Since the shotgun that ns quoted this time supplies slug bullets, the ogre’s head had actually a huge circular hole. I gotten rid of my hand native the corpse, and also readied the gun. I shot towards the Orc King, yet it jumped come the side, dodging it. It has actually quite an excellent dodging capability huh, ns underestimated it thinking it was only an orc.

This time the two ogres simultaneously attacked. Since the shotgun to be a double-barrel one, there are no an ext bullets so ns can’t shooting anymore. I threw away the gun, and also retaliated with bare hands. Two clubs swing towards me. Ns guarded versus that by cross my hands. One of the clubs broke into two.

〈Body the God〉has various kinds the effects. Excellent physical abilities and eye that provides one view the status are very useful, and I use it frequently. On the various other hand, there’s additionally a strong but tough to use ability. For example, the capacity of this arm.

With this arm, it have the right to block weapon attacks and also destroy weapons with a certain chance, nullifying the attack. Its has actually no use for details weapons, on peak of that, that looks like it i will not ~ activate since my level is low. Once I had actually just involved this world, the reason why the ogre’s society broke, is because of this ability. At the time, I thought that my body was just hard yet it looks choose I was wrong. The inconvenient component is, “with a details chance”……

Un, my arm broke. That is at this time bent in the direction of a weird direction. Here I assumed that the 2 clubs would nicely break.

My arm was broken by the club the didn’t break, and it was swung under again when I was taken aback. Ns turned the cheat book towards the club while enduring the pain, and also shot a huge sword. As a result, the ogre was reduced into two along with its club.

This time, ns shot 10s of spears in the direction of the ogre that lost its weapon. These space weapons ns stole native the orcs. The ogre came to be like a hedgehog and collapsed.

I obtained damage, but with this, only the Orc King remains. Anyways, my eight hurts. I can’t fight with this, therefore I should heal my hurt arm.

From the magic bag, I got hold of a party that has a light-green fluid inside.

I drank under this elixir the I had quoted indigenous the start. The distinctive bitterness and astringency penetrate my body. And after that, my damaged arm had returned come normal. It had an exceptional effect.

The dragons the reigns on the peak of the ecosystem of this world. Castle who have high intelligence, v their unique technology, castle possessed plenty of items the exceed human wisdom.

And among those is the「Elixir of the Dragon Race」. If spend by a human, the is claimed that it can heal every kinds of condition and injury, and it is being divinized as the elixir of immortality native the ancient times.

In fact, there were no records of it being released ~ above the industry within the lengthy history, and it is stated that over there was likewise times where monsters flooded. That seems choose the just one who can receive the elixir is one who has deep ties through dragons. If these are facts, the worth of the elixir would certainly exceed one’s imagination. With only a couple of drops, its financial value would go with the roof.


【Skill〈Regeneration〉has been acquired】


Ohh, due to the fact that of utilizing an elixir, I got a skill. Ns think that〈Regeneration〉will be very useful, therefore I will certainly activate it every the time.

My arm has been cured, so ns looked in the direction of the Orc King. The looks choose the Orc King was observing me v composure.

It’s so composed although it’s only an orc. Because that testing, i shot a rock towards it, but it quickly blocked it v the spear the had. Hmm, just how should i fight. Oh, where the Orc King……. An immediate after that, i felt a ache in mine chest.


The Orc King was right in front of me. And, it is deeply stabbing my chest with its spear.


I can’t breathe. There could a hole in mine lungs.

I instinctively took out the sub-machine gun, and also tried come shoot the Orc King.

However, the Orc King currently disappeared native there.

I was stabbed native the earlier this time. I have the right to see the spear going the end of mine chest.

The Orc King ferris wheel its spear, cram me far while being stabbed. I hit the wall with large speed, and also a hole opened on the wall. Ns was instantly cornered come the death, but because of the natural regeneration capability and the skill〈Regeneration〉, i was healed.

「Fuu, this pisses me off」

A lowly boar kicking mine ass, yes no method that I can endure it. I decided to execute it seriously.

I crawled the end of the mountain of rubbles, and held the cheat book.


【Title〈Matchless Warrior〉〈Bringer the Destruction〉has been activated】

【Skill〈Smash〉〈Charge〉〈Sprint〉has been activated】

【〈Bloody Vampire(Blood-sucking Sword)〉〈Life Stopper(Cursed Blade)〉has to be quoted】

Activating the titles and an abilities needed, i charged in the direction of the target after quoting 2 swords. The Orc King tries to stab, however this time, i can quickly see the path of the spear. Ns lightly leaned mine body and also dodged it.


【Skill〈Insight Eye〉〈Learning〉has been acquired】

I supplied the〈Insight Eye〉that I had actually just gained, and also stabbed the two swords that ns am holding come the opening developed by the Orc King.


【Skill〈Dual Wield〉has to be acquired】


The aim misses a small bit, and the knives of the sword just scratched the orc’s body.

Well, scratching is already enough though.

The two swords that i quoted, they had their distinctive name. Common equipments prefer bronze knife or leather armor, they don’t have a special name for them, however some weapons have actually names. And every one of them absolutely have part abilities. Normally, there is no means that numerous weapon through the same distinctive name would exist, yet my quotation is probably an exception.

「Bloody Vampire」sucks the blood that the adversary it cuts, boosting its sharpness.

「Life Stopper」randomly destroys one of an interior body role of the enemy it cuts. However, it has a flaw, while making use of it, it would substantially reduce the user’s protective abilities. This is the impact of the curse of「Life Stopper」. By the way, every one of this information is written in the book. Together I’ve thought, I have to really review books.

Well, in short, through the swords that ns possess, one of them renders the foe lose that is blood if the was consistently stabbed, and the other one has the possibility of dying with only being scratched by it.

The face colors of the Orc King stabbed by this sword looks very bad, and also blood was coming out of that is mouth. Ohh, it still looks quite good. Then, shall we start murdering it.

Once again, ns slashed in the direction of the Orc King. While having actually a hard time, it was able to barely evade a direct hit. However, is that anemic, its originally red shade gradually becomes blue, and started come bleed from its ears.

It was stabbed by the two swords when again.


【Skill〈Piercing〉has been acquired】


This time, the Orc king’s shoulder to be stabbed. I believed that it would die through this, however the Orc King retaliated. Well, the an attack that lost its speed compared from earlier so I conveniently dodged it. ~ jumping back, ns slashed in the direction of the Orc King.


【Skill〈Hit and also Away〉has been acquired】


Blood spray dances, and also the Orc King collapsed while holding its chest. It was breathing painfully, however finally stopped. It looks like, with the assault earlier, the activity of the lungs to be destroyed. And with that, it to be unable to breath no longer huh. What a disappointing death.


【Title〈Genocider〉〈Base Suppressor〉〈Step that Genocide(One step Towards the extinct of a Race〉has to be acquired】


I choose up the publication from the Orc king Corpse. That had specifically the very same appearance with my cheat book.

『Ohh, that’s it, Misasagi-kun. Friend did a great job』

Why nothing you come right here this time, Kami-sama?

『Because, there are prisoner girls surrounding you know. They would acquire surprised if ns suddenly appeared right?』

Well, that’s a an extremely correct opinion. And also then, just how will I give you this book?

『Uhmm, the〈Book of God〉, if it was soaked up by your〈Insatiable Ludicrous publication of all Creation〉, ns made it that it would be sent out to me, therefore you can absorb it alright〜』

Is the so, it is very simple huh. I took in the〈Book that God〉with the cheat book.


Collection the the〈Book that God〉has been shown

The problems have been met, therefore the Different human being Wanderer transforms to Lv 1


The following impacts would happen


Absorption of the obtained experience clues

Strengthening of physical abilities

Strengthening of Unique skills


With the strengthening of the Unique skills

〈Body the God〉, a brand-new ability〈Status comprehensive Display〉has been added


With the increase of the Unique skills

〈Insatiable Ludicrous book of every Creation〉, a brand-new ability〈Correction〉has been added


Messages come out with really fast speed.

It was so suddenly that i can’t know what it means.

『Since Misasagi-kun collected the〈Book of God〉, bonus had appeared. Good for friend right!!』

I might see inside my psychic Kami-sama make a decisive pose.

Well, about the blog post right now, I need to properly confirm it through Kami-sama. For a while, I received an explanation because that the messages.

First, around the absorption of got experience points. Due to the fact that the Different human being Wanderer to be level 0 ever before since, that looks favor I didn’t receive experience points. From currently on, she claimed that can level up by beating enemies.

Next, about the strengthening of the distinctive skills. 〈Status detailed Display〉explains the by that is name.

The other added ability〈Correction〉, candid speaking, it to be cheating. This is something the adds an ability that I want to the thing that ns quoted. It’s difficult to explain with words, so i would shot it for real.

It’s dangerous doing it close to the sinner girls, so I moved to a various room first. And also when ns quoted come take the end a knife, i imagined flames.


【〈Knife : Fiery Flames〉has been quoted】


There to be no readjust of appearance through the knife i quoted. However, flames come out once I easy swung it. This is amazing. A basic knife can become a strong weapon. The only flaw is that, the things I quoted with this ability would disappear after five minutes. But if you think of that on the other way, you have the right to say the it could be provided all you desire within five minutes though. The course, quoting as with before is still possible.

I had shown the abilities, so I visited the room whereby the girls are once again.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇



When I returned to the room, for part reason, the girls were fairly terrified.

Well, because that the meantime, i should complimentary them the end of the prison cell. I tried to destroy the huge lock that locks the prison. But, the seems choose it to be casted with magic, for this reason it i will not ~ break that easy. It became troublesome for this reason I made decision to ruin the prison itself.

I put my arms between the iron bars, and pulled sidewards making use of my eight strength. Ohh! It’s all of sudden hard. It was releasing sounds the it would break, yet the stole bars wouldn’t bend.


【Title〈No Weapons〉has to be activated】


Well, if I use titles, that have to do right. I activated〈No Weapons〉that has the impact of boosting strength as soon as barehanded, and also used more strength on mine arms, This time, it easily bent. No, the component where i was hold it was torn off.


【Skill〈Monstrous Strength〉has been acquired】


I threw far the iron bar that i held, and called out towards the prison cell.

「Are friend alright, i have come to save you」

Well, saying this myself, what room these lines. Can’t i say points that room a little bit better. I was reasoning of that, yet for some reason, the girls began to make a fuss.

「You monster! nothing come close to us!」

「You’re going come eat united state huh?!」

What a cruel thing they would say. Saying that much, I’ll also get hurt you know…… ns wonder why……ah, as such appearance huh.

Right now, my appearance is ghillie suits and my challenge has a gas mask. On top of that, I damaged the prison cell with bare hands. Un, it is a monster alright. I took off the hood the the ghillie suits, and took off the gas mask. The girls looked towards me and also got surprised.

「Sorry, i surprised you. I’m Misasagi who came to subjugate orcs for a search from the guild」

When I claimed that while laugh pleasantly, that looks choose the girls lastly felt relieved. Ns asked lock what happened up till now.

Summarizing all of their story, yesterday, lock were remaining in a particular village, and also they were coincidentally struck there by orcs, and also were captured.

After hear the story indigenous the girls, ns explored the insides that the fortress, and also found a room whereby the stolen things room stored. Over there were rather some items the were placed there, weapons and armors, a substantial sum the currency, and also a most other things.

As i have thought, those orcs were solid huh. Because that me, they to be weak though. Of course, ns placed every one of them inside the cheat publication without leave anything.


When ns passed by the room the Orc King was, ns felt that I observed something the lit. Once I entered the room, the surroundings of the Orc King to be shining.

And what reduce there was one spear.

It’s the one the the Orc King to be using.

Isn’t this spear that conveniently pierced through the〈Body the God〉very strong?

For testing, I hosted it through my hands.


【Skill〈Squall〉has been acquired】


For part reason, I acquired a skill simply by hold the spear.

That orc’s speed, was it additionally because of this skill?

I stored the spear within the cheat book.

As much as possible, i didn’t desire to permit anybody see my ability, so ns let the girls was standing by exterior the fortress. Over there were additionally adventurers within them, for this reason they have to be alright also if monsters come. ~ I had actually explored the fortress because that a while, i went outside.

……the girls were surrounding by five ogres. I could have underestimated this forest too much.

Right away, I have to test my brand-new abilities huh. Ogres are quite good testing products huh. Ns couldn’t help myself yet grin.

『As i have thought, Misasagi-kun is very scary〜. *BuruBuruBuru*……』

Kami-sama, shut up. Ah, the probe girl was doing her best. I should exterminate them conveniently huh.

〈Correction〉is the recently added ability for the things that space quoted. However, there is only one ability that come from〈Correction〉with each point that room quoted. On top of that, starting from the moment limit, over there are various other restrictions, yet even if that is deducted, i think the it is still a very strong ability.


【〈Metal Bat : Electro revolution Charge〉has to be quoted】

【Title〈Hard Hitter〉has to be activated】

【Skill〈Squall〉has been activated】

*BachiBachi*, ns quoted a metal bat the echoes electricity. On top of that, ns strengthened the devastation powers making use of a title, and also attacked one of the ogres that were attack the adventurer.

Ohh, my body is for this reason light. This is the impact of〈Squall〉huh. I feel like if〈Charge〉and〈Sprint〉were offered at the very same time, there would be rather a vast effect.

So the the ogre wouldn’t explode, i swung under the steel bat when holding back. The prompt the bat touched the ogre, a strong electricity flowed and also the ogre began to convulse. My vision couldn’t see well because of the blinding light, and also the odor of meat being melted stimulates mine nose.


【Skill〈Electrical Discharge〉has been acquired】


The vast body v its eyes turning white collapsed.

I had held ago quite well, however it was still beat with one shooting huh.

I changed my posture, and moved mine consciousness towards the next target.


【〈Bloody Vampire : Fiery Flames〉has been quoted】

【Skill〈Piercing〉has been activated】

The「Bloody Vampire」that likewise did a great job through the fight with the Orc King stabs the ogre. It entered flames indigenous the location it was stabbed, in ~ the exact same time, the blood of the ogre was absorbed.


【Skill〈Blood Sucking〉〈Ignition〉has been acquired】


The ogre thinned through a blink of an eye, and finally the body burned down.

The test to be a success. This new ability deserve to be provided quite well. I uncovered out about it, so i don’t have any kind of interest on the staying ogres.


【〈Hand pistol : Explosive〉has to be quoted】

【Skill〈Snipe〉〈One shot Kill〉〈Fast Shooting〉has been activated】


With the activities that I’m ultimately used to, i deleted three stays with 3 bullets, and put far the gun.

The girls looked at me petrified.

It was really easy therefore I provided a tiny of my abilities, yet as i’ve thought, is this kind of fight abnormal.

「Well then, let’s leave this forest first. If we continue to remain here, ogres could come again ~ all」

The atmosphere became weird, so as soon as I make the efforts to speak to out through a bright voice, the girl looked at each other’s faces, yet they followed me.

n? For part reason, one of them, yes sir a girl the was staring in ~ me through sparkling eyes. If ns correct, that girl is an adventurer. Well, it’s no something I should be thinking of appropriate now.

From there, there is no encountering monsters, we were may be to relocate up come the roadways after a couple of hours. After ~ this, I’m reasoning of going come the town I passed by because that this quest, I’m reasoning of going come the Kard Village. I’m reasoning of asking help for the girls in that village if possible. The girls best now, ~ all, they almost don’t have anything.

While resting once in a while, we had continuously walked, but the sunset is quite near, so I thought of making a camp because that today. Within the girls, there to be one who can use obstacle techniques, so i asked she to ar the form that deserve to be activated for a lengthy time. The illustration of the obstacle was prefer a glass with a light color. To be sure, ns guarded the surroundings without sleeping.

……after a couple of hours that guarding the surroundings, go I became used come it, I could hear the sounds in the surroundings very well. The sound that the wind, the cries of tiny insects, I might hear them.

I closed mine eyes and sharpened my ears, and also on optimal of that, i sharpened my nerves.


【Skill〈Mental Concentration〉has been acquired】


Suddenly, indigenous the grass ahead, ns heard the sound of the grass moving. I instinctively readied mine gun. What come out indigenous there to be one rabbit. Ns let out a vast sigh, and also when i was gift relieved prefer that, the rabbit as soon as again disappeared into the grass.


This time, i heard a voice from behind. When I turned back, it was the girl that looked in ~ me v sparkling eyes earlier.

「n, what is it? that still early on in the morning, girlfriend can proceed to sleep」

「No, it’s just, my eyes are currently clear. If it no a nuisance, can I remain on her side?」

「Ahh, that alright. I’m additionally quite free」

When I claimed that, she timidly sits by mine side.

Without any particular reasons, i looked at her status.



【Name】Toel Ludiesona


【Race】Elf skies Fox (Demi-human)

【Job】Warrior Lv9 Fencer Lv7


【Title】〈Mixed Blood〉〈Adventurer〉


A brand-new column was included in the status.

This is, the result of the〈Status in-depth Display〉that ns newly gained from the〈Body of God〉huh.

This girl whose surname is Toel, she no seem that solid from her level. But, reasoning that her gyeongju is elf and sky fox, and also having the title〈Mixed Blood〉, isn’t her fight strength rather high? ns don’t have any kind of evidence, but somehow that feels like that. Also, her age was 18 i beg your pardon is specifically how she looks.

Thank goodness the it didn’t present hundreds the years. Due to the fact that her race is elf, ns think that it’s rather possible.

「Misasagi-san, is very strong huh. I was relocated looking at the battle versus the orcs and also ogres. If that okay, deserve to you tell me your job?」

「Uhmm, the Traveler」

「Eh!……, is it only Traveler?」

「Un, just Traveler. An ext than that, ns level 5」

Up until now, I placed it as level 3, yet if my level didn’t rise up v the subjugation that orcs, the guild might feel it to be weird, for this reason I readjusted it to be sure. Yet even so, I believed that it was skeptical that a level 5 Traveler would have the ability to destroy an orc base, yet Toel to be honestly impressed.

「You’re that strong with that level, it is amazing! and also, when fighting, using swords, clubs, and also magic weapons, fighting using number of weapons, that was an extremely cool!」

It was very lovely of her cheerfully speak it while moving her body. Probably, the magic weapon that Toel was saying was around the gun.

And ~ that, ours conversation went quite well, and also in the end, us talked through each other until the sunlight rose.

On the next morning, after wait for every one of the girls to wake up up, we started to move towards Kard village early in the morning. Once I spread bread and also orange juice because that breakfast, that looks like they to be satisfied. Follow me the way, they enjoyed conversation through themselves, and by mine side, Toel was walking v me.

By the way, explaining Toel’s appearance, her height is around 165 cm. She bright golden hair extends up to her shoulders, and also her eyes that look in the direction of me has a beautiful blue color. She had the characteristics of an elf which are sharp ears, and also looking below, a fluffy chestnut colored tail was swaying. Skies Fox is a gyeongju of a fox beast man, so because she had actually the blood that comes from elf and sky fox, the seems favor the attributes of both appeared on she appearance.

In conclusion, Toel to be a beauty. One that had the prefix the super. However, does the human being itself not conscious of it, she to be looking in ~ me while smiling innocently.

One can simply enjoy a conversation v this kind of girl right.

Traveling through a serene atmosphere, could be great once in awhile.

And once we were having a conversation choose that, we ultimately reached the Kard Village.

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Because that the meantime, I’m thinking of staying here for a couple of days then go back to the guild.