Sarah  Taylor, MSW, PhD

Professor and Chair

Department of society WorkOffice: MI 4059Office Hours: Please sign up for office hrs here:

Dr. Sarah Taylor concentrates on health/mental health, education, and also disability equity through research, teaching, workforce development, and also community and organizational practice. She believes a wide and intersectional lens is needed to recognize the complex array the privileges, threats, strengths, and needs the communities, groups, families, and also individuals. This lens incorporates live experiences of race, ethnicity, gender, sex-related orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, culture, immigration status, family/living situation, and also more. Few of the lived experiences that educate Dr. Taylor"s research and also teaching include parenting a boy with pundit disability, gift the first person in her family to knife a college degree, and identifying together bi/queer. Dr. Taylor has actually been serving together Chair the the department of social Work due to the fact that Fall 2019. She has actually appreciated the opportunity to discover in this brand-new role and also to it is in of organization to colleagues and also students v the pandemic. In her occupational as chair, she emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and work-life balance for social work faculty, staff, and also students. This is particularly important in a field where burnout is common and turnover negatively results clients.Social work-related is an used discipline that promotes social justice and values human being worth and dignity. Influenced by these values, Dr. Taylor"s study is collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and participatory, and also involves qualitative approaches that catch diverse perspectives and also experiences.Current projects include:

PhD. Social Welfare, UC BerkeleyM.S.W. Social Welfare, UC BerkeleyB.A. Sociology, Vassar college NY; General and also Departmental Honors; Phi Beta Kappa
Fall Semester 2021Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
SW 68902Community-Based research in SWTU1:20PM3:50PMMI-3015Hayward Campus

Journal articles (Peer-Reviewed)

*Denotes present or previous student

Gamba, R.J., Wood, L.M., Ampil, A., Engelman, A., Lam, J., Schmeltz, M.T., Pritchard, M.M., Santillan, J.K.A., Rivera, E.S., Ortiz, N., Ingram, D., Chayne, K., & Taylor, S. (2021). Investigate the feasibility of a restaurant delivery service to improve food security among college students enduring marginal food security, a head-to-head trial through grocery store gift cards. International newspaper of environmental Research and Public Health.

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Taylor, S., Wright, A.C., Pothier, H.*, Hill, C.*, & Rosenberg, M.* (2019).  It’s choose I have an advantage in every this: experience of advocacy by parents of youngsters with disabilities from expert backgrounds. Journal the Sociology & social Welfare, 46(3), 159-183.

Taylor, S., Barr, B. D., O"Neal-Khaw, J., Schlichtig, B., & Hawley, J. L. (2018). Refining her queer ear: Empowering LGBTQ+ clients in speech-language pathology practice. Perspectives that the ASHA unique Interest Groups, 3(14), 72-86.

Taylor, S., Battis, C., Carnochan, S., Henry, C., Balk, M., & Austin, M. (2018). Exploring trauma-informed exercise in public boy welfare through qualitative data-mining of instance records. The newspaper of Public kid Welfare, 13(3), 325-344. A limited number of full-text copies are obtainable at this link:

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Book Chapters and also Other academic Contributions

Woods, D.R., Taylor, S., Austin, D., Beck, J., Chung, K., Couch, S., Davis, E.M., Fauth, B., Geron, K., Ireland, D.K., Kupers, E., Massey, M., Rowley, A.J., Stein, J., & Weiss, J. (2015). Structure an inclusive, accessible, and also responsive campus in ~ California State University eastern Bay, 2010-2015. Perspectives on interaction Disorders and also Sciences in Culturally Linguistically varied Populations, 22(2), 44-63.

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Stone, S., Cosner Berzin, S., Taylor, S., & Austin, M. (2008). Human being behavior and also the society environment: Exploring theoretical foundations In B. Thyer (Ed.), Comprehensive handbook of social work and also social welfare, Volume 2: Human behavior in the society environment. Indianapolis, IN: john Wiley and Sons.

Public Engagement

Taylor, S. (2021, march 19). My son has actually intellectual disabilities. The deserves a affluent and difficult curriculum. An initial person essay published by Chalkbeat.

Taylor, S. (2019, July 1). School’s out for summer and also my kid will be carrying celery. Commentary published by EdSource.

Taylor, S. (2018, April 24).  comment on the Alameda Unified school District Strategic arrangement for one-of-a-kind Education. Parent participant perspective mutual at the plank of education and learning Meeting. (Recording; speech starts at 20.07; Text available as a blog article on The Medium).

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Taylor, S. (2017, April 10). Home among the gum trees: one American family"s remarkable Australian adventure. Fragile X combination of Australia Newsletter.

Taylor, S. (2017, January 9). Education for children with disabilities and also the following attorney general.  Blog ~ above The Medium. (779 views in between January-April 2017.)