Since she arrival in the UFC, Valentina Shevchenko has made quite an impression. With three victories end the existing woman’s strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk in Muay Thai. Over there is no doubting the calibre the the Ukranian, who now calls Peru home.Watch currently as she is victorious end the previous bantamweight champion Holly Holm, last July in Chicago. Up next Shevchenko gets her shot in ~ the current bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes in ~ UFC 213. The pair have already met once prior to in the octagon through Nunes arising the victor. In a three-round fight in which Valentina Shevchenko to be looking stronger and also stronger. How will lock look this time about in a five-round championship fight?Luckily we obtain to find out this weekend as 2 of the really best in women’s MMA. Walk toe to toe for the 2nd time within the UFC octagon. The action takes location this coming weekend in ~ the T mobile Arena in las Vegas Nevada. Deserve to Bullet Valentina turn the tables and become the Champion.She has all the tools forced to do the job. If she have the right to execute the correct gameplan. We may an extremely well be looking at a brand-new Champion on Sunday morning once the pair finally confront of in ~ UFC 213.T:

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