Frontman Vic Fuentes wrote this track for among his friends. He told Kerrang: "This girl was telling me a story around when she to be a kid growing up. She was kind of neglected as a child and also she called me about how she would run away and also climb up this tree and also hide from her parents and just wait to watch if lock would have a look for her. They wouldn"t also know or treatment if she was gone. It to be super sad because that her that nobody ever before cared if she was there or not. I assumed it was such a heartbreaking story the made me so sad so I composed that track for her."
The track was intentionally written through a female vocal. The studio version functions Lindsey Starney from five No Fiasco and Pierce The Veil also performed it live with Jemma McDougal from this evening Alive.

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Peter Gunn ThemeHenry Mancini

"Peter Gunn" to be the an initial TV theme to hit the warm 100.

2 TribesFrankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood"s "Two Tribes" functions British gibbs Patrick Allen analysis extracts indigenous a federal government civil defense leaflet.

light of DayBruce Springsteen

Back come The Future wasn"t the only movie whereby Michael J. Fox rocked out: that sang with Joan Jett in the 1987 movie irradiate Of Day, with a title track composed by Bruce Springsteen.

Opposites AttractPaula Abdul

MC Skat Kat was developed for the remix of "Opposites Attract," which to be released as the last solitary from she Forever your Girl album. The team that created the Kat likewise did a-ha"s "Take on Me" video.


16-tear-old Lorde wrote the lyrics to "Royals" at house in just fifty percent an hour. She was influenced by the "ridiculous, unrelatable, unattainable opulence" the runs through such albums together Kanye West and Jay-Z"s clock the Throne and Lana Del Rey"s Born to Die.

go Away little GirlDonny Osmond

Originally a chart-topper for Steve Lawrence in 1962 chart-topper, "Go Away little Girl," became the very first song of the absent era come be taken to #1 through two various artists when Donny Osmond"s cover version additionally reached the summit in 1971.

Arrested for Your arts - The Story the 2 Live Crew"s "Obscene" AlbumSong composing

In the summer of 1990, you could get arrested for selling a 2 Live Crew album or performing your songs in southern Florida. And that"s specifically what happened.

Janis Ian: Married in London, however not in brand-new YorkSong creating

Can you be married in one country however not another? just if you"re part of a happy couple. Among the an initial famous singers to come out as a lesbian, Janis composed a song around it.

Music video Director David HoganSong creating

David talks around videos he made for Prince, Alabama, big & Rich, Sheryl Crow, DMB, Melissa Etheridge and Sisters of Mercy.

Jeff TrottSongwriter Interviews

Sheryl Crow"s longtime songwriting partner/guitarist Jeff Trott expose the stories behind many of the singer"s hits, and also what its choose to be a producer for Leighton Meester and Max Gomez.

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tiny RichardFact or Fiction

Was lengthy Tall Sally a cross-dresser? Did the really set his piano top top fire? view if you know the real stories around one that rock"s biggest innovators.