In “Mein Waifu Is the Fuhrer,” Nazi leaders are turned into female anime characters. The interactive “visual novel” has already netted 649 percent that its original funding goal.

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A gender-bending Nazi video clip game dubbed Mein Waifu Is the Fuhrer has been making waves on Kickstarter, elevating over $50,000 in donations in 3 weeks and generating backlash ~ above “the too much ends the the political spectrum,” its creator says.

The Kickstarter project—which has currently reached 649 percent the its resources goal with over a week to go—involves masculine Nazi leaders transforming into female anime characters. In the interactive “parody visual novel,” players have a choice of date one of 5 notorious battle criminals, consisting of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and also Rudolf Hess.

But this anime personalities don’t resemble the infamous Nazi leaders you’ve seen in background books—they’re every designed together big-eyed, young-looking women. Your height and also weight stats space helpfully noted alongside their images. 

“The whole German high command is turned into anime characters on the night of WWII, shenanigans ensue,” the game’s summary reads.

“Instead of top a simple invasion that Poland, Rommel is stuck trying to stop the human being from descending right into utter chaos as the Anime-Führer operation Germany into the ground at every turn, blundering at every little thing from army strategy to diplomacy.”

“Make girlfriend (mostly enemies) at the most pivotal moments in history, indigenous the battle of Stalingrad come the invasion of Normandy,” the Kickstarter web page adds. “With five potential Waifus, you’re guaranteed to have fun on multiple playthroughs together you try to stop the inescapable shenanigans that ensue.”

Donors that pledge $20 or an ext to the project will have their names noted as a “Party Member” in the credits the the game. Donors that pledge end $250 will gain that and also a body pillow featuring among the characters. Those that pledge $500 or an ext are placed on the “Fuhrer Tier” and get to become characters in the game, where they can select which Nazi mass murderer they want to date. 

The game’s editor, a self-described people War II buff who established himself to The daily Beast as Michael, runs DEVGRU-P, a gaming-creation firm that formerly made a game around navigating a North korean dictatorship v “two cute soldiers.” He declined to provide his last name for are afraid of retribution.

“We’ve gotten a most backlash from world on the too much ends that the political spectrum,” Michael, 26, told The day-to-day Beast. “The far right because we mock Hitler and also the much left since it normalizes Hitler.” (On the Kickstarter page, Michael’s biography claims he is “romantically interested in Rudolf Hess.”) 

The $50,000 in donations to be much much more than Michael anticipated. “I think the video game struck a nerve,” he wrote. 

When inquiry if he was comfortable knowing that part of his game’s backers are most likely white nationalists and also anti-Semites, Michael claimed it gives him a “mixed feeling.”

A member that Kickstarter’s communications team said The everyday Beast the the video game does not violate the company’s rules since it’s a “parody” project.

“We have tendency to provide the benefit of the doubt to the person who is trying to make something new—even if what they’re do is no something we would certainly endorse or find to it is in entertaining,” David Gallagher, director of communications at Kickstarter, wrote in one email.

There’s one odd connection between anime and Nazis. They present up often enough in this layout of Japanese computer animation that there room lists ranking people’s favourite anime Nazis. Enough civilization dressed up for anime conventions in Nazi uniforms that in 2019, Anime NYC banned cosplays of “fictitious Nazis or Nazi-like organizations.” 

Anime has additionally been accused of having actually a fascism problem. Reporter David Neiwart claimed that the alt-right started with “people talking online about Japanese anime.” Nazis on Twitter frequently have anime avatars. In fact, anime avatars often serve together a type of identification in ~ the alt-right. And also on the swamp that 4chan, anime fandom and also alt-right national politics are often posted side by side.

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“Honestly, that feels a bit uncomfortable right currently to think I’ll be romancing Hess-chan if in-universe the genocide is ongoing,” one donor composed in the game’s Kickstarter comment section. “But reality is, i’ll probably just be laughing my ass turn off at the absurd situations,” castle added.