If you’re searching for an alternative to the overcrowded parties, $15 cocktails, and also doormen v superiority complexes in NYC, then hope might be waiting for you throughout the Hudson river in Hoboken, new Jersey. Every it takes is a 10-minute ride on the path Train to uncover a ton of great bars simply steps far from the Hoboken station!

In comparison, Hoboken’s nightlife scene is very comparable to what friend would discover in Greenwich Village, NYC, or Williamsburg Brooklyn. There room a ton of classic Irish pubs, modern gastropubs, and also dive bars. Some of which convert into dance clubs at night!

And, comparable to Macdougal Street, the crowds are frequently full the young students and also professionals. Because Hoboken to be once called the “hipster capital of America,” the should provide you a sense of the vibe you deserve to expect.

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Now the you have a feel for the nightlife step in Hoboken, let’s move on to the good stuff. Due to the fact that you’re passing increase on NYC nightlife, you surely won’t desire to waste her time at any kind of boring bars v mellow crowds. So, this perform will suggest you to the finest dance clubs, party bars, and also nightlife in Hoboken.

You have the right to expect every bar in this list to have actually live DJs, funny crowds, dance floors, and also are overall great parties. And, since the go distance between venues deserve to be a bit long, as well as descriptions and tips because that each venue, I’ve thrown in maps through directions to assist you arrangement your night outright.

PS: brand-new Jersey does not have vaccination needs for indoor activities! need I to speak more?

Inside Bar at Tally Ho Hoboken – ideal Nightlife in Hoboken – photo By C Nez Byrd scaled

As much as i love the heavy-handed bartenders, remember the this is the pregame spot. Your goal here is to knock back as numerous cheap drink as you deserve to until they end at 11 pm, or leave prior to you gain too hammered to make it come the following party. The locals all recognize this. And you deserve to see this pregame routine in action when the early crowd start clearing the end at 11 pm sharp. If friend come later, the party is a fight or miss.

Important Tips for The part at Tally-Ho

They have a “no ripped jeans” policyTheir late-night drink specials start at $5! normal well drink prices start around $8. Shots are around $9The live DJs play optimal 40s Pop and Hip HopThe key demographics are young, college students and also professionals between the eras of 21 and 30It’s a an excellent pregame spot, so gain there before 11 pm

Hit the bar hard, hit the run floor hard, and move on to the following spot when you acquire your buzz going.

(My favourite bartender lindsay went back to Jersey Shore. So ask because that either Megan or Clarissa and also tell them the Nez sent out you!)

Directions to Tally-Ho

Birch Hoboken

(Reopening on September 17th!)

“The finest Club Ambiance in Hoboken”Address:92 river St, Hoboken, NJ 07030Price: $$

Birch Hoboken is maybe the only true “club” in Hoboken. From its layout, modern-day decor, and neon lighting, you have the right to see that it was constructed with a society environment and event an are in mind. It is pretty trendy going by NYC nightclub standards and super trendy when compared to pretty lot every various other bar in Hoboken

Birch has everything that you would suppose in a nightclub:

A complete dance floor on the upper levelA phase for the DJ booth and also performersRoped turn off VIP sections

In true society form, Birch rental beautiful bartenders and scantily clad bottle girls to give bottle clients that champagne popping NYC and also Miami VIP experience. So as you could expect, Birch Hoboken does fee a cover dues which I’ve seen range between $20 – $50 every person, including ladies.

There are just 3 party bars in Hoboken the I have come across so far that sell bottle service, and also this is among them. Your bottle company packages begin at a meager $150 per party (that’s a good deal compared to NYC), and also a minimum purchase may be imposed depending upon your group size.

I loved exactly how they rope turn off the table sections to preserve your an are from the crowds. That is a good touch and also something that many clubs overlook, which also prevents crashes like drunk world falling over her bottle. That’s never ever fun.

The only thing that i didn’t choose was the additional “table fee” that they tack ~ above the bill. You’ll discover it deep in the fine print on the bottom of the bottle menu. I’ve never ever seen any type of other clubs that execute that, anywhere. But since the company was great, the security guard was watching out for me, and also the table was right on the run floor, the optimistic experience comprised for it.

When surveying the room, you will see many guests space dancing, not simply standing roughly chucking ago beers. And while the majority of the guests room young in the early 20s, i did view a much more mature crowd below (in the mid to so late 30s) mostly among the bottle clients.

The dress code seems to it is in flexible; many guests are usually pull on in casual wear. I have yet to check out anyone stopped at the door due to a dress code, however I’d tho recommend comes in service casual wear because this is not a bar sort of vibe.

Birch normally charges an join fee the $10 per human being after 10 PM. This covering charge have the right to go together high as $30 if over there is a celebrity performance that night. The line typically gets lengthy when crowds flock over there by midnight. So, you must arrive anytime before or shortly after 11 afternoon if you want a swift entry.

Important Tips for The Party at Birch Hoboken

There is a cover charge after 10 PMDrink prices start approximately $10The live DJs play top 40s Pop and Hip HopThe key demographics room young students and professionals in between the periods of 21 come mid-’30sThe line is longest between 11:30 pm – 12:30 amBottle service starts at $150, and also they have great VIP sections, however they tack top top a “table fees”

I’ve visited Birch 3 times, and also I deserve to vouch the it’s the closest point that you will acquire to an NYC or Miami club ambiance in all of Hoboken.

Directions come Birch Hoboken

Coco Loco Hoboken a.k.a. Cacao Havana

(Temporarily Closed)

“The ideal Latin Dance club in Hoboken”Address: 32 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ 07030Price: $

If you have an itch for Latin music and also trying out your new salsa moves, then coco Loco is the finest (and only) Latin lounge and also dance club in Hoboken. This crowd loves come dance! and also Coco Loco accommodates that by making an exceptional changeover come a club environment when it removes the main dining area to do room for a run floor on weekends.

The live DJs revolve up the party v a mix the salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and also hip hop music. And as you might expect, the group is predominantly young and also Hispanic.

There is a cover charge of $10 come $20, i beg your pardon I’m never a fan of. This is among the couple of bars top top the list the charges a cover for entrance.

However, the admission does make business sense, given coco Havana is just one of the smaller sized venues in this area. At least the all-night drink specials like $4 fireballs or tequila shots comprise for it a bit. I did an alert that they quit posting the specials ~ above the wall surface behind the bar. Therefore be sure to questioning the bartender around any drink specials prior to you order!

Despite the limited space, cacao Loco Hoboken has actually a complete bar in a separate section surrounding to the dance floor, which additionally has added standing room and seating. V the run floor separated, girlfriend won’t need to worry around clawing your method through a crowd to the bar, and also you have actually a ar to execute a tiny mingling.

If bottle business is your thing, they do have VIP tables through couches on the dance floor. Yet unlike Birch, lock don’t rope off the table sections. For this reason you’ll have to safeguard your bottle from unintentional bumps courtesy of drunken merengue dancers.

Important Tips because that The Party at chocolate Loco Hoboken

Drink prices begin at $10The live DJs pat Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, i know good HopThe key demographics here are young university students 21 come mid-30sBeat the crowd and arrive before 12 amBottle business starts in ~ $100!

Overall, chocolate Loco Hoboken is a great spot to add to your list of parties for the night if you desire to move it up with a Latin vibe.

Note: The authorize in former says coco Havana, the website says cacao Havana, yet the social Media pages say chocolate Loco – go figure.

Map direction to cacao Loco

One last thing to keep in psychic is the bars in brand-new Jersey close their doors and have last call 2 AM, no 4 AM like NYC. For this reason be sure to gain to your last stop prior to 1 AM and do not choose a location with an entry fee. In ~ 1 AM countless bars stop allowing brand-new guests in. Also, I have seen part parties proceed until 3 AM because that the guests already inside, but don’t gambling on that.

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Any mix of these parties will certainly fill your appetite for a great night the end in Hoboken. Over there are likewise plenty that good, normal bars in Hoboken together well, so walk early and also explore the neighborhood.

Bookmark this web page for the latest and greatest next in Hoboken, and please share it to support the blog!

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