LAS las vegas (FOX5) -- Police believe three doubt in a shooting early on Sunday at the El Cortez to be members the a motorcycle club affiliated v the Hells Angels.

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Officers responded to call of shots fired and also a person injured in ~ the El Cortez early Sunday morning, according to an arrest report filed in the case.

When police arrived, they uncovered four victims who had actually received evident gunshot wounds. All four were wearing clothing and indicia linked with the Vagos motorcycle gang, according to the arrest report.

Officers found four various other Vagos members and also prospects near the crime scene and also detained them for questioning, the report said.

Detectives perceived El Cortez monitoring footage and observed the Vagos taking a casino elevator. Quickly thereafter, three suspects, later determined as members of boy of Hell motorcycle society -- a support club of the Hells Angels -- take it the elevator, the report said.

On the video, the Vagos and Sons of Hell members were seen having a verbal argument, according to the report. A sons of Hell member was viewed pulling out a handgun, pointing it and also shooting one victim in the chest at close range. The doubt fired three an ext rounds, highlight the various other victims.

Officers obtained a find warrant because that rooms in the hotel and also recovered Vagos clothing and also indicia, as well as blood evidence, the report said. They also found a gun, however it to be not thought to have actually been regarded the incident right now under investigation.

After the shooting, the 3 suspected young of Hell members -- later identified as Roberto Romero Jr., 30, native Arizona, Travis man Callahan, 35, of ras Vegas and also Matthew Lee Norris, 34, the Reno -- were viewed on security footage entering one of the rooms, climate exiting a few minutes later on carrying assorted items, the report said. They left the building in a red 2005 Subaru Legacy.

While executing a search warrant top top a room registered to Romero, police discovered a young of Hell jacket and also a red smear on the door the was continuous with dried blood, the report said.

About 1:15 p.m. Sunday, the Subaru was checked out parked in prior of a Hells Angels clubhouse, follow to the report. Around 1:30 p.m., 3 men recognized as Romero, Callahan and also Norris exited the clubhouse and got into the vehicle.

Patrol officers carried out a felony prevent on the Subaru in the parking the majority of the 7-Eleven at Bonanza Road and also Las vegas Boulevard North, the arrest report said. Officers cleared the vehicle and observed items of young of Hell indicia in the vehicle, as well as a flannel shirt constant with the one worn by Romero throughout the shoot on the monitoring video. Police additionally saw a dried red substance on the ago of the driver"s seat.

A search warrant was obtained for the Subaru, and officers recovered two revolvers, 2 handguns, magazines and ammunition, boy of Hell cuts, boy of Hell hats, cell phones, a Marilyn Monroe hoodie worn by Callahan during the shooting and also a flannel shirts worn by Romero during the shooting, follow to the report.

The three suspects were inserted under arrest and taken to police headquarters for questioning, the report said. Norris and Romero both invoked their civil liberties to counsel, at which point the questioning stopped.

During his interview v police, Callahan said he had actually been contacted by Romero and Norris, that were in city for a a motorcycle-related event, the report said. 

While go on Fremont Street, they were challenged by three Mongols concerning their boy of Hell cuts, the report said. Fearing retaliation, Romero, Norris and also Callahan removed their boy of Hell clothing, Callahan called police.

After arriving at the El Cortez, Callahan said, a huge group of Vagos, consisting of one stop a knife, rushed them, follow to the report. Callahan said he pulled the end his Beretta handgun and also held it in ~ "the low ready."

After an dispute ensued, Norris pulled the end a gun and also began shoot it, the report said. The three men left the El Cortez after ~ the shooting, Callahan called police.

Callahan claimed he returned the Beretta to the human he acquired it from and also believed Norris and Romero may have actually put weapons with their luggage in the trunk of his vehicle, the report said.

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All 3 suspects have been charged with attempted murder and also conspiracy to commit murder. They were booked right into the Clark county Detention Center.