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"I Want to Play A Game" is a memorable quote uttered by Jigsaw, the main antagonist of the Saw movie series. Online, the catchphrase has been often offered on forum games and also rage comics. The expression is additionally usually provided on imeras that existing an activity that entails a great deal of danger on the participators, most of which are toilet paper pranks and also salt mazes that snails seemingly have to gain through.


The quote was first uttered in the movie Saw which was released in 2004. The quote is uttered by Jigexperienced to his victims as he starts his death game where the individual need to resolve puzzles and disarm traps prior to being eliminated as time runs out. The quote has actually ultimately appeared in other movies in the series.


One interpretation for the phrase was submitted by AztecEagle on July 19, 2013 that aptly described the quote"s consumption in its particular film series.<1> An photo macro series that shows Jigsaw"s mask through message captioned on it (that usually requires the aforementioned phrase,) has actually a gallery on Meme Generator. Tbelow are about 2,445 images submitted as of June 20, 2015.<2>

The quote became famous enough that various images have actually been linked through it. Most frequently these imeras involve changing toilet paper into somepoint even more abrasive for an unsuspecting user, or having a slug surrounded by a maze made of salt, which will certainly paintotally hurt it if the mollusk touches the wall surfaces.




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