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Nov. 16, 2017

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HEAP Applications easily accessible to Rockland Residents

NEW CITY, NY – Rockland County families with short incomes can use for grants to aid pay for their heating receipt under new York State"s Home energy Assistance regimen (HEAP).

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"HEAP uses a lifeline to the plenty of individuals and also families who battle to pay their heating bills," said County executive Day. "With winter approaching, it is an important to obtain this help to those who need it most."

The amount of the advantage depends top top income and family size. Payments space made directly to the energy company.

To be eligible, solitary persons life alone must have actually a monthly gross income no greater than $2,318. Monthly income limits for larger families are:

• two persons - $3,031.• three persons - $3,744.• 4 persons - $4,457.• five persons - $5,170.• six persons - $5,883.• 7 persons - $6,017.• eight persons - $6,150.• ripe persons - $6,284.• ten persons - $6,418.• eleven persons - $6,733.• In family members over eleven persons, the income limit is raised by $523 for each added person.

Anyone life in federally subsidized real estate or is enrolled in ar 8 Voucher/Certificate regime where warmth is contained in the rent is no eligible.

Applications have been mailed to previous HEAP households with individuals who are 60 years and older or disabled, and/or v a child under 6 year of age.

An interview is not compelled for HEAP applicants who got a HEAP advantage in the 2016-2017 season and also continue to reside in the exact same county.

Regular HEAP: residents do not have to be dealing with a shut off to obtain a consistent HEAP benefit. The one-time regular benefit ranges native a $30-$35 renters benefit to a maximum of $726 per family members for heating with oil, kerosene, propane and $401 for gas and also electric. Continuous HEAP applications have to be received no later than march 15, 2018 or until program funds space exhausted. During this period, residents can apply online through logging top top www.MyBenefits.ny.gov .

New HEAP applicants will certainly be watched by meeting only. To inquiry an appointment, speak to the department of Social services at 845-364-3480 or 845-364-3212, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. And also 5 p.m.

These organizations can assist clients through completing a HEAP application:

• Community improvement Council (Spring Valley) 845-354-4100• neighborhood Outreach facility (Monsey) 845-356-9600• WestCOP (Haverstraw) 845-728-0688

Applicants must lug proof that they room U.S. Citizens or resident aliens; their recent fuel bill, shut-off notice, if applicable; rent receipt or mortgage statement; birth certificates, social security and also alien cards for the whole household; last four pay stubs; evidence of various other income, SSI, SSA, joblessness Insurance, Workers" Comp, etc.; evidence of kid support; and wages or institution schedule for all kids in the household 18 year of age and over.If you are self-employed, in enhancement to the above, friend must carry your 2016 taxes and also three month of your many recent organization and personal bank records.

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Emergency HEAP: A one-time emergency benefit may additionally be available for those families that space without the means to pay their bill and who have received a Termination an alert from their utility provider. The emergency benefit ranges from a $140 renters advantage to a maximum of $675 per family members for heating with oil, kerosene, propane and also $490 for gas and also electric. Applications for Emergency HEAP will certainly be welcomed from January 2, 2018 v March 15, 2018, or until regimen funds space exhausted.

Residents who have received a Termination notice should fax the an alert to the HEAP Unit in ~ 845-364-3130 or they can email a copy the the notice to RocklandHEAP

Everyone should carry out a daytime contact phone number along with the termination Notice. Short-lived Assistance and SNAP recipients should likewise include their Temporary aid or SNAP case Number. People will be contacted because that an Emergency HEAP phone call interview