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I----------------I __ __ OI i I i I ns II i I II------------I i I ns I ns I II i I II ns I II----------------I ---------I ---------I IContents1) just how to play2) obtaining started3) communities people4) girl you can befriend5) fallout’s in LoVe6) gift parents7) A little about me1) exactly how to playHere I will certainly tell you just how to play, and also the controls.up- up arrowhead (that was difficult to number out!)Down- under arrowLeft- left arrowhead Right- appropriate arrowStart- press the start switch (quite obvious) Select- same as startRuckSack-to obtain out one item, hold down A and also obtain out a tool, press and also hold down the B button, and also press the l button.To switch items, press and also hold A and also L.To put an object in your RuckSack, push the B go to her rucksack, press A and R? i haven"t gained every crucial yet...Since I simply started...and come give things to someone, or the shipping box, push A.2) gaining StartedWhen you turn on your new game, just bought indigenous the store, highly safeguarded from the rain or snow, placed it in her GBA SP, or GBA. Climate look ~ above the side, and also it says ON and also OFF. The switch will be ~ above the off side(no DUHH!). Location your video game in, and also flip the switch on the ~ above side. It will take about 30 seconds to start up, for this reason you will wait. To speed it up, push the A button repeatedly, or the B button. After it starts up, there will be a screen, saying start, or continue. Because you JUST obtained the game, walk to Start. From there on, you must follow the instructions, and WATCH the movie, slideshow, OR WHAT ever before THE heck YOU desire TO call IT! Sorry around that. So anyways, walk on through the instructions, location your name, day of birth(in this case, it will be SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, or WINTER). Then, ar the date(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,ect.) , to move on. I think you will be able to name the town, however I forgot. You can be maybe to... Then i think girlfriend will acquire a dog. Surname it other GOOD! Cuz your not gonna get an additional chance. I called my dog Fido(I was watching the commercial). After ~ that, i think the shipping dude(I will say the surname later) will show you roughly the town? i forgot... So! ~ that, you must clean the yard that you have! girlfriend will require this afterwards. If you have no idea when the shipping guy involves get the stuff, that comes approximately 5:00 P.M! for this reason let"s go and get part money! First, go to the bottom of her farm. There will be a bridge, and a lake thing. Walk on the bridge, and go come the next screen. The display screen will dissolve really fast, and switch. Go and look because that items. Since you don"t have alot the money, you will require to gain some things. Girlfriend will acquire the larger rucksack later on in the game, when you have enough money (costs 3,000 G). Friend will additionally need the basket(5,000?). After ~ you go around and also explore the town, MEMORIZE THE PLACES! girlfriend will most likely only have around a couple of minutes left, so don"t also bother make the efforts to get some stuff. Enter your tiny house, and go come the bed. It will ask you, turn in now? say yes, and also you will jump right into the bed, without putting on your PJ"s. It will certainly take around 5 seconds, you will certainly be ~ above the following day. I think people will come, but maybe its simply in HM:AWL... So after you need to go and also get ingredient now! therefore go around the areas where you saw the items(herbs; those small plant things, and also bamboo shoots; lock look favor yellow and also white things.), and also put lock in the box near your house with the sign beside it. Note: MAKE sure YOU STAY exterior UNTIL 5:00 P.M! OR YOU"LL loose THE ITEMS friend GOT!! after that, you will have to go and also get the bigger rucksack! Isn"t it annoying? Running roughly carrying only three items at one time? The save is beside the home with the big sign(on the left side there will be the supermarket), the place with the sign is whereby the girl I"m talking around lives. Therefore REMEMBER IT!! after you gain the rucksack, go and get some items, to pay up for the bag you just got. You need around 10,000 G, and 500 logs? i think that"s how numerous for the upgraded home... Fine anyways! After friend go and be a main in your home, it will be sat. So go on her T.V, and also press the left button. It will certainly be top top the shopping channel. The will have actually cool items, the you NEED! So get them! Make sure you have actually at the very least 5,000 G in your pocket. After the article is shown, well talked about, walk to the bar. The is in the second part, in the 2nd home. It will say, Doug"s Bar. There will be a phone on the counter. Walk to it. It will certainly ask do a speak to for 10 G? to speak yes, and also the TV to buy network will be on. It will certainly ask you, "do you desire the ****** because that *****?" speak yes, and also then it will say, ok, it will certainly be there in about 2-3 days. After ~ that, go and say hi to anyone you nearly see. I just met the constable male a couple of hours ago, cuz i forgot to say hello before. :S ~ you delivery the items, go and walk about town. To get one more glimpse of the town. After, enter your house, and also go come sleep. You have to have about 5,000-10,000 G. Make certain you do! Now, you can do there is no me. If friend have any other requests, simply E-mail me.3) communities peopleNow, around those city people....First, i am gonna tell you around the peoples names. Ns dont understand the B-days yet, for this reason bare through me please! If YOU understand them, please!!!!!!!!!!! tell me!!Zack- that is the shipping guy. That is an extremely bulky, and he has a funny hair cut. He involves your residence when you obtain the furni, or come tell girlfriend something. He concerns get the shipping at 5:00 p.m every day but sundays(who to know why...). He could still come on Sun. Yet I never ever tried. Cuz critical tim eI did, ns didn"t acquire the money for them... >:(Gotz- the is the woodcutter. He provides you wood, and he provides your house bigger, renders a bath, builds a new window, and so on. You have to obtain the 2nd upgrade top top your house to gain the windows and also what not.Anna- She has brief black hair, and also is Mary"s mother. She is also an extremely helpful. She offers you a recipe every tues? if you are her friend, at 1:00 pm.Basil- he is a traveler? the is also Anna"s husband, and Mary"s dad. He operation a publication shop, or library with his daughter Mary.Lillia- She is Popuri"s mom, and also rick"s mom. She operation the chicken farm, through the assist of she son.Rick- he is helping through his mom, at the chicken farm. That takes care of the chickens. He additionally gets married come Karen, if friend don"t pursue her. Castle hang the end alot.Rod-This is Lillia"s husband. Girlfriend can"t view him, because he is in search of herbs to cure his sick wife. Girlfriend won"t be able to see him, i don"t think...And I also think this is his name...Rick- the is Lillia"s son, and is Popuri"s bro. The likes Karen. They ultimately get married in the soon year. You need to see every one of the heart events, for them to acquire married i think.Carter- he is the priest. If you be friends v him, at some point he will certainly be talk to Cliff, and he shows you a room, wherein he gets all of his mushroom from. ~ that, friend can always go and also steal his exorbitant mushrooms and also truffles! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Sorry..Doctor- that is the doctor at the mineral Clinic. He will certainly let you walk upstairs if friend be good friends through him(give him many honey and herbs).Thomas- the is the mayor of the town. He speak you vital things, favor festivals. Make certain to be friends with him! He"s quite if you are! that wears red.Constable- ns don"t understand his genuine name..., I more than likely forgot... Anyways! that complains that there is not any kind of crimes, and he put on blue. He goes to the woodcutters home every day, other than when Gotz doesn"t work.H. Goddess- She is an extremely helpful. If you throw in flowers, because that ten days straight, she will give you a power berry. If you carry out the same again, she will ask you, "do you like anyone?" speak yes, and she will ask girlfriend who? say elli! If you want to marry her!! (if friend don"t desire to get married her, climate why the heck room you analysis this faq?) It will certainly make her like you more. She will have actually an extra heart, favor black-purple, or purple-blue choose that! :)Barley- He works at the cattle farm. Go to that if you want to purchase a sheep or a cow. He comes to your residence on the first week of the 2nd year, come see how your equine is doing. If he has actually lower than six hearts, he will certainly take that way. That will offer him ago one year later. For this reason brush him and talk to him everyday!May- She is Barley"s grand-daughter. She has short black hair, and is exterior most of the times in spring and also summer and also fall!Hannah- she is a dog at the livestock farm. Girlfriend an have actually puppies v her. Simply be friends through Ol" guy Barley, and also bring your dog come his house, and he will take him, and the next day, you will have one puppy! Siberia-He is the blacksmith. He can upgrade her tools. As soon as Mary concerns get a tool, that gained upgraded, Gray will certainly yell, and also Mary will assist him. Mary and also Gray acquire married ns think...Fido- This is mine dog"s name. Girlfriend can speak to it whatever you want! that is a good dog. That protects your farm from foxes. He renders the wood remain up longer( I choose rocks as your fences). Kai- he is in love v Popuri. Therefore if you desire to marry her, You have a good chance. You have a chance, since he pipeline at the end of summer. And also comes earlier when it starts next year.Won- he likes Karen? I have heard that from somewhere... Fine he sell seeds, and he also sells a frisbee, and also a round for you and your dog come play with. I suggest only gaining the ball, because it is good practice. He additionally comes come you residence every month to sell you apples, or a vase. Dont BUY! ns REPEAT not BUY!!!!!! they ARE consistent APPLES!! thats WHY HE claims "HA! I believed NO ONE WOULD... I average THANKS ALOT SIR!! GOODBYE!!!"HE sell YOU part STUPID VASE TO! not BUY that EITHER!!!!! the 5,000 and also ITS A rubbish OF MONEY!Manna- She operation the wine thing, and her daughter, Aja, comes earlier I think come marry Cliff? i don"t know. Ns am just on year three, therefore bare with me! She speak you around Barley, and how his wife come back, with another child, and left again dropping her off through him(May).Duke- He picks the grapes for the wine. He also makes the wine. He has actually slick black hair. That goes in the cellar mostly, if he isn"t outside, or in the house.Cliff- He also helps picks the grapes because that the wine. You need to make the come v you come the little job that battle each other wants you come do. Friend only have actually "till 7:00 afternoon to gain him. The is probably in the church.Aja- She is Manna"s and Duke"s daughter? That"s what i heard... She left come a various town, just before Cliff came. :"( so SAD!!!! (NOT!)Doug- He operation the bar (obviously! that was hard!),a dn his daughter is among the girls you can marry! it is in nice to him, and also you have the right to go in the room through the door locked? You need to use his phone(beside wherein you buy drinks on the counter) come buy furni.Stu- that is Elli"s Bro. That is really annoying to her. He stays in the home with his grannie! LOL. Fine he is simply a kid... If you to speak you understand, as soon as he asks you if you understand what he"s talking about, you will lose a heart v Elli! So to speak you DON"T UNDERSTAND!!Ellen- She is Elli"s grannie. She has some difficulty with she legs, and can"t walk, on the other hand SHE IS at EVERY FESTIVAL!!!!!! and WHEN YOU get MARRIED OT ELLI, SHE IS IN THE FRIGGIN CHURCH!!! and also I thought SHE COULDN"T WALK!!!.....Jeff- He runs the market. If you walk to the blue love event?, he will have a difficulty with his stomach, and Elli will gain the wrong medicine, and the doc will certainly yell in ~ her! :( MEANIE!!!*hits doctor*And thats all of the communities people! If over there is more, you re welcome tell me! thanks!4) girls you can befriend The girls you deserve to befriend, are:Popuri- She has actually pink hair, and is Lillia"s daughter. She functions at the chicken farm through her mom and also bro. She is at these places at these times:around 6:00-10:00 she will be in ~ the goddess place. She will be there just ON part DAYS! Beware, she can be really mean! If you get her the wrong gift, she will certainly scream in ~ you! i swear! She does! Mary- She is the nerdy girl you deserve to marry! She likes anything you deserve to find about your farm. And she is also really shy! If you be really and I typical REALLY nice to her, you can marry her. You need to marry she if you want to have actually a NERD in her family.Ann- She is very weird sometimes. She deserve to be funny also. If you give her any kind of eco-friendly grass, she will certainly go and also say, "wow... Thanks... Is it really for me?" or something choose that. She also goes to the falls, everyday, but festivals. She doesn"t go as soon as it snows or rains. Provide her lots and lots the flowers... I think...Karen- i am not also gonna bother... She likes flower or something choose that.Elli- SHE IS THE ONE YOU have to MARRY, IF girlfriend ARE analysis THIS FAQ, because IT IS how TO FRIGGIN marry HER!!!!!! GOD!!!!!sorry...She likes any type of flowers, or mining things. Those space like, the purple and also orange gems the you find in the winter mine. She also likes it more when friend WRAP the presents. Make sure you provide her at least ONE wrapped current a day. And by the time it is the second year, and you checked out the H.G every day because that 20 days, and the wish about the girl, she will like you through the 2nd year ends. Ask her to get married her, when her love level is at orange or red, marry her! She will say ok allows go somewhere more private, and you will go to your house. She will say yes, and after that, she will certainly say every married pair needs a nick name don"t they? and also choose a nickname the they have already, or make one up. My nick surname is Sexy*heart*. It sound funny! lol!!! after you do her heart level at scarlet red, she will tell you that her stomach hurts. Walk to the clinic, and he will say she"s pregnant! YEY!!!! It will certainly be a boy, and thats why (if you were wondering) you have three beds, instead of two (or one huge one). 5) fallout’s in LoVe :) as soon as you go to a girl everyday to offer her the points she likes(Elli and also Mary are easiest to marry, because they just like flowers...), they will certainly talk different to you. Favor if you were going after Elli(NO DUHH!!!), she would be working at the clinic right? all you need to do is go BEHIND the counter and talk to her, and she will say at favor an orange heart, "hi! ns am so happy to see you! I thought you to be hurt! say thanks to goodness your not!" or something favor that...LOL because that Mary, i don"t understand yet, and also for the various other girls... But they will probably just say much more liking things, prefer "o! i am therefore happy to check out you!" or sumfin like that...LOLthat"s it for this section! NTO THE next SECTION that THIS DUMB STUPID overview OF MINE!!!!! :)6) being parentsWhen you obtain married to Elli(you wouldn"t be analysis this overview other wise...)Her heart level is in ~ red appropriate away, as soon as you marry her. So once it is a small bit darker 보다 usual (you need to keep offering her flowers), she will certainly say ~ ONE season ~ it was scarlet red, she will certainly say come you one day, that her stomach is hurting. Take she to the clinic, and also the doctor will say shes pregnant or sumfin choose that. After that, it will certainly take three periods I think to her to have a baby. After the will help you out on the farm. If girlfriend marry Popuri, she will aid you out on the farm ns think also. Elli will be really happy, and also you gain to name him.

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Maybe there is names already there, however I would name the by myself. I haven"t acquired to the pregnant component yet, but I am practically there! YEY! she heart level is at darker red colour already! :) thats it for this ar to! next section please!!7) A tiny about me :) This section is around where you can E-mail me and also everything else.Age- 18Name- Alison *not saying last name*Location- Canada E-mail- (for any questions or answers to my questions)If girlfriend have any requests, or any type of complaints(well don"t really provide me those,but), just send me an E-mail to that address, and also I will try to save up! lol I have lots the E-mail everyday! lol For whatever I sign up for! LOL :)LOL yes sir that"s every for now, folks! If you favored my FAQ, you re welcome rate! :) and also I will certainly be adding on the questions and answers after! :) once I get every one of them! BYE!!!!!!*waves really big* :)