Most Harmony remotes regulate your tools using infrared (IR) signals, definition that there have to be a direct line the sight between the Harmony remote, Harmony Hub or Blaster, and also your device"s IR receiver.

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Pointing your remote

When you start an task such together Watch TV, Harmony sends out a collection of commands to strength on and readjust your devices" input. You must allude the remote straight at your tools for the permanent it bring away to begin or stop an Activity. Harmony remotes with displays will display "Starting Activity" during this time and also may take 60 secs or an ext depending on her devices.

Make sure there aren"t any kind of obstacles between the remote and your hub, mini blasters or other devices.


If her hub is situated in an additional room, us recommend assiging her TV to be managed by her Harmony remote and also not her Harmony hub. For much more information, see: assign your machine to an IR mini-blaster port

Assigning the TV come the remote because that hub-based models is appropriate if the TV is located in one more room away from the remainder of the tools only otherwise its not recommended since you have to make sure you save the far pointed if assigned to the remote.

Place the hub in the biggest open cabinet space.Place one IR mini blaster next to your television.If you have actually a second IR mini blaster, location it ~ above a separateshelf.IR signals will certainly bounce off of cabinet doors and also walls, however will not passthroughthem.

You might need to re-adjust the placement of the hub and/or IR mini blasters to discover the optimal position for proper an equipment control.


Additional notes: The Harmony clever Control remote and Harmony smart Keyboard don"t regulate devices directly, however communicates with the Harmony Hub making use of radio frequency (RF) the then relays the command come your devices using IR. The remote does not need a direct line that sight through your devices, nor through the hub. By default, the Harmony Ultimate far doesn"t manage devices directly, yet communicates through the Harmony Hub using radio frequency (RF) the then relays the command to your devices using IR. In this configuration, the far does not need a direct line that sight with your devices, nor through the hub.

Harmony refer Blaster

ar your blaster in one open space next to or underneath your TV.Place an IR mini blaster alongside other devices, that use IR so the they can be managed as well.IR signals will certainly bounce turn off of room doors and walls, however will not pass v them.Placement only needs to be considered for devices that are controlled via IR, devices controlled via Wi‑Fi and/or Bluetooth go not depend on her Blaster"s placement.


You might need to re-adjust the placement of the blaster and/or IR mini blaster to find the optimal place for proper an equipment control based upon your residence entertainment setup.

Additional notes:The Harmony Express far doesn"t regulate devices directly, yet communicates with the blaster using radio frequency (RF) the then relays the command to your devices using IR, Wi-Fi or BT. The far does not call for a direct line the sight v your devices, nor v the blaster.

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Select your remote

We require to understand which form of far you have in stimulate to provide you the exactly instructions. Please choose from one of the alternatives below in bespeak to gain started.