Today, we’re walking to take it a look in ~ the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti vs GTX 750 Ti comparison to see how the new Pascal based budget plan card compares through its older predecessor as soon as it pertains to playing games.

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I’ve had the GTX 750 Ti in my device for rather some time since it was released back in 2014, and also I need to say I’ve been much more than happy with its performance due to the fact that then. However, the current launch of the GTX 1050 Ti at a vain price tag do me wonder how significant is the uplift in gaming performance the the new card has to offer.

So I’ll be comparing the 2 cards today with a couple of games, and also discuss even if it is or no you must upgrade to the new GTX 1050 Ti.

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GTX 1050 Ti vs GTX 750 Ti – Specs Comparison

Before we continue to performance benchmarks, let’s take a quick look in ~ the specifications the both cards.


As you deserve to see from outcomes above, the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti go a great job of to run these games as expected, and in fact, outperforming the GTX 750 Ti by rather a margin. That course, over there are other cards that offer somewhere that a center ground in between these two, the GTX 950 and also GTX 1050 (non-Ti) for example. But, I assumed we take it a major look at these 2 first, together this seems like the best and most logical update path.

It’s obvious from the benchmark outcomes that 1080p is not a trouble for one of two people of these two cards, and while the GTX 1050 Ti outperforms the 750 Ti, that’s no to to speak the latter is a slouch.

We’re making use of the cards coupled with 8GB the DDR3 RAM and also a core i3 4150 processor. This is sort of a decent system for both cards, as I reckon you’d more than likely buy one of these either to upgrade an old home PC, or you just want to build something relatively cheap the is still an ext than capable of 1080p gaming. Both that these 2 cards deserve to do that through no trouble.


Looking in ~ the specs and also performance results, the winner is quite clear. But, must you update to the GTX 1050 Ti if you already have the GTX 750 Ti in her system? native the looks of things, it has to be a resounding yes.

It’s an additional $140 to pay, however in the lengthy run i don’t think you would certainly regret upgrading come the GTX 1050 Ti in ~ all. Especially, once you take into consideration that the brand-new card is pretty much on par through the GeForce GTX 960 in terms of performance which means you room really gaining quite a lot for your money, and also as gamings start to become an ext and much more demanding, ns think the extra power of the GTX 1050 Ti will certainly really make it the far better choice.

Don’t forget the if girlfriend can’t quite afford the GTX 1050 Ti then you can go with the GTX 1050 which will still outperform the GTX 750 Ti and the GTX 950 together well.

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There you go, folks! i hope this GTX 1050 Ti versus GTX 750 Ti compare will assist some the you out if you’re looking to one of two people buy the new Pascal card, or you just wanted to watch what the performance distinction would it is in like.