Step 1. Share a connection with your xbox!Okay. So to start. You want to share a connection with your xbox.

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Set up windows Internet connection Sharing

The following steps show Windows 7 screen image. However, the actions are the very same for previously versions that Windows, uneven otherwise indicated.

Click the begin button.In the find programs and also files box, type ncpa.cpl, and then push ENTER.For home windows XP: Click the begin button, click Run, type ncpa.cpl in the open box, and then click OK.

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Next what we are going to do is be modifying your organize File.

Navigate come C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Make certain to open up the Host paper with notepad. Not the Host.ics file!

Copy and paste these

# # Server 1# # Server 2

Now at the moment the # in ~ the begin of each line makes that heat ignored or no draw away in place, so relying on what server you wish to usage (See Below), friend will have to remove the pertinent # symbols. For instance to connect to Server 1 it would look choose this.(Use server 2 if girlfriend don’t desire to use your very own tunable’s and also you want RP use server 1 if you want to usage your own tuneable’s)

Should watch something choose this:

Now to examine if you have actually done whatever correctly copy and paste this into your internet browser and also you must be Greeted through a welcome message!

Step 3: setting up her tunables.json document to edit

To start this you have to download WebServer. When that is download extract it to your desktop. Once that is done open up usbwebserver. Go over to setups tab and make sure the root Dir is path/root and make certain the ports for apache and MySQL are 80! This is really important!!! then click save. In the next step you will discover to front both port 80 TCP and 80 UDP

Step 4: port Forwarding 80!

First you are going come need accessibility to her router.

Go to and find her Username + Password.

Open a webbrowser and kind in her router’s IP attend to (Usually it varies, simply google your model.

Find some whereby along the lines of Secruity, or Connection.

Click single Port Forwarding

Add in this as a brand-new set:Name: external port: 80internal port: 80Protocol: TCPip address:

To discover your PC’s IP Address, walk to Start>Search>CMD>Type in: ipconfig and press enter

Near the peak it have to say “IPv4 Address…”.

Save it and also log out of your router.

NOW carry out THIS SAME actions AGAIN however THIS TIME through UDP!

Step 5: modifying your Tunables.json file!!

Now the you have set up whatever it is time to obtain some cash and some xp!! You room going to desire to close and reopen usbwebserver. Click on root dir then click titles climate gta 5 then xbox 360 and also open your Tunables.json with notepad. Push Ctrl+F and search for what you want to modify Eg. XP_Multiplier or CASH_Multiplier and adjust that. Save the record and click on the apache tab. Click Start if the is no already. Then revolve on her xbox and Load GTA 5 virtual Kill someone and also look at the money and also xp BOOM!


SERVER 1 status :-Up and also Running

God setting Enabled.Cash Multiplier set to ludicrous, plunder a save or choose up dollars indigenous a kill for crazy multiplier!Very difficult to be put in bad sport lobby (now calls for 100x as much carnage)Bad sports time reduced. This in theory need to remove girlfriend from a bad sports lobby unconfirmed.Billion disagreement Bounties! place a 2k bounty clock Lester increase it to a Billion!1000x more expensive car via websites for unloading undesirable cash.100x more expensive boats for unloading unwanted cash.

SERVER 2 condition :- up and also Running!

God mode Enabled.RP Multiplier set to 999x its common value. Usage Wisely!Cash Multiplier collection to ludicrous, plunder a store or choose up dollars native a kill for crazy multiplier!Very hard to be put in bad sport lobby (now calls for 100x as much carnage)Bad sports time reduced. This in theory must remove you from a poor sports lobby unconfirmed.Billion dissension Bounties! ar a 2k bounty clock Lester up it to a Billion!1000x more expensive car via websites because that unloading unwanted cash.100x an ext expensive watercrafts for unloading undesirable cash

Possible Fixes for the Apache starting for 10 seconds then preventing error uninstall Skype and anything that can possibly be using port 80 and make sure you harbor forwarded correctly. Additionally a possible fix install C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

Want to remove the mods?


# # Server 1# # Server 1# # Server 2# # Server 2from her hosts’s file remove: - - -

from the zonealarm rotate your xbox top top then reclaim your network setups to default then restart and also test connect your mods need to now be removed.

Another point to note is that as soon as you have everything working and have in reality played with the mode you have the right to take your Ethernet cable out and play wireless if girlfriend wan’t.

Also if you having connection issues make sure once you begin your xbox the firewall is off but once girlfriend sign right into xbox live you rotate it on.

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As for the Syncing issue shot restarting your xbox yet this time don’t turn on the firewall in ~ all.