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Recycling is as simple as 1-2-3 in Greensboro!

Greensboro was among the very first cities in the nation to take on automated recycling collection. That makes it simple for inhabitants to recycle in her brown recycling dare -- as long as you remember a couple of rules around what the city accepts in recycling:

only recycle this items:

document & cardboard steel food and drink cans

Plastic bottles, tubs, and also jugs

All items have to be empty, clean, dry, and loose in her recycling can.

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View and print her schedule here.

Download and also print our new recycling guide. Scratching her head about whether things is recyclable or not? use the rubbish Wizard in the GSO Collects device to find out what go where!

What"s changing?

Glass, large plastic items, pots and pans, and shredded file are no longer embraced in the residential recycling program. Here"s what you need to do through those items.

You deserve to recycle glass bottles and also jars by taking them come the complying with locations:

Fire terminal 19, 6900 Downwind Rd. Very first Presbyterian Church, 108 W. Fisher Ave. Valley McNairy Library, 4860 Lake Jeanette Rd. Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, 1420 Price Park Dr. Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd. McGirt-Horton Library, 2501 Phillips Ave. Medford business Center, 401 Patton Ave.

The items below should walk in the trash:

Milk, soup, and juice cartons large plastic items, such together buckets and also lawn furniture Pots and pans Shredded paper

Aerosol deserve to Disposal

Drop aerosol can be ~ at theHousehold Hazardous WasteCollection facility for proper and safe disposal.

Recycling Overflow Drop-Off

The City"s 20 overflow recycling locations have been removed. You can now take her extra paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass:

The business is totally free for City residents and $10 because that non-residents. Proof of residency is required. Once you arrive, proceed to scale house window for unloading indict during business hours.

Why is recycling changing?

For the previous 30 years, China was the biggest importer the recyclable document and plastic. In 2018, China put significant restrictions top top imported recycling, an altering the worldrecycling industry. Because of this changes, the US has actually a large supply ofrecyclables, but no demand for them. This resulted in prices for every recyclables to fall.

Some areas have seen far-reaching changes come recycling, consisting of stopping the altogether. To save Greensboro recycling, we made alters to ours residential program.

Why can"t ns recycle glass with various other recyclables?


In the past, Greensboro obtained a share of the revenue indigenous the revenue of recyclables sorted by our contractor. However now, we should pay to recycle glass. It prices our recycling contractor $22 a ton - and also that walk not incorporate the cost to sort it from other recyclables and also ship it come the following plant. In order to be better stewards of our taxes dollars, we made decision to eliminate glass from our recycling stream.

Glass additionally weighs a lot - around 25 percent that Greensboro"s full recycling by weight. Since recycling will now cost the City money, the lighter our recycling stream, the lower the cost to recycle.

What do I execute with glass now?

You deserve to still recycle glass items by taking your empty, clean, and dry glass bottles and jars to any of this locations:

Fire station 19, 6900 Downwind Rd. Fire terminal 61, 105 W. Vandalia Rd. Very first Presbyterian Church, 108 W. Fisher Ave. Glenn McNairy Library, 4860 Lake Jeanette Rd. Hemphill Library, 2301 W. Vandalia Rd. Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, 1420 Price Park Dr. Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd. McGirt-Horton Library, 2501 Phillips Ave. Medford organization Center, 401 Patton Ave. Reconsidered Goods, 4118 feather Garden St. Starmount Presbyterian Church, 3503 Ardale Pl. Tiny houses Community breakthrough Greensboro, 1310 W. Door City Blvd.

Glass dropped turn off at these areas will be an unified with glass built up from neighborhood bars and also restaurants, and be recycled into new glass bottles and also jars in phibìc Carolina.


Greensboro monitors what goes in recycling carts under theRecycle Rightprogram. If you have actually items we do not accept in your recycling -- called "contamination" -- our truck vehicle drivers may sign your deal with and we"ll mail you a postcard detailing the contamination that remained in your recycling cart. Because glass isn"t accepted in the recycling regime it is considered a contaminant.

If friend contaminate recycling 3 times in ~ a six-month period, your recycling cart will be removed for non-compliance v recycling guidelines.

Due to the increased expense of recycling and also ongoing pollution issues, the City"s 20 overflow recycling locations have been removed.

Two new overflow recycling locations have actually opened in ~ theSolid Waste deliver StationandWhite Street Landfillfor paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass.

The company is complimentary for City residents and also $10 for non-residents. Evidence of residency is required. As soon as you arrive, proceed to the scale house window for unloading accuse during organization hours.

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If you have excess recycling, speak to 336-373-CITY (2489) to acquisition a second recycling dare for your residence for $50. Come be certain you’re recycling right, download theGSO collects appand use the waste Wizard to discover out what walk where.