Music-filled course through live DJs and light shows; after cross the end up line customers discover an after-party with DJs ~ above the main stage

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The Night nation Run is the World’s first Running Music Festival, one ultimate blend of a Music Festival and also a funny Run. Experience a music-filled course through Live DJs, irradiate Shows, bubble Zones, Neon, and Black Lights. Overcome the complete line into an Epic key Stage after ~ Party featuring top Headliner DJs.

Celebrate Life. Memory friends and family. Memory Music. Run through the Night Nation!

occasion takes place June 27th, 2020 5K registration for one race packet bright necklace totally free giveaways Pre and also post gyeongju concert admission to the after-party featuring top DJs

The race is an official charity partner of Stand as much as Cancer. Come learn an ext about the race on Facebook, click here.

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Promotional value expires Jun 27, 2020. Lot paid never expires. It is registered required. Have to sign waiver. Must register digital at the very least 24 hours prior to the event to operation on race day. Must provide name and e-mail attend to at checkout which will be mutual with the seller to be registered because that the gyeongju and likewise to receive updates and also information both before and also after the race, occasion specifics such together parking info, venue entrance directions, if the occasion is cash only, updated begin times, in the situation that the occasion was canceled, or any other updates come the event. Border 10 per person. seller is solely responsible to purchasers because that the care and also quality that the advertised goods and services.

about Night country Run

A night invested dancing to a DJ in ~ the club burns calories and also works up a sweat, for this reason why not put the run floor on a 5K course? That"s precisely what Night country Run has done—participants run, walk, or run their means through a race course illuminated by interactive irradiate shows and also pumping with electronic dance music from live DJs. After ~ partying through multiple DJ stages, revelers complete at a raucous main-stage ~ party. Headliner DJs soundtrack the event on the main stage while participants celebrate crossing the finish line together a member of the Night Nation.

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